14 February 2014

February 14

Happy Valentine's Day.

I will be celebrating this "day of love" by first NOT going to work! I took the day off so I can take my dad (and mom) to lunch for his birthday. Since I am unavailable to go to dinner this evening, I offered this as an alternative. When I spoke to my mom earlier this week she said he was looking forward to it and had written it on the calendar. Today we celebrate his 84th birthday.

Whether you are single, coupled, monogamous, open, poly...remember that there is someone out there who loves you.


09 February 2014

Sunday Favorite: 94

Congratulations to Team USA...so far we've taken two gold and two bronze medals at the 2014 Olympics. And those two gold medals? Taken by Sage Kotsenburg and Jamie Anderson in the inaugural Slopestyle Snowboarding events - Mens AND Ladies! Awesome!

Yesterday I accomplished a task that has been hanging over my head....I did my taxes! That's right, thanks to TurboTax, half-way decent record keeping, and an adding machine I prepared and e-filed my Federal and State taxes. Since I tend to be a procrastinator it's a huge relief for me to do it early. I'll be getting a little something back from both Federal and State (no, the Bank of Mark is not open). 

Today started Hell Week for the next show at the local community theater. I'll be working backstage primarily with props and set dressing. The stage manager didn't show up today for move in and there was quite a bit of grumbling. He's a nice enough guy, tends to get a little overly hyped up, and a bit demanding. I've always thought he was kind of cute and would do anything to blow him but I'm not his type. He likes the pretty boy type. But I digress. So this week I'll be going to the theater every night. 

I'm taking Friday off so I can sleep in and catch up. I'll also be taking my parents out to lunch to celebrate my Dad's birthday. Since I'm involved with the show I can't go with the family out to dinner so I asked if he'd go to lunch with me. I had to convince my mom that it includes her too. 

It's hard to think that Downton Abbey, Season 4, only has three more episodes. I know that's how they roll in the UK but here in the States we're used to more episodes per season. What will happen to Edith? Will Alfred realize Daisy loves him? Will Bates kill the man who raped his wife? 

That's about all for now. Enjoy your week, everyone.


02 February 2014

Sunday Favorite: 93

It's been a while since I've truly blogged and for that I apologize. There's been lots I've wanted to say...but I cannot help but fear the loss of your respect and friendship. So it's best sometimes to swallow my bile and be silent.

The New Year has started out at a frantic pace. I've been busy at work - learning new classes to conduct, creating online tutorials, helping with the pilot of a new class - and it's nice to be busy. Unfortunately, it hasn't made the days go by any faster. They've been dragging their sorry asses.

There's something I need to do this year and soon: lose weight. At my three-month checkup I weighed in at 316 pounds, my heaviest ever. Oddly, the doctor said nothing (but I got a good tongue lashing from my mother). I know I need to lose weight; my joints hurt, it's difficult to move, I sometimes feel out of breath, and finding clothes to cover my ample frame is getting really expensive. I still have my gym membership but I just cannot seem to find the motivation - or nerve - to walk back in. Silly, I know, since I've paid the membership fee since joining in 2003. I hate crowds and while I know logically no one is looking at me, I fear everyone is "laughing at the fat man." I wish I had someone to go with. That would make it easier. Back in the day I used to go early in the morning....I'd be at the gym by 4 am. I am not certain I can do that again. And at the end of the day I really don't want to go. See? Excuses.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. I'm rooting for the Denver Broncos despite they being in the AFC. Normally I root for the NFC team but I just cannot root for Seattle; last week's game against the 49ers was atrocious, especially in the referee calls. Here's hoping the refs in today's game are more unbiased. Oh! And here's hoping all those involved are better sportsmen.

I'm looking ahead to the end of April when I'll take a couple days off for my birthday. Not sure what I'll be doing. I may go back to Arizona for D'back games (baseball). Or get a room at either the California Grand or the Disneyland Hotel for a couple of nights. Maybe I'll take a trip to Solvang or Santa Barbara. Not sure yet.

Today's picture was garnered from someplace on FB I believe. I really don't remember. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do (click it to see it slightly bigger).


01 February 2014

Angry Behr

Okay maybe angry isn't the correct word. Annoyed? Yeah....annoyed is more like it. If anyone else is having this issue I'd like to know.

For the past few weeks I've been received emails from "Anonymous" that are supposedly comments to be posted on my post, Another Loss. Included in the message is a link to "my website" or some such...and no I don't click the link.

Usually when I get such an email, when I access Blogspot there's indication that there is an unmoderated comment. But with these emails there is no corresponding indication on Blogspot. Here's a sample of the messages:

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Kind of weird, don't you think? I think my blog has been tagged and is now the recipient of these spam messages. I don't know if opening them is triggering more or if there's a way to stop them. It's about a once a week deal, I guess. Not that bad but still...kind of annoying.

Anyone else having this kind of "attention?"


Happy SuperBowl Weekend