31 July 2011

Sunday Favorite: 63

What a morning! It's not even 8 am and I'm already exhausted.

First I went out to water the front yard. The lawn is practically dead. Yesterday I spread some rye grass seed to see if maybe I can green it up a little so I wanted to make sure that I got it watered this morning again. I somehow tracked animal shit into the house (it's probably cat). Since I have Winston, I had to make quick doody duty to clean it up. I'm always nervous he's going to catch something from the outdoor neighbor cats or get hurt or sick because of something I've done (or not done).

Once I accomplished that, I noticed some ants - the bane of my existence - so I smashed them. I opened the pantry and what do you think I saw? More ants, all crawling around and in the plastic container in which Winston's dry food is kept. About 8 pounds of food I threw out because I refuse to give him something that's been contaminated. Let me just go on record to say I hate ants.

I need to go to my folks' early today because mom wants to walk. So I'm feeling a bit pressured.

This balancing act between work, home, familial responsibilities and trying to have a personal relationship is getting more difficult as I get older.

My saving grace is knowing that I'm only working three days this week. Then my friend arrives and I can focus my energy on him, which I am looking forward to doing.

I hope everyone else's Sunday is less stressful than mine! BEHR HUGS

30 July 2011

Weekend Woof: BEEF

Want to know where the beef is? Just continue scrolling through, my friends. I got your beef right here (slaps inner thigh).

Today I'll be working like a mad man to get the house cleaned, the yard decent looking, and some other minor chores to get ready for my friend who arrives Wednesday night. He will be with me through the following Tuesday morning.

I am so excited. He is one of my most favorite people in the world. It will be his first time here in the Los Angeles area and I'm anxious but looking forward to playing tour behr. Giggity!

Enjoy your weekend all. BEHR HUGS

28 July 2011

I Wish....

...I was one of those "can sleep anywhere" kind of guys.

It's been how long since I've had a guy in my bed and he's snoring away while I sit here wide awake posting on Blogger.

This does not forebode well for the future of this relationship.


24 July 2011

Sunday Favorite: 62

I'm not sure I can handle much more "weekend." Yesterday was nothing short of incredible. I'm feeling a bit like the picture, although perhaps not quite so lonely looking.

As you may recall, I attended a pool party put on by BearsLA, one of the local "bear" groups. I'm adding pool parties to the list right below "bars" for places in which to feel intimidated. It didn't help that when Patrick and I arrived we saw muscle bears...and I mean MUSCLE BEARS. These men were demigods. (When their swim trunks came off they advanced to god status.) I was lucky that there were a few people I knew - former "acquaintances" (wink wink) and friends of the platonic variety. There was a ton of food, a ton of flesh, a lot of sun (I'm pink this morning) and a lot of camaraderie. Oh get your minds out of the gutter. (Okay, that happened too but not to me.) Overall, I enjoyed it and am proud of myself for actually removing my shirt and getting into the pool and holding my head up high while walking past aforementioned gods.

Afterwards, Patrick and I went to Disneyland to meet up with his cousins who are visiting from Mexico. I was afraid it was going to be awkward so I put on my "work" face so-to-speak, and stepped up, introduced myself, and jumped into conversation with them. (Maybe I should have tried that at the pool party.) Anyway, we had a lot of laughs and drama with the dad going missing (he was eventually found). We rode my favorite ride - Haunted Mansion - and did some other stuff including watching the fireworks, which is a new display. Loved. It.

Afterwards, Patrick and I headed toward home and stopped for something to eat. We were both hungry hungry bears! When I dropped Patrick off at his home we had a long chat in my truck, mostly about the day's events. When I finally got my head onto my pillow it was going on 3 a.m.

Hopefully this will be a nice quiet Sunday. BEHR HUGS to all.

23 July 2011

Saturday Pool Party With The Bears

Happy Saturday!

Today I'm off to a pool party sponsored by BearsLA. Although I know of the group and its monthly events at the nearest bar, this will be my first pool party. I was invited to go by a friend and subsequently discovered that I will know a small number of others there too. Our weather has been in the high 80's and low 90's (triple digits in some parts of the LA basin) and the humidity has been high, making it feel hotter than it is. So a pool party is the perfect way to "cool off." And hopefully to meet new men.

Afterward, my friend and I are going to Disneyland, which is good because I haven't been in a while. I can always count on him to drag my ass out for a good time.

Enjoy your day whatever you do!


22 July 2011

Friday Fur

I hope everyone who is affected by the heat is able to stay cool.


20 July 2011

Hump Day

Once again I enjoyed Taco Tuesday with my friend Patrick. We went to a different place and wow! the men were far hotter. The meat - the stuff on the tacos - was tastier too.

Soon we'll be seeing the backside of this week....

18 July 2011

Monday Mix

Just because....


17 July 2011

Sunday Favorite: 61

I like the POV of today's pick...as if I'm lying underneath this uber-stud perhaps performing a sexual act on him. After all, I like it when they watch. I want to reach up with my hands - up over that belly to his chest and to his neck to pull him down in a kiss. I want to feel his body atop mine, feel the weight of him bearing down on me. He is perfection.

Hoping you all find your perfection on this Sunday.


16 July 2011

Behr Movie: HPDH2

Here's my take on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II:


I went to the midnight showing on Friday with my friends Patrick and Steven. It was great fun. Never before have I stood in line 6 hours for a movie. Patrick arrived at the theater about 5 pm and bought our tickets and got into the entry line. I got there about 6. I had brought a sub sandwich that we shared and Patrick had some candy. Since that wasn't enough for two bears, he went off and got us a large cheese pizza about 8:30. We only ate half of it! Steven finally showed up as the line started moving!

Patrick and I had fun listening to the teenagers on both sides of us and determining which of the males were going to end up gay. It was obvious. We also checked out lots of older guys walking by the line. Who knew that standing in an alley behind a movie theater would yield so much hot meat!


The movie itself was - in my humble opinion - the perfect ending to the series. It is also the first one that I've seen in the theater that I would see again in the theater. We happened to see it in 3D. While this certainly gave the movie a unique look in comparison to the previous seven, I don't believe it enhanced the movie to the degree that it is a "must see" in that format.

There's been much written on the final battle between Harry and Voldemort, on Neville Longbottom killing Nagini (and what a hunk Matthew Lewis has grown into), and the death of Severus Snape...but for me the two great moments of the movie involved two different Weasleys.

The first, in a brilliant moment of acting, Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley sobs over the body of his dead brother, George; the raw emotion that Rupert expressed was very emotional, although it lasted but a few seconds on screen. It was a moment for Rupert to shine as an actor and he pulled it off deftly.

The second, in a brilliant moment of story telling, was the showdown between Molly Weasely (the ever brilliant Julie Walters) and Bellatrix Lestrange (the uber-talented Helena Bonham Carter)...with the now oft-quoted line of "Not my daughter, you bitch!" and several flicks of her wand, Molly kills Bellatrix (without use of the Avada Kedavra). The audience erupted in approving clapping and shouts. What made this brilliant was the fact that the Molly character has been the mother hen, protective, hovering in the kitchen, dispensing wise advice, but not truly showing off defensive magics....until now. Well done Molly.

I was very happy that the original actors (Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, Bonnie Wright, and Emma Watson) were used for the epilogue rather than hiring "older" actors. And Rupert Grint with a little belly looked HOT!

I will be surprised if HPDH2 is not one of the ten nominated Best Pictures for next year's Academy Awards. I think it surpasses LOTR's Return of the King. Perhaps that's just the afterglow still talking though.

If you liked any of the previous movies then jump on the band wagon and see the final movie on the big screen. You'll be happy you did!


15 July 2011

Laugh for the Day

BTW...HPDH2 in 3D was awesome!!


13 July 2011

Hump Day

Make it a happy one.


11 July 2011

Pictures Removed by Rude Request

For those of you who blog - and many of you who follow Behr Blather do - you know there's a certain percentage of folks out there who do not want their picture/image on the Internet. I can understand this as do you all. That's why we have disclaimers on our blogs as well as blurbs that say if someone wishes their picture to be removed to just ask and voila! It will be done.

I have removed pictures before at the request of the subject and those email requests were polite and once the offending pictures removed, a thank you was received. Those requesters obviously understand that catching flies is easier with honey than with vinegar.

I have removed all - yes ALL - of the pictures related to my June 30 posts, of which there were three and about 13 pics, at the rudely-worded email request of some person. The email subject line said "REMOVE PICS OR I WILL REPORT YOU." Evidently shouting has its merits. The body of the text read "June 30 ones! I am serious!"

I did as requested to avoid any trouble. Let me make it perfectly clear: I did not feel threatened; I removed the pictures because I am a nice guy and a man of my word.

Well, most of the time.

This person (whose name, btw, appeared on the email so anonymity was moot) doesn't even have a real picture on his Facebook. Yes, that's right folks, I did a Facebook search using the email address and found this person; he has a cartoon as a profile picture. And under the "About" section, it states "Please NO REQUESTS from weirdos and gay bears. I LOVE WOMEN. REAL WOMEN!" I kid you not! All of this begs the question of why he was searching an obviously gay-oriented blog to find pictures of himself or of the offending pictures. Methinks the man protests too much.

So to you Sir who made the request (and I use the term "sir" loosely), I have removed all June 30 pictures in response to your rudely-worded request and in accordance with my own conscience.

To show there are no hard feelings, this pic is for you:

Now....get the fuck out of my blog!

10 July 2011

Sunday Favorite: 60

Welcome to Behr Blather's 60th edition of Sunday Favorite...I often scratch my head in wonderment that what happens here continues to grow. Behr Blather recently attained its 130th follower. While cruising through the blog-o-sphere, I discovered links to Behr Blather from some surprising sources...and I thank each and every one of its followers and champions. Now....onto today's blather.

Recently I've experienced that rare phenomenon called "Feast." You are more likely familiar with its first cousin "Famine." Yes, that is correct, the Behr is experiencing a rise in popularity and not just in cyberland but in REAL LIFE. That's right gentlemen (and ladies), I have been on a few "dates" the past couple of weeks and it appears there are a few gentlemen out there who desire my company. Now, no one could be more surprised than I but I am enjoying it. The amusing aspect of this situation is the perceived jealousy that appears to be raising its head. I have one particular friend who, when I declined his offer to go get tacos for dinner due to a dinner/movie date with someone else, started quizzing me on who, what, when, and where. All he didn't ask was how and we all know that's second nature.

So my date consisted of a nice Mexican dinner and seeing "Horrible Bosses," which was funny. It is always good to see Kevin Spacey play a bad guy.

Before I forget - today's favorite picture should come as an easy lob to anyone not familiar with the favorite aspect. Beard? Check. Big body? Check. Amazing fur? Check. See? It's as easy as 1-2-3.


I'm very stoked that one of my most favorite people in the world will be coming to visit me in early August. He is taking a small vacation and chose lovely Los Angeles as his travel destination! I'm going to take a few days off from work so I can play tour guide. My boss doesn't know it yet but I'm confident he'll okay the request. No exact plans yet as to what will be on our itinerary but a tour of movie theaters - The Chinese Theater, The Egyptian, El Capitan, ArcLight, etc - will be on the tour. I'd like to take him to Disneyland or Universal Studios. I'd like to take him to the observatory and to Westwood Mortuary Park where several celebrities are interred (including Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, Jim Backus, and Heather O'Rourke). Too many things to do and too few days in which to do it.

I have other thoughts running through my head but I don't want this installment to turn into some overly long missive. So with that news, I'll let you get on with your Sunday.


07 July 2011

BehrHunt: TrainBear

I've been drooling over this hunkalicious man for months...I see him almost every day on the train ride home. Today I finally found thecajones to take his picture. Ironically, at one point, he looked at me and smiled. My heart completely melted.

But it's okay. Something else stiffened.


04 July 2011

Happy Birthday, America

Although not yet a "more perfect union"
It is still the best damn country on Earth.

Happy Birthday, America. Fuck yeah!


03 July 2011

Sunday Favorite: 59

Spent last night with the bears at a local watering hole. Over all I had a good time. Some of those bears are so friendly. I ended up part of a bear sandwich at one point. I wish I had been the meat but I wasn't. I'm perfectly fine with that though. *wink*

It's been hot here in the Los Angeles basin...trying to stay cool is a real chore. I've been trying to keep the ants at bay too. I keep losing that battle. I wish I could find a nice non-toxic (to pets and humans) way to get rid of them.

Will be spending part of today - as I do every Sunday - with my parental units. At least their house is cooler. Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow for the holiday.

Enjoy your Sunday and stay cool, everyone. BEHR HUGS