14 January 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

A big THANK YOU to Howard over at Soundtrack to My Day for bestowing the Stylish Blogger award on me. Howard, a 2010 Bloggie winner, has provided the world with an insight into oft-not heard artists such as Justin Utley and Coyote Grace. He has given me new music, reacquainted me with old music, and given me many trips down memory lane. If you're one of the uninitiated, go check him out. You won't be disappointed. He is the best music blogger on the face of the earth! Now to claim this here award, I am to:
*Thank and link back to whomever bestowed the award on me
*List seven things about myself
*Pass the honor to 15 (?!) bloggers (I'm assuming that's a typo and therefore am only handing off to five)
Okay so here are seven things about Behrmark:

1. My favorite cuss word is fuck. It is such a multi-use word....noun, adjective, adverb...there's nothing better than a good fuckity fuck fuck fuck!

2. I was in my 40's before I saw the original Halloween movie. I'd always been too afraid to see it since slasher movies aren't my thing. I enjoyed it immensely and it is not what I expected. I hope to buy it one day.

3. I have a fear of heights.

4. I don't like drop rides at amusement parks. I will tolerate Tower of Terror at Disney's California Adventure because I'm in a box, but those rides where you're sitting on the outside of some gigantic pole? No thank you.

5. My favorite part of the day is coming home, laying on the bed, and having Winston meatloaf on me and purr. Pure heaven.

6. My favorite flower is the rose. It doesn't matter if it is a tea hybrid, English, floribunda, or grandiflora.

7. The Tudor dynasty holds me in fascination despite the many books I've read on Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Mary I, and others. I currently have a book on Catherine of Aragon and a book on Jane, Katherine, and Mary Grey to read. My friends know not to ask me a question or get me talking about this era of English history....I will run on ad nauseam.

In reviewing those whose blogs I follow it wasn't easy to select 5 upon whom to bestow the honor. After much thought, I pass this award to:

The Mind of a Cub - Jason doesn't give us just great pictures of hot bears and cubs...he also blogs about horror movies and rollercoasters! This partnered cub has a sense of humor and is just so darn cute. His enthusiasm for life is infectious. Check out his blog; you'll love it.

Brettcajun - Brett brings us the voice of gay rural America. His opinion is his opinion and he often gets flack for it, losing friends and followers. That doesn't stop him, however. I admire his determination, his stubbornness, and his position since I agree with him more often than not. His is an interesting story for us city dwellers; check him out for another aspect of life.

David's Daily Drama - David calls himself a Welsh Brighton boy who whitters on. Intrigued? In his blog he reviews movies, concerts, and other cultural events giving us his UK perspective, which is quite refreshing. His critiques are so astute that he should do this professionally.

My bizarre life - Another trans-Atlantic blog, Nic brings us insights into his daily life as a Greek man living in London. He's a cutie! His commentary brings humor as well as a thoughtfulness that will make you think.

Visually Speaking - CJ/Rick provides an array of images, many that are NSFW, all of which are absolutely stunning, whether it is of two men in love or a redecorated sitting room. The eye with which this blog is presented is detailed, succinct, erotic, and downright beautiful. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Visually Speaking is the best damn novel ever written.

So there you have it...my five nominees for the Stylish Blogger Award! Please check out those bloggers with whom you're not familiar.



Nik_TheGreek said...

Hey! Thanks a lot for that. Thanks for the compliment as well. Don't know if I deserve it.
Keep up the amazing posts. :-)

Brettcajun said...

Awwhhh.... THANK YOU! :) BLUSH. I appreciate your nice comments.

BTW -- My favorite phrase is "Smirkity Smirk Smirk Smirk". I use it when I am being a total smart ass. ;)

CJ/Rick said...

You're too kind. I didn't really know what a blog was when I started mine. I initially wanted to use it to vent but even I get tired of hearing myself bitch. I have said that I was addicted to porn at an early age so it seemed only natural to start a rated x blog. I enjoy my girl's(dogs) blog too. You've got to post about what you love.
Thanks again for the heads up!

Cubby said...

Congratz Mark, and great choices!

David said...

Thank you so much, that is really kind of you, appreciate your generous comments. x

mdlevipup said...

Thanks babe! Your blog was my inspiration!

mdlevipup said...

P.S. Drop rides are AWESOME!!!!!!

Wonder Man said...


Howard said...

Well done, my friend. Thanks for the kind words. The award is well-deserved!