31 January 2011

Behr Pick: Windows

As I mentioned the other day, I had a long weekend. I've already shared Friday's adventures. I'm not ready to talk about Saturday in its entirety because I'm trying to wrap my head around something that happened. But I do want to share one thing in particular.

A few years ago I met P at a party. Looks were exchanged and compliments passed but that's all that happened. Recently I found him on a bear social networking site and we've reconnected. In our "getting to know you" exchanges I found out that he works at a gay youth center here in my hometown. I had no idea one existed.

He told me that there's also a gay men's discussion group for gay and bisexual men aged 27 and better. He invited me to attend Saturday's meet. On a whim I decided to go. I had a really nice time and met some really nice guys. I went with the intention of keeping my mouth shut. Ha! Fat chance. I talked a lot. But it was good. One of our topics of discussion was "what have you done to make you proud to be gay." We only numbered about seven but we were a diverse group: one Asian (I think technically Korean, I'm not sure), two Caucasians, and four Latinos. Three were in their late 20's, I'm in my late 40's, one was in his early 50's (guessing) and I'm not sure about the last guy. I am looking forward to participating in this group. I honestly never really had much of a support group when I was younger and being able to talk to other men about my experiences as a gay man is cathartic. It's also empowering to hear others' stories. And it's not going to be all talk; this coming weekend we're planning on a hike in the local hills.

Yesterday afternoon I got into a weird mood after returning home from visiting my folks. I ended up culling my FB friend list. I cut 36 people. I still have 128 "friends." My criteria for keeping someone was whether or not I knew him/her in the flesh. For those who are "cyber" friends, it came down to the amount of interaction we've shared. I'm happy to say that ALL of my blogger friends made the cut!

And here we are back to Monday again. Oh joy.


30 January 2011

Sunday Favorite: 54

I'm still dumbfounded about my amazing yesterday...so kindly talk amongst yourselves.


29 January 2011

Behr Pick: Tim

As I mentioned yesterday, I had the day off. It was a really good day. I did the laundry and ironing to get it all out of the way. I went to the movies in the late morning and in the afternoon I met chat friends at Disneyland Resort.

Since laundry isn't that exciting I'm going to skip over that part of the day.

I went to see The Black Swan starring Natalie Portman. I'm sure some of you have see it and possibly have blogged about it. I'd been wanting to see it before the awards season officially started and now with the Golden Globe wins and Oscar nominations in place, I had to check it out.

If I were to describe this movie to someone I would say it's The Turning Point meets Identity. In other words, a ballet movie that much of takes place inside one of the character's mind. Maybe I didn't get it but I had unanswered questions at the end. And usually that annoys me but with this film I thought it was a good thing since it allows each person watching it to walk away with a different thought as to what really happened. Listen to me making it sound like a whodunit. Really though, the question remains: was Nina crazy crazy or just so overwhelmingly pressured that she went crazy.

The supporting cast is terrific: Mila Kunis as the sweet bad girl who you like and hate; Vincent Cassel as the brilliant yet slimy director; Winona Ryder as the tragically replaced principle dancer; and Barbara Hershey as the overbearing, somewhat psychotic, passive-aggressive mother who blames her successful daughter for her own failures. I believe Kunis and Hershey were both overlooked for deserving Oscar noms. So I'm recommending The Black Swan. It could be a Netflix/cable movie but definitely check it out. For me there was enough grace, elegance, and thrills to make it watchable and enjoyable.

In the afternoon I met R & K at Disneyland Resort. R and I have been chatting for a while on a bear social networking site. It was nice to finally meet him and his husband (they're one of the 18,000 legally married gay couples in California) and spend time getting to know them better. We rode a couple of rides and mainly spent time talking. It was nice.

So that was Friday.

Today's behr pick, Tim, comes to us probably from some social networking site where I discovered his amazing countenance. Hope you find him as woofy as I do.

It's Saturday....go enjoy it. BEHR HUGS

28 January 2011

Behr Pick: Long Weekend

There are advantages to working for the company I do; if a Federal holiday falls on a Saturday we usually get a "floating" holiday in lieu of. That float day must be taken any time 30days before or after the actual holiday. So today I am enjoying another 3-day weekend, thanks to New Year's Day.

Last night I had a blind date.

I recently joined yet another social networking site, one that caters to men of a larger stature and their admirers. I like this site for the fact that - with a basic, non-fee paying membership - one can still see who is looking at your profile. I've had several messages already from men of varying attractiveness and in varying geographical locations.

I usually won't meet someone if they don't have a profile picture or fill out the basic information. But this guy - let's call him Jack - didn't have a picture and only listed his age and CA residence (no city). He messaged me and asked if I would like to meet. Based on his age - I'll talk about that momentarily - I thought that the missing picture was due to his not being out. I was correct. He was a nice kid. It surprised me that he is Asian primarily because of the agreed upon meeting location is predominantly Hispanic. He attends a nearby community college, works (I didn't quite catch the name of the business), and has been here in the U.S. for three years. His accent is a bit heavy and the usual jokes of replacing "R" and "L" is not too far off the mark. I cannot remember now what he said but in my head I was laughing because I knew what he meant despite the wrong consonants and vowels being used. He's 25, lives with friends although his family is somewhere nearby, and he is in the closet. We talked for about 2 1/2 hours. I imagine he'll contact me again just to hang out.

I'm hoping this weekend to catch at least one if not two or three of the Oscar-nominated films. I also hope to do a little work in the yard and meet up with friends at Disneyland. It's been a long crazy work week and I'm ready to relax. Oh waiter! I'll have another cocktail now!


27 January 2011

Behr Pick: Brian

Thanks to those who weighed in on yesterday's blog question. I am pleased that it's not just pictorial interest that brings you here. Speaking of, today's featured bear is Brian. Not sure where I found his picture but I'm glad I did. He reminds me of someone (no, not S) although that someone is handsomer. Not that Brian here is ugly. Oh no, not by a long shot. I have a thing for the shaved head-full beard look. And the body fur drives me crazy. Love. It.

Yesterday was a crazy work day. Between class participants who wouldn't STFU in the morning and the test system not working in the afternoon, I had my hands full of temperamental colleagues and miscommunication with my boss (it wasn't a big deal), I was ready for the weekend. One more day - today - then I'll be enjoying a long weekend.

I have yet to tune into American Idol; I think I'm passing this season. Or maybe I'll tune in after the audition process is over. I watched RuPaul's Drag Race 3 on Hulu (I don't have cable) and already dislike half of the dragtestants. I'm rooting for Delta Work because she's the local gal and I've met her boy persona. I also like Raj; I liked his comment about making new strides as drag queens. Loved his cyclops hat.

That's about all I have for today. I don't say it often, but THANK YOU to all of my followers and the occasional dropper-inner. I appreciate your feedback and that you come here. Have a thrilling Thursday!


26 January 2011

Hump Day Question

I've tried to keep this blog relatively PG-13 but I'm finding it to be a little difficult at times because many of the pics I'm finding to feature are running on the R and NC-17 and X ratings. I have nothing against full nudity or even sex acts but there's so much of that on the Internet that I wanted to just bring something visually stimulating without having to mark this blog as "mature."

I'm starting to think that it would be in my best interest to do so.

Because let's face it...most of you come here for the featured picture, NOT whatever blather I have going on.

So let me throw it out to you...should I mark the content as "mature" so anyone coming by needs to acknowledge the content warning....or should I keep it as is and let readers take the risk of possibly opening a NSFW picture without warning?

I really want to do what's best for everyone.


25 January 2011

Behr Pick: Tuesday Bear

There's nothing better than cuddling a bear. And this one is very cuddly looking. I'd love to lay my head on his belly and just drift away.

Have you ever had one of those moments where a smell triggers a memory? I had that yesterday afternoon as I was walking through the Red Line station. That's our Los Angeles subway, BTW. Two young Latin men walked passed me; they both had on jeans, plaid shirts, and trendy haircuts. At first sight I thought "gay." And as I passed them I could smell their cologne overlaid with cigarette smoke and with a hint of sex. I'm almost positive it was Drakkar Noir. It totally took me back to my 20's when I used to wear cologne and smoke too much at the clubs while dancing the night away.

Monday is over and it turned out to be not that bad. Let's hope today flies by too.


24 January 2011

Kiss the Weekend Good-Bye

I hope you kissed the weekend good-bye because it's Monday.

I am hoping it'll be a short week again. Because New Year's Day landed on a Saturday the company gives us a "floating" holiday, which means we can take it any time within 30 before or after the actual holiday. So I'm running out of time if I'm going to take it. I'm planning on Friday for another long weekend.

Didn't do much this weekend despite the beautiful weather. Sunday I spent time with my folks as usual; we walked to lunch then shopping then back to their house. All about probably 1 to 1 1/2 miles round trip I'd say. I got some sun.

Now onto the week. May it be swift and sure! BEHR HUGS

22 January 2011

Behr Pick: Saturday Bear Daddy

I have nothing to say except....damn.


21 January 2011

Behr Pick: Charles Martin Smith is the Sexiest Man Alive

I'm long overdue in giving a shout out to the charming blog Charles Martin Smith is the Sexiest Man Alive.

Yes, seriously! The blogger, Seth Rogaine (not his real name) blogs about his all time favorite object of lust, Charles Martin Smith. Taking us through CMS' career chronologically, Seth provides an accurate and humorous review of CMS' performances - and he includes his own unbiased, humble, lust-filled commentary, especially about CMS' ass shots!

Did I mention that Seth includes plenty of pictures of CMS sans pants?

Seth has an incredible writing style that is conversational and worthy of a comedy routine. I am a bit biased but I think it's a brilliant blog. It's one of the most fun blogs I've seen in quite a while.

So click on the above link and check it out. You just might find yourself joining Seth in his lustful admiration of CMS...I know I have!


20 January 2011

Behr Pick: Oso

When the alarm woke me up this morning I realized I hadn't posted in a couple of days. It's been kind of crazy - mostly work - but a couple personal things too. I'll be back on track hopefully tomorrow.

I've been watching snippets of "BearCity" and hope to provide my thoughts after a second viewing. So watch for that.

WHY do short weeks always feel long??


18 January 2011

Behr Pick: Tattoo Tuesday

Did you enjoy your Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? I did...I slept in, played on the computer, worked in the flowerbeds, saw the doctor, and burned popcorn.

Okay maybe that last one was unnecessary but I did and the house still stinks of it. And yes, I microwaved a lemon. But I think that only helped the microwave not the house. Thankfully I have scented candles like every good gay.

It's back to work. I originally was going to take today off as my New Year's float day but something came up at the end of last week so I cancelled it. I'll probably take it in a week to make another short week.

May the rest of the week be quick and painless. BEHR HUGS!

16 January 2011

Sunday Favorite: 53

Be sure to click on today's picture to get the full effect as to why this is a favorite. Like most of the pictures featured here, this was undoubtedly found on the Internet somewhere.

First off...I may have mentioned before that I have a thing for bearded guys. I also have a thing for dark-haired guys. And of course I have a thing for furry-chested.

I'm not so wild about the cigar but the imagery and sharpness of the lighter's flame is incredible.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. It's warmed up to the 80's here in the Los Angeles area. I wore shorts yesterday and probably will again today. In January!


15 January 2011


I'm feeling lazy. Maybe it was the waffles I had for breakfast. Maybe it's because the heater just kicked on. Maybe it's because I don't know where to start with chores and errands (although I've got laundry going).

All I know it it's a THREE DAY WEEKEND!!

I don't have any plans other than the usual. Do you have an extra weekend day? What are your plans?


14 January 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

A big THANK YOU to Howard over at Soundtrack to My Day for bestowing the Stylish Blogger award on me. Howard, a 2010 Bloggie winner, has provided the world with an insight into oft-not heard artists such as Justin Utley and Coyote Grace. He has given me new music, reacquainted me with old music, and given me many trips down memory lane. If you're one of the uninitiated, go check him out. You won't be disappointed. He is the best music blogger on the face of the earth! Now to claim this here award, I am to:
*Thank and link back to whomever bestowed the award on me
*List seven things about myself
*Pass the honor to 15 (?!) bloggers (I'm assuming that's a typo and therefore am only handing off to five)
Okay so here are seven things about Behrmark:

1. My favorite cuss word is fuck. It is such a multi-use word....noun, adjective, adverb...there's nothing better than a good fuckity fuck fuck fuck!

2. I was in my 40's before I saw the original Halloween movie. I'd always been too afraid to see it since slasher movies aren't my thing. I enjoyed it immensely and it is not what I expected. I hope to buy it one day.

3. I have a fear of heights.

4. I don't like drop rides at amusement parks. I will tolerate Tower of Terror at Disney's California Adventure because I'm in a box, but those rides where you're sitting on the outside of some gigantic pole? No thank you.

5. My favorite part of the day is coming home, laying on the bed, and having Winston meatloaf on me and purr. Pure heaven.

6. My favorite flower is the rose. It doesn't matter if it is a tea hybrid, English, floribunda, or grandiflora.

7. The Tudor dynasty holds me in fascination despite the many books I've read on Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Mary I, and others. I currently have a book on Catherine of Aragon and a book on Jane, Katherine, and Mary Grey to read. My friends know not to ask me a question or get me talking about this era of English history....I will run on ad nauseam.

In reviewing those whose blogs I follow it wasn't easy to select 5 upon whom to bestow the honor. After much thought, I pass this award to:

The Mind of a Cub - Jason doesn't give us just great pictures of hot bears and cubs...he also blogs about horror movies and rollercoasters! This partnered cub has a sense of humor and is just so darn cute. His enthusiasm for life is infectious. Check out his blog; you'll love it.

Brettcajun - Brett brings us the voice of gay rural America. His opinion is his opinion and he often gets flack for it, losing friends and followers. That doesn't stop him, however. I admire his determination, his stubbornness, and his position since I agree with him more often than not. His is an interesting story for us city dwellers; check him out for another aspect of life.

David's Daily Drama - David calls himself a Welsh Brighton boy who whitters on. Intrigued? In his blog he reviews movies, concerts, and other cultural events giving us his UK perspective, which is quite refreshing. His critiques are so astute that he should do this professionally.

My bizarre life - Another trans-Atlantic blog, Nic brings us insights into his daily life as a Greek man living in London. He's a cutie! His commentary brings humor as well as a thoughtfulness that will make you think.

Visually Speaking - CJ/Rick provides an array of images, many that are NSFW, all of which are absolutely stunning, whether it is of two men in love or a redecorated sitting room. The eye with which this blog is presented is detailed, succinct, erotic, and downright beautiful. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Visually Speaking is the best damn novel ever written.

So there you have it...my five nominees for the Stylish Blogger Award! Please check out those bloggers with whom you're not familiar.


12 January 2011

Open Letter to Ricky Martin

Dear Ricky:

Congratulations on your latest single that is being blogged about around the world. Although I am quite certain sales will make it a hit, I thought some feedback would be appropriate, so here goes:

I hate it.

It's not the music although it's really not my style. It really seems, as a song, "thrown together." The lyrics are mediocre at best. I'm no music critic but I thought it was rather pedestrian. It lacked the beat of "Livin' La Vida Loca." It's also not you looking all cute and scruffy and tatted up. It's not even the folks who appear in your video because there's a nice mix presumably showing all types. But Ricky dear...you got it wrong. I hate it because of the people who DON'T appear in your video.

Ricky you cannot preach equality while showing nothing but ultra-attractive, gym-buffed men and women. You're pandering to the straight community because even though there are gay couples it's okay because they look like they're off the pages of A&F or GQ or Vogue.

Where are the bears? Where are the overweight lesbians? Where are those who have to struggle twice as hard because they aren't necessarily cute or handsome or beautiful or easily assimilated into the WeHo world of Barbies and Kens? If you want to preach equality then SHOW equality. Because the bear community is just as gay as the rest of the gay community and we love a good tune that can be remixed for the next bear circuit event.

I think it's great you finally decided to come out. I think it's great you're a father and gay. But I don't think it's great that you're still afraid to open your world up to everyone. Because we big boys love just as hard and just as intensely as the beautiful people. Don't you think it's time that all types are included in our messages of equality? Think about it. And write us a song that is reflective of the entire community.

Thank you.


11 January 2011

Behr Pick: Chocolatey Goodness

I don't know his name....but I am totally infatuated with him. I love the color of his skin and how the light glistens off of him. I love his wild mop of hair. I love how his muscles are just begging to be worshipped. I love how he's teasing me by pulling down the front of his pants. I love the secret desire in his eyes as he stares me down.

I think he would make today - and any day - just outstanding.


10 January 2011

Behr Pick: Magnificent Monday

The power of positive thinking can make anything happen. So.....repeat after me:

It's a magnificent Monday.
It's a magnificent Monday.
It's a magnificent Monday.

Okay yeah....even I don't believe it. At least the guy in the picture is magnificent.


09 January 2011

Sunday Favorite: 52

I like this picture for several reasons...first, it's in black and white. Aside from the usual considerations of light and shadows, it gives the shot a more aged look. Second, the guy is freakin' cute...just look at that smile. Third, it has a spontaneous look to it, as if Mr. Hunky decided to strip and jump into the tub for a photo op at the urging of his buddies who are no doubt standing off-camera mooning him.

So last week was rough. I may have mentioned a mini-meltdown at work. I'm feeling better although not back to feeling 100% secure. Paranoia is running rampant through my head. But I think by the end of this coming week I'll have improved further. Thanks for the words of support here and in texts and emails. I appreciate it!


08 January 2011

Behr Pick: Daddy Matt

Am I the only one who thinks Matt Le Blanc is making one hot daddy?

Pics are courtesy of his new show Episodes, a new Showtime series debuting tomorrow.


07 January 2011

Behr Pick: Frisky Friday

I cannot express how grateful I am that it's Friday. This first week back to work has been crazy. Too much to do in too little time. And way too many changes to deal with in a short time period.

It's been a while since anyone has nibbled on my ear. I'm long overdue. It would be nice to find someone this weekend to make up for lost time.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, have a wonderful weekend.


05 January 2011

Behr Pick: Hump Day Daddy

Is it? Could it be? It is!


I thought it would never get here. The last two days have felt like a week.

I thought a Hump Day Daddy was quite befitting the occasion. What say you?


04 January 2011

Behr Pick: Property of

After one day back to work I'm ready to run away...maybe someplace like Australia.

I'm sure this "Property of" pic has nothing to do with it.


03 January 2011

Hi Ho!

It's back to work I go after a 3 week vacation. It was surprisingly easy to get up this morning. I suspect, however, that this afternoon I'm going to crash because I'll be wanting my afternoon nap.

I dread putting on a tie again. But...it's all part and parcel of the job so I need to suck it in and do it. And unfortunately that sucking it in is figurative since I've gain a lot of weight over the last month.

Happy Monday to all. May it be quick and painless.


02 January 2011

Sunday Favorite: 51

2011 looks so bright I'm going to have to wear sunglasses!

That is my new approach to the new year. I am going to try to see the positive in every situation and the good in every person.


01 January 2011

Behr Pick: Mohawk

Welcome 2011!

I'm totally turned on by this guy. It's not just his incredible pecs or those kissable-looking lips. There's just something about a guy with a mohawk that makes me giddy. I can't explain it, and certainly don't want to try. But I certainly think he would be a great way to start off the new year, if you catch my meaning. And since most of you are horn dogs I know you do.

So how did Behrmark ring in the new year? By sleeping! That's right, I was in bed by 10:30 p.m. I had started my annual tradition of watching the movie Sunset Blvd. starring a woofy William Holden and Gloria Swanson. I nodded off shortly after the New Year's scene...and when I woke up I decided to just hit the sheets. I never pretended to be an exciting party animal!

I'm spending the day puttering around thPublish Poste house. I return to work on Monday so I need to do a few things in preparation, like doing some laundry, ironing, buzzing the head and possibly shaving off the beard.

However you spend your day, I hope that it is a great one! BEHR HUGS!