05 June 2012

Behr Outrage

Just when you thought it was safe to be proud and out...think again. Here's a story of an out  Southern California water polo coach fired from the school district for "inappropriate" and "obscene" Facebook/Myspace photos.

Mitch Stein (middle, flanked by his partner and daughter) has been terminated due to a picture of himself surrounded by drag queens. The other picture is of him about to bite a corn dog. No one complained at the picture of Rick Santorum eating a corn dog. This is a double-standard.

Mr. Stein has filed a wrongful termination suit against the school district.

Read the LA Times article here.

That this type of discrimination is still active is appalling and scary. Yes, out president has publicly announced he personally believes same-sex marriage should be legal. However, it is still up to the states. Here in California the fight as to the constitutionality of Proposition 8 continues.

As the GLBT community makes a step forward for equality, something like this happens that pushes us backward two steps. 

Here's hoping that the courts have open minds and the ability to see the ridiculousness of the termination and that justice is served.



Cubby said...

I hope he wins.

Smooth Jock said...

I think this is a disgrace! I hope he fights 'em tooth and nail! and WINS!!!

mistress maddie said...

That is just nuts!!! Lets me get a frock on and cut them! How is this any different then a striaght guy from a bachlor party with big boobed women around them!!!!! Meanwhile the guy on the far left is hot!!!

SteveA said...

Clearly they (at the school) are homophobic, and want to use the Facebook forum (which is one's private avenue) to make a case for dismissal.

I hope this guys sue their asses off and some precedent is set!

Stan said...

This is crazy. I hope he wins and gets his job back.