31 July 2011

Sunday Favorite: 63

What a morning! It's not even 8 am and I'm already exhausted.

First I went out to water the front yard. The lawn is practically dead. Yesterday I spread some rye grass seed to see if maybe I can green it up a little so I wanted to make sure that I got it watered this morning again. I somehow tracked animal shit into the house (it's probably cat). Since I have Winston, I had to make quick doody duty to clean it up. I'm always nervous he's going to catch something from the outdoor neighbor cats or get hurt or sick because of something I've done (or not done).

Once I accomplished that, I noticed some ants - the bane of my existence - so I smashed them. I opened the pantry and what do you think I saw? More ants, all crawling around and in the plastic container in which Winston's dry food is kept. About 8 pounds of food I threw out because I refuse to give him something that's been contaminated. Let me just go on record to say I hate ants.

I need to go to my folks' early today because mom wants to walk. So I'm feeling a bit pressured.

This balancing act between work, home, familial responsibilities and trying to have a personal relationship is getting more difficult as I get older.

My saving grace is knowing that I'm only working three days this week. Then my friend arrives and I can focus my energy on him, which I am looking forward to doing.

I hope everyone else's Sunday is less stressful than mine! BEHR HUGS


Cubby said...

Ewww, animal doo.

Wonder Man said...

it was a good Sunday

CJ/Rick said...

I slept great for the first time in over a month so it was a great Sunday.
Ants I don't see so much of but huge water bugs/roaches are plentiful coming inside. I suppose because of this awful drought. YUCK!
Your a good pet owner.
Have fun with your friend this week!

Stan said...

Ants must be a big problem out there. Not so much here it's mostly mosquitos sucking the blood out of you. It's been so damn hot and humid here. Can't wait for fall already. I'm sure Winston appreciates you. Good luck with the balancing act.