30 May 2010

Sunday Favorite: 34

A return to black and white photography for today's favorite...not sure where I found this picture but I just love how clear and precise it is...from the clarity of the guy to the graffiti on the wall behind him. I find the composition very interesting, the "art" on his arms and the "art" on the wall. Every time I look at it I can't decide if the expression on his face is one of impatience, of deep thought, confrontation, or something else.

Today is Hell Sunday at the theater. What this means is we build the set on the stage and start pulling everything together for the run of the show, which begins Friday. This is an all-day event as the separate flats need to be erected to create a room, including doors, windows, crown molding, etc. We will start dressing the set, too. I'm only a helper bee on this show, not sure what my responsibilities will be. It's always fun to be a part of a show. It's tiring, a lot of work, but being part of the "magic" of theater is rewarding.

That's what I have going today. BEHR HUGS!

29 May 2010

Saturday Behr Blather

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the Memorial Day weekend.

I've been invited to a pool party; I decided not to go. First, I don't really know the hosts. We've exchanged messages on a bear social networking site and I met one half of the couple at the nearest bear/levi/leather bar back in October. Second, I'm not really supposed to be out in the sun; my blood pressure medication makes me overly susceptible to the sun. Yes there's sunblock but I've yet to find one that really protects me. The main reason I've decided not to go is that on the list of things to bring to the party, lube and condoms were listed. Now I'm not a prude. Sex is fun, and group sex can be a highly pleasurable event. But I like to know with whom I'm playing. And I know that if I went the sex part wouldn't be a requirement. But I'd just as soon not be in that awkward situation.

So that's my Saturday. BEHR HUGS!!

28 May 2010

Behr Pick: Andre

I had the pleasure of meeting Andre at the BearsLA Naughty Santa Christmas event back in December. He was one of the contestants who posed in Santa wear, bared his butt through the chimney, and had his (enormous) package checked out by the host. Ok guess you had to be there. Aside from the fur and pierced nipples (click the pic to embiggen), he has tats and the most gorgeous smile. He's also a very nice guy. Oh and he didn't win the contest if you can believe that. I thought he would be a nice choice to get the long weekend started. What say you?


27 May 2010

Behr Pick 2: Wayne Rooney

He plays for Manchester United and the England national team. He's 24 years old and, in my opinion, quite hunky with that beard. I'm not much into soccer/football or the World Cup...but with hunks like him playing I just may check it out. Read more on him here. Behr Hugs!

Behr Pick: Fadi Cherry

You've seen him but may not know his name. It's Fadi Cherry, And he's as hot and delicious-looking as...well...cherry pie.

It's Thursday. Or as it's known among my friends at work, Graphic Thursday. Basically this means that anything goes in conversation....and usually does. Double entendres fly left and right and sometimes the conversation is just downright off-color. So much for being professional.

I'm looking forward to the long weekend. If for no other reason we're expecting 80 degree sunny weather. Finally. What are your plans for the Memorial Day weekend?


26 May 2010

Behr Pick: Bear in Black and White

WOOF! Today's pick is this hot tattooed bear sitting on the railroad tracks au natural. I'm not wild about the tats, believe it or not, but he has other attributes that overshadow them. I'm loving the intense look on his face...

It's Hump Day! I probably shouldn't be so excited, seeing as I took yesterday off but what the heck. It just makes the long weekend get here all the quicker. And that ain't not bad.


25 May 2010


I just got home from the dentist. In addition to x-rays and cleaning, my dentist put some bonding on a molar at the gum line; every time I drank something there was pain. He bonded the same tooth about 10 years ago so I guess it was inevitable that it would wear off. I thought I was going to pass out from the procedure.

However, after all that I had to "swish" for a minute with fluoride. The last instructions were "no food, drink, or rinsing" for a half hour. It was all I could do to make it home before being sick. There's nothing in my stomach and that only made it worse. Now I remember why I only go to the dentist every 18-24 months!! BLEH!!!

Behr Pick: Renato Machado

I thought it was high time I gave some equal time to a younger furball. This is Renato Machado from the Randy Blue folks. I find him really cute, handsome, adorable...and so doable.

I'm home *sick* today. I'm not, but I'm using sick time for a dental appointment and a medical appointment. I admit I'm bad about seeing the dentist and I'm a little overdue. The medical appointment is routine; it's an every 6 month check in with my internist.

Other than those two appointments, I'm hoping to get some minor chores done, like finally setting up my printer! If I find myself a bit bored I may post a couple more entries. What would you like to see or read?

Enjoy your Tuesday - BEHR HUGS!!

24 May 2010

Behr Pick: Craig Ramsay

I've featured Craig Ramsay before and I'll feature him again. When I first saw pics of him, his hair and beard were longer. Imagine my amazement to find pics of him with shorter hair and beard and even GASP! a shaved chest. The constant with CR though is his muscles, of which he is showing off his biceps. I love the sweat stain on his not-tight-enough tank top...I'd suck the sweat out of that thing faster than last night's LOST fans screamed "WTF?!"


23 May 2010

Sunday Favorite 33

Those are just a few things that came to mind when I first saw this picture.
And of course that the scenery is gorgeous.

It's been a good weekend so far. I mostly ran errands; did some planting in the flowerbeds and watered; laundry of course. Today I'll be helping out at the workday for the next show at the theater. And the weekly visit to the parents.

Whatever plans you have, I hope it's a wonderful day, full of passion, love, and lust.


21 May 2010

Behr Pick: Angelo Garcia

Part papi, part cub, all muscle: that describe Angelo Garcia, today's Behr Pick. Although there's a "fashion" look to these pics, they show off his sensuality, his mysteriousness, his lickable chest and abs.

It's FINALLY Friday!! Everyone dance the happy dance! I've got a full weekend, mostly errands and chores. But at least I won't be at work.

Enjoy your end of week and week end! BEHR HUGS!

20 May 2010

Behr Pick: Killer Smile

A killer smile always scores high points, especially if it is genuine. If it is framed by a beard, moustache, or goatee all the better. I'm sure I found this particularly incredible hunk on another blog but I unfortunately don't remember which one (thanks for letting me "borrow" him).

It's finally Thursday...it's been kind of a rough week for me, especially at work. I'm trying to maintain composure and not scream profanities at those people who are working my last nerve. I keep telling myself to take deep breaths and let it go. Two days in the week left - woo hoo!


19 May 2010

Behr Pick: Hump Day

bathed in moonlight
flesh against flesh
in the secret of night

18 May 2010

Behr Pick: Daddy Masseur

He's definitely a daddy. And I believe he's leaning on a sheet-covered table so I assume he's a masseur. And even if he's not...it's my fantasy so he's whatever I want him to be!

Speaking of masseurs, I've only had a few massages in my lifetime. The first was a birthday present to me. When I booked the appointment I explained to the guy that I was looking for a legitimate massage. When I arrived for the appointment he reminded me that for an additional $30 he'd perform the massage in the nude. No thanks, I want a legitimate massage I said. I sort of got one although there was a happy ending. Granted, it felt nice but I was disappointed that this supposed CMT (certified massage therapist) didn't know what I meant by "legitimate" massage. The second massage I had was from my S's CMT. I really enjoyed this one as it was totally legit and he didn't charge extra to be nude. He always kept a hand on me, even when moving from my upper body to my lower body. Actually, he'd take his finger and run it down my back and butt crack! It wasn't sexual, just keeping contact. He also complimented me on my legs. LOL. My third massage was performed by my ex while he was going to massage therapy school. He was actually better than I expected.

I've often wanted to get another one - been thinking about it since my back started hurting - but so many of the guys who do massage think it's a sexual thing. I could go back to the one I liked but...it would be awkward for me. He'd want to talk about S. Plus I've gained a lot of weight since then. That's probably the main reason I don't follow through with making an appointment with anyone. I must admit, however, that the feel of a man's hands manipulating my muscles is a wonderful feeling.

Does anyone have a massage story to share? Leave a comment and let us know!


17 May 2010

Behr Pick: Illustrated Man

Check out the incredible ink on this guy...it's amazing. I'd like to sit down with him and talk about the symbols and images; are they inspirational, a remembrance, or does his body art tell a story?

And check out those pierced nipples. Grrrrr.

Enjoy your Monday. BEHR HUGS!!

16 May 2010

Two-Time Survivor Winner

She did it! Sandra Diaz-Twine became the first two-time winner of the reality game show Survivor. She beat out Parvati Shallow and Russell Hantz to capture the title of Sole Survivor for the second time. She won Season 7 Pearl Islands and tonight for Season 20 Heroes vs Villains.

Parvati played her third game this season and failed to capture the second win. However, she holds the record for the most number of days played.

Russell lost his second bid for the million dollar prize. In Season 19 he came in second and this season he dropped to third. He continues to crow that he should have been the winner of both games based on his sneaky, manipulative, domineering strategy. (For the record, there's something kind of sexy about him...he's a straight pocket bear.)

For the record, Sandra's husband is serving our country in Afghanistan, hence the military cap. Congratulations to Sandra for a game well-played!

Behr Hugs!

UPDATE: Here's a picture of Russell from Season 19. By the end of the 39 days he's much furrier body-wise and slimmer from the harsh conditions of limited food and extreme physical challenges.

Sunday Favorite 32

I like this picture for its sensuality. One of the highlights to my day is taking a shower...and I imagine taking a shower in a liquid other than water could be just as refreshing and erotic. There's a subliminal message in the picture, which I'm sure every one of you picked up. If the milk advisory board started using images such as this in their advertisements - rather than mootopia - I'm certain milk sales would skyrocket.

Today I'm off to the Huntington Library with my parents. We won't be visiting the actual gardens though; every year they have a plant sale which is a huge deal. The prices aren't exactly bargain basement but they're fairly reasonable. My approach this year is to look and not buy much. I'm sure I will have to fight the urge to buy yet another rose bush! I have bought a rose bush at this sale every year for the past four. Maybe five. It's because the growers are reputable and their offerings on the "not common variety" type. I've bought climbers, floribundas, and English roses at the Huntington and each has done fairly well in my yard.

And yes...it does seem I spend a lot of time with my parents. I'm not one of those gay men who moved thousands of miles away. I'm also not one of those gay men who have been accepted with open arms about my sexuality. But they're my parents and I feel roles are beginning to reverse where I need to take care of them. My sister can be a flake and my brother estranged himself from the family so that leaves me. As the "baby" of the family a lot of responsibility is placed on our shoulders.

I'll let you all know how the plant sale turned out. I'm taking my camera so I can take pictures of things I want but not buying. Whatever you do today, please....stop to smell the roses.


15 May 2010

Behr Pick: Robert Gonzalez

What better way to celebrate a Saturday than with sexy Robert Gonzalez? Many bloggers include this gorgeous man in their posts - and I am no exception, having been a fan ever since I discovered him. Sure he's not bearded and has little body fur but oh! those muscles and eyes more than make up for anything he might be missing.

It's a beautiful day here in the Los Angeles area. This morning I had a lab appointment (blood draw, pee in a cup) for my six month doctor check up. Thank goodness I made an appointment because there had to easily have been 50 people in line at 7 a.m. Afterwards, I met my folks for breakfast...yummmy! I love breakfast!

I'm taking it easy today, just doing some light housework/chores since my back is still hurting. I need to go buy a USB cable so I can hookup the printer I got back in January and the truck is thirsty. That's really all I have planned for the day.

Whatever you're doing today and tomorrow, I hope it is a splendid weekend. Make the most of it whether that means taking it easy or accomplishing projects or just having fun. BEHR HUGS!!

14 May 2010

Behr Pick: Friday Fur (May 14)

This post has been deleted at the request of the featured bear.

My apologies to him and to you my faithful followers.


13 May 2010

Behr Pick: 2(x)ist

Although I have a broad range of attraction, there are only a handful who stir something within me beyond my loins. Passion, lust, and desire are wonderful emotions but there's more to attraction: confidence, intelligence, and a sense of humor are HUGE turn-ons. Once in a great while there will be something about a man - his aura, his presence, his very being - that stirs something deep within me. Quite often it's an unnamed quality. Today's pick has that unnamed quality. His beauty, his aura, his being stirs something deep within me.

I invite you to click on the picture, and breathe in this man's essence. You won't be disappointed.


12 May 2010

Behr Pick: Wild Man

I love the wild look of Satinder Singh, today's Behr Pick. His look is a throwback to the 70's...part porn star part Jeremiah Johnson. Scratch that. Part Grizzly Adams. [low growl] Do you remember the Latter Days scene in which Christian tells Aaron about being lost in the woods and being rescued by a bearish man? This could very well be him. Woof.

On the personal front, I did something to my back sometime over the weekend. Not quite sure what I did but it's been giving me some trouble the past couple of days. This morning I bent over to pick up my shoes and it clinched. For a split second I thought it was going to freeze up and I was going to become temporarily bent over.

Which, if today's Behr Pick was around, would not be a bad thing. Oh, snap! Enjoy your Hump Day - the week is half over!


11 May 2010

Behr Pick: Papi Bear

He calls himself Papi Bear.

I call him hot.

Six of one half dozen of another.


10 May 2010

Behr On the Move

Once again I will be participating in the Arthritis Foundation's Let's Move walk to raise money and awareness. I've participated for the past 5 years as part of my company's team. One year I was the team captain for a one-time walk in San Gabriel Valley.
Let me tell you a bit about why I'm involved in this particular event:
  • Arthritis is the most common cause of disability.
  • 46 million adults (1 in 5) live with arthritis pain.
  • 300,000 children suffer from juvenile arthritis.
  • 2/3 of all doctor-diagnosed arthritis sufferers are under age 65.
  • Arthritis contributes to 9,367 deaths annually.
  • My mom suffers from arthritis. My dad and sister are exhibiting signs of arthritis, too.
I've set my goal a bit high this year: $2000. I've only reached about 13% of my goal. And I'm reaching out to as many avenues as possible to meet my goal. And let me tell you - this is not easy for me to ask people for donations. But I believe in the mission of the Arthritis Foundation, the largest organization dedicated to research, awareness, and patient advocacy.
If by chance you would like to support me in my efforts, please click here and make an online donation. No donation amount is too small. And you will have my gratitude!
Thanks for your time - BEHR HUGS!!

Behr Pick: Masculine Furry Goodness

I have no information on today's pick other than what you can see: masculine furry goodness. Sometimes that's enough.

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to get up in the morning. I'm not certain if it's because this routine has been one I've followed for many years, if I'm getting old, or both. I just know that I really wish today's masculine furry goodness would come sweep me off my feet and allow me to live in a style to which I'd quickly grow accustomed.

Did you watch the Amazing Race finale? Despite one half of the winning pair being a gay man, I was rooting for the Cowboys, Jet and Cord McCoy. If for no other reason than they never bickered, fought, or had a bad thing to say. They were on an adventure and enjoying life. Nice guys don't necessarily finish last but they certainly don't come in first, either.

Here's hoping your Monday is quick and painless. BEHR HUGS!!

08 May 2010

Sunday Favorite 31

I'm a pushover for a picture like this that lets us witness the quiet intimacy between two men. And the black and white photography only adds to the sensuality.

As most of you are aware, today is Mother's Day. I know for some it's just another day and for others it is an opportunity to thank the woman who gave birth to us, raised us, loved us, and is one of our best friends. Many of us learned important life lessons from our mothers, both good and bad. So Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

And to everyone else, enjoy your day and as always, BEHR HUGS!

Behr Pick: Possible Celebrity Sighting

I remember the first time I came across a picture of the incredible Francois Sagat. I literally held my breath. I don't think there are many gay men who don't know who he is...some may not know his name but they certainly are drawn to his fur, muscles, and unique head tat.

The other day I was walking from work toward the subway (we call it the Red Line here in Los Angeles) and I passed two young guys walking together. One of them had a head tat very similar to Francois'. I actually stopped and turned around to determine if it was a wannabe or the actual real life hunk. I believe that it was a psuedo-Sagat...the guy was only slightly scruffy and didn't look quite as buffed out. And I think he was a little too young to be the real deal. So in honor of that psuedo-sighting today's pick is Mr. Sagat. I've included a few other shots just to titillate on this Saturday.


07 May 2010

Behr Pick: Bear Edition

It's no secret I have a thing for bearded, furry, plus-sized men. This guy is no exception. I think he's hot and I'd love to spend a lazy afternoon being playful with him.

Can you believe how long it took this week to drag its sorry butt to the weekend? Today won't help. I'm in a 5 hour meeting then lunch with the boss and coworkers. Hopefully he'll let us leave after. Fingers crossed.

I hope your Friday is quick and painless. BEHR HUGS!

06 May 2010

'Splain Lucy

Wow! Yesterday's Behr Pick has generated interesting comments regarding the saddle that Robert Gonzalez is holding.

Like all great art, different people see different things in this picture. I was focused on RG's behind but a couple of people want to know what's up with the saddle. So here's my explanation:

Who cares? RG is naked and has a gorgeous butt!

Seriously, I have no idea what's up with the saddle. Maybe RG has an interest in being ridden like a pony. Or maybe he wants to ride the viewer like a pony. Either way is fine, I'd do whatever the man wants. As Mistress Maddie commented, the man is a god.

A long time ago I stopped looking sideways at folks whose sexual appetites and attractions are different than mine. Who am I to judge for how - and what - gets someone's rocks off? I truly think I have a "live and let live" attitude.

And maybe that's what's wrong with the world today. Or at least the U.S. If more people had a broader tolerance and just let others live maybe we wouldn't be having the societal problems we do. This is, of course, all within reason. I'm not advocating irresponsible or illegal behavior. But if someone wants to hop up into a sling and get gangbanged, who am I to say it's wrong? As long as the behavior is consensual and all parties are adults...I say go for it.

Back to the RG picture...would it freak you out to know he wants to be saddled up and paraded around like the gorgeous hunk of manflesh he is? Yeah...thought not.


05 May 2010

Behr Pick: Hump Day

A bare-butt Robert Gonzalez seemed appropriate for today, what with it being hump day and Cinco de Mayo.

The man. Is. Gorgeous.


03 May 2010

Behr Pick: Che London

Today's Behr Pick is muscular daddy Che London. He lives in the United Kingdom and was found on FaceBook. because I'm not 'friends' with him I don't have much info. But looking at him there's only one thing to know: he's quite the specimen of manhood, don't you think?

I'm back to work today...pray for me. LOL!


02 May 2010

Sunday Favorite 30

Tomorrow I return to work after being away from the office for two weeks. As you may remember, the first week I was in the Bay area working; although I was working it was like a mini-vacation.

This past week was a stay-cation for me. I enjoyed my week immensely and realized that I could so get used to the whole "staying home" lifestyle. Unfortunately it's a little matter of financial funds so I return to work. I'm not terribly upset about it. At least not right now. Ask me tomorrow when the alarm goes off at 4:30 a.m.!

I hope everyone has a restful and peaceful Sunday. BEHR HUGS!!

01 May 2010

Behr Pick: Pool Daddy

Another anonymous - and yet hot - daddy makes an appearance as today's Behr Pick. I love the look on his face, the silent invitation to join him in the pool.

Have a good weekend everyone. BEHR HUGS!!