29 July 2013

Monday Monday

I'm off to the Bay area again this afternoon. Rather than go into work then drive to the airport, I'm "working from home." That basically means I periodically check e-mail from my Macbook. My parents offered to drive me to the airport; this saves on parking fees. It also gets them out of the house and they like doing things like this. They'll pick me up on Wednesday when I return, too.

This week shouldn't be quite as stressful as last week - except making that homebound flight. I think I will call for a cab to get to the airport on Wednesday afternoon. Class is scheduled to end at 4 and my flight is 5:25. If I can leave the building no later than 4:15 I should make it. No checking my bag this time. AND...I'll be sure to print out my boarding pass ahead of time. 

So that's how my week is starting. 


27 July 2013

Report from Behr's Lair

I'm back from my first trip to the Bay area...only home for the weekend as I fly out again on Monday. Friends have asked why I didn't stay the weekend...I suppose I could have but that would have involved 4 additional nights of a hotel and I can't afford that. My company certainly wouldn't pay for it. So evidently I'm missing Dore Alley by being home. (Sorry, Bear!)

I had a fairly good trip although it wasn't without drama. To start with, I arrived at the airport last Tuesday with plenty of time to check in and lounge before my flight at 3:30. Unfortunately my flight was delayed 2 hours. It seems that a plane that was supposed to arrive the evening before (from Chicago?) was rotated out of service because of mechanical issues. Rather than finding a plane to replace that flight, the airline decided to move planes around and switch things up so it affected THE ENTIRE DAY'S SCHEDULED FLIGHTS. Every single flight was delayed or impacted. Makes one wonder what the hell they were thinking. So I arrived at my destination airport not at 4:45 but 6:45. By the time I got to the hotel it was going on 8pm. And aside from the nibble on the plane my previous meal had been at 1pm.

If it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not. The airline issued me a $50 credit that I can use any time during the coming year. I guess I cannot complain.

The work part was status quo. I say something five times and the participants still get it wrong. *sigh* They made the same mistakes over and over. So I did what I could. On my last day I left with plenty of time to get to the airport and catch my flight. Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen delay on the BART and AirBART, I made my flight with minutes to spare. Fat man can run!

At least I know what to expect next week AND to ask for a ride to the airport rather than trying to make it via bus/BART. And I'll print my damn boarding pass out first!

Today (Saturday) I've done laundry, made a quick trip to the market for eggs and bread, and watched movies. I decided to not overdo or stress myself about other things. I need the rest.

So that's what's happening in my neck of the woods.


21 July 2013

Sunday Behr Update

Several things running through my head:

On Tuesday I will be flying to the Bay area for work on Wednesday and Thursday. I am not staying at my usual hotel; that's a plus and a negative. Makes my commute in the morning (from the city to Alameda) a bit longer (including a longer walk to BART) but it's a cool retro motel that is closer to where Bear lives and works. I'm a bit anxious about the return; class is scheduled to end at 5 and my flight is at 5:25. I don't think that's going to happen. So I'm going to try to end class early - REAL early - on Thursday. Hopefully no later than 3. If push comes to shove I'll ask someone to give me a ride to the airport (Oakland). Next week I do the same trip only I fly up on Monday, returning Wednesday. I wish I had built in a little more - stay another night - but I am so cost-conscious that it's not funny. I do plan to see Bear...it's been way too long.

Also on the work front has been some anxiety. My manager left the company and one of our stronger coworkers is out on maternity leave. We have a "temporary" manager who is trying to change things. She means well but she keeps assigning me projects then asks when I'm going to take vacation. I've only taken five days off so far this year. Thankfully, one project that had me stressed is being pushed back, possibly to September. That will give me more time to get the materials created.

I don't know what to think of the Martin-Zimmerman situation. I understand why people are upset but I also know that due process was accomplished. Zimmerman had a trial and was judged by a jury of his peers and they returned their verdict. People may not like that but running through the streets, causing havoc is not a productive way of demonstrating one's dissatisfaction. I'm not convinced that Martin was truly a victim. But all that aside it makes me think that if this nation still cannot get over its racism how the hell is it going to get over its homophobia?

On a personal side, I'm a bit confused. My friend O - for whom I had feelings at one point - has been upset lately that I'm so self-deprecating. He says that he really cares about me and yet my attitude toward myself is hurting our relationship. I didn't know we were IN a relationship. It seems whenever I say something that shows how much I care he gets weirded out. Like the time I accidentally said "Is your boyfriend awesome or what?" He hesitated and blinked and stammered. I didn't tell him about my upcoming trips (I thought I had) and he's wanting to see me before I go because he's going to miss me. WTH? We don't see each other every day and don't even text every day. When we are together he doesn't seem to want to talk seriously about anything. *sigh* Why are boyfriends such a bother?

You may remember a few posts back that I lamented the fact that I am generous to a fault. I finally "blew up" at one of my benefactors. He had asked to borrow a nominal amount and I completely forgot to send it to him. My mistake - I had a lot going on that week. He called me - not only on my cell but my landline too - demanding to know where the money was that I was going to send. It was the wrong moment to cross me. I called him up and told him that I forgot but that I didn't appreciate his attitude. I basically said that I have made my choices in life and they've suited me well and that I work hard for my money. I said that I don't owe him anything and for him to come across like I am beholden to him was not reality. He's made his choices in life and he needs to learn to live with the consequences. He agreed completely and said that he would rather fore go the money than lose my friendship (yeah because I'm always the "Bank of Mark"). I told him it was because we're friends I could be honest with him and talk to him like that. I was so angry my voice was shaking. I sent him the money - he's repaid it too. I was just happy that I finally stood up for myself. Of course my "friend" who I sent $400 hasn't spoken to me since. It just goes to show that some people are only in it for themselves without consideration for others.

For those of you who have a Trader Joe's near you and are into cheese, let me recommend the Trader Joe's Chevre with honey. OMG. It's delicious. I put it in the middle of my omelet and fold the omelet over it. When it heats up and gets gooey it's simply scrumptious!

I cannot believe that my boys (Arizona Diamondbacks) are still number one in the National League West. They've lost their last few games but are still holding on. Now that the All-Star game is over (a complete and utter disaster), it's time for them to literally step up their game and put more distance between them and the stupid Dodgers. After all....it IS the Year of the Snake!


14 July 2013

Sunday School Lesson

Oh what I would give to get to know Adam in the Biblical sense....


05 July 2013

04 July 2013

HBD America

My usual tribute on the 4th of July. 

Happy Birthday, America!