27 June 2012

Wednesday Worship

Just do it.


24 June 2012

SF Trip

I can't believe it's already been a week and a half since I visited Bear in SF. Wow. Time flies. Here are some of the pictures that I took. Unfortunately they're not in any kind of order...I had difficulty with my camera and took some of these with my iPhone. Click to enlarge for detail.

Barbary Coast marker

Barbary Coast marker detail

The Ferry Building tower...it is a 1906 earthquake survivor

Matson Building on Market

PG&E Building...great detail in the main entry archway

Lights on either side of the main archway of the PG&E building

One of the ram heads that adorns the PG&E building

The Shell Building...according to the doorman, the lobby was used in "Towering Inferno"

Clock above the Southern Pacific building entrance

Star Girl statue at CitiCorp Building...I had never seen this before

Star Girl detail

Just outside the main door of the Russ Building...look at how worn it is from years of people walking over it

Working mailbox in the Russ Building

A cute building...enlarge to see the detail

The Hibernia Bank building

Jackson Square marker...it's in an alleyway!

The Lotta Crabtree fountain and DeYoung building

An elaborate lobby ceiling

The Audiffred Building - another 1906 earthquake survivor

There was special significance of this building...but I can't remember what

The iconic Transamerica building...the building of it was completed in 1972!

Art Deco building (corner of O'Farrell and Post)
One of my favorite buildings from the walk...I just can't remember anything about it!

In addition to the walking tour, we hung out at my hotel (The Phoenix), went to Japantown for dinner and a movie (Citizen Kane!) and had a couple beers at The Cinch. Thank you Bear for a great time for being such a great friend.


21 June 2012

Quick Check In

Just a quick check in, hopefully I'll have more time to write a proper entry soon.

Last week I was on vacation. I flew up to SF  to visit the Bear. We did his walking tour, saw 'Citizen Kane,' and had a great time together. (Pics forthcoming.)

Father's Day was really good; my dad, who is still recovering from his fall in January, wanted to play mini-golf. We had a good time despite the heat and obnoxious people who were in a rush to get through the course.

I also developed a sinus headache on Sunday; I've been going to bed really early almost every night since. I did finally call the medical office and talked to the nurse who called in an Rx for me. I'm feeling much better (but still not 100%).

And last night I had an honest-to-goodness, old-fashioned date. I don't want to say much more in fear of jinxing it but we met on Growlr...yeah I know...and we met for dinner and enjoyed good conversation and meal. We have already tentatively set our second date.

So that's what's going on in my world. What's going on in yours?


17 June 2012

Sunday Favorite: 76

Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there - real and otherwise.


11 June 2012


There are those of us of a certain age (ahem) who remember a very young Neil Patrick Harris as "Doogie Howser, MD," a television show about a 16-year old medical prodigy who balanced adult life situations as a licensed doctor and teenage angst. Nowadays, we know NPH as "Barney" on "How I Met Your Mother," a television sitcom about a group of 30-somethings in NY.

NPH is also an out and proud husband and father. He's a sterling example of "gay is normal" and I dare anyone to dislike this talented man.

Last night, the 2012 Tony Awards aired. I totally forgot about it until well into the broadcast...I did catch the performance of "Evita" (up for best musical revival), Patti Lupone, Mandy Patinkin, Christopher Plummer, Candice Bergen, and a host of others. As a theater fan, this is OUR Oscar night. To top it all off, NPH hosted again and brought the house to its feet with the opening number.

If you missed it, watch it now (or rewatch it):

So my admiration is overflowing for this absolutely talented man. He's no longer the geeky kid; he's turned into a sexy & funny performer. And if you didn't see last year's opening number - Theater Isn't Just for Gays - I urge you to search for it on YouTube and be prepared to be entertained.

So as we celebrate Pride this month...give it up for one of our own: Neil Patrick Harris!


10 June 2012

Sunday Favorite: 75

Happy Sunday!

08 June 2012

Friday Funny

An acquaintance posted this on Facebook...hysterical! (click to enlarge)

After the work day ends I will officially be on one week's vacation. I've only taken two vacation days so far this year and this is well deserved. I'll be doing things around the house, hopefully seeing a movie or two, having lunch with a friend, and visiting Bear in SF. That trip will be a quick 1 1/2 days; the excellent part is NO WORK involvement!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


06 June 2012

Behr Pick


05 June 2012

Behr Outrage

Just when you thought it was safe to be proud and out...think again. Here's a story of an out  Southern California water polo coach fired from the school district for "inappropriate" and "obscene" Facebook/Myspace photos.

Mitch Stein (middle, flanked by his partner and daughter) has been terminated due to a picture of himself surrounded by drag queens. The other picture is of him about to bite a corn dog. No one complained at the picture of Rick Santorum eating a corn dog. This is a double-standard.

Mr. Stein has filed a wrongful termination suit against the school district.

Read the LA Times article here.

That this type of discrimination is still active is appalling and scary. Yes, out president has publicly announced he personally believes same-sex marriage should be legal. However, it is still up to the states. Here in California the fight as to the constitutionality of Proposition 8 continues.

As the GLBT community makes a step forward for equality, something like this happens that pushes us backward two steps. 

Here's hoping that the courts have open minds and the ability to see the ridiculousness of the termination and that justice is served.


01 June 2012

Out of HiBEHRnation

That's right Behr Fans - - I'm back!

During the past three months I came to realize that I really missed blogging. Sure, I was doing my best to stay abreast of everyone's blogs...but it just wasn't the same. I found myself commenting in paragraphs rather than sentences on other blogs. I also would come across an experience or situation or news bite about which I definitely had an opinion; so I decided I should look into returning.

I sent an email to several supporters and asked their opinion. The responses were overwhelmingly positive and very very touching. A few brought tears to my eyes. 

Onward! Let's catch up, shall we?

I've undergone a few changes since I've been gone. One minor change is I have removed my nipple ring permanently. What's that? You didn't know the Behr was pierced? Ten years ago I had my left nipple pierced as a "last hurrah" before turning 40. I alternated between a ring and a bar. Those who saw it often were taken aback; evidently I don't look the type. Anyway, one day I noticed that the the piercing was red and swollen; possibly due to my weight gain. So I took out the bar to give it a rest. It actually bled a little, too. A couple days later I attempted to replace the ring but couldn't get it in (I hate that). So since it's been 10 years and the novelty is pretty much over I left it out. Thanks to some nipple clamps and a snakebite kit, I'm regaining sensitivity in the previously pierced nipple.

Was that TMI?

In April I had an opportunity to attend a 3-day workshop during which I was certified by the company (Achieve Global) to lead leadership and customer service training programs at the deliver and develop levels. It's actually a big deal. This portable certification allows me a broader range of training that I can deliver. It makes me a "grown up" trainer. Now hopefully I'll be able to increase my training repertoire beyond just systems training. Forgive me, but a moment to brag...the Master Trainer in charge of the workshop told me at the end of the competency that she knew I was certified on day two...she just couldn't say anything. Huzzah!

Also in April I celebrated my 49th birthday. I was a bit torn about not celebrating in a big way since the world was slated to end this December (and thereby depriving me of the pleasure of greeting my 50th birthday) but decided it's really just another day. Then the other Mayan records were found in Guatemala and now it looks as if I will have to face the big five-oh. 

One of the reasons I thought I would stop blogging was due to a health issue. Good news! Things have gotten better on that front. I'll blog about that another time. (That's called a cliff-hanger!)

Last but not least:
It's National Donut Day!