28 August 2014

Greased Lightening: Swedish Bear Style

Found this clip on the bear social networking site's main page. It's a lip synced version of "Greased Lightening" from Grease by the Swedish Marines. Be sure to pay attention to the "backup" singers...many are bearded bears. WOOF!



Beards and Kitties

It's been awhile since I've posted anything - not for a want of time, believe me - so here is a series of pictures depicting hot, bearded bears and their kitty cats. All pics were obtained from Tumblr.










13 August 2014

Arizona State Offensive Lineman Comes Out

Edward "Chip" Sarafin, offensive lineman at Arizona State University, has publicly come out as gay. He is believed to be the first openly gay major division college football player. 

Read more here especially a word from the Sun Devils' coach, Todd Graham.

Can I just say that I'd jump this bear's bones in a heartbeat. WOOF! And congratulations Chip. You're my hero today.


12 August 2014

RIP Lauren Bacall

Sad news in Hollywood. Lauren Bacall has passed away at the age of 89. Known to audiences as Humphrey Bogart's on and off screen lady, she was known for her sultriness. Bacall starred in such movies as To Have and Have Not, Key Largo, How to Marry a Millionaire, and The Mirror Has Two Faces. It was the latter movie for which she received her only Academy Award nomination.

For more information, click here.

Rest In Peace.

11 August 2014

Profile Bears

For this morning I thought I'd feature some bears in profile. Just check out those strong noses and chins down below.

The weekend was good. On Friday afternoon/evening I went to Disneyland with my new friend C. We had gone in early July and he wanted to get an annual pass; he had some difficulty - long story that only supports the "Disney as evil corporation" conspiracy - but he was able to finally get a pass this past Friday. I'm happy for him because he was really excited about it. I'm happy for me because I have a new Disney partner! 

On Saturday I spent the afternoon/evening with O. We went for boba, hit three comic book stores (I made a killing in finding back issues), had a pizza, and just browsed through a couple of stores for the fun of it. We went to Beard Papa in Cerritos for dessert. It had been about three weeks since I last saw him and I was missing him something awful. I hate to admit it...but I do really love the guy. 

A different worker is here today working underneath the house. Winston - as usual - is a little unnerved. I know I should be doing something productive but it's already very warm and humid. I'm sweating as I sit here and it's only a little after 10:30am. I've done dishes and a load of laundry (bought some new sheets on Sunday) so it's not like I've been completely lazy. I may go out into the garage and start tossing stuff. I'm in a purging mood.

So that's about all that's going on with me. 


07 August 2014

The Work - and Noise - Begins

So the foundation retrofit work has begun...and my oh my is it noisy! Drilling, pounding, what sounds like ratcheting...poor Winston is freaked out. Earlier today he came slinking out from the bedroom and the poor boy was shaking! I had to take him in my arms and go outside for him to calm down.

I admit to a couple of moments of being discomforted myself, especially when the guy was working just about under where I was sitting AND THE FLOOR MOVED. It was like a mini-earthquake. Not fun.

There's only one guy making all of this noise. I saw another guy walking in my backyard around to where the crawl hole is. He must have been checking on the guy, Luis. 

The project manager called me this morning and asked if I wanted Starbucks. Sweet, huh? He came by to ensure the worker got there and started and to have me sign some papers. He hugged me good-bye just like the other day. I tell you, this is one friendly pm. 

Tomorrow I am going to Disneyland. My friend wants to get an annual pass. We've been planning this for a while. But with all the noise I don't want to leave Winston alone. So I talked my friend into going tomorrow afternoon and staying for the evening. He agreed (yay) so that's a big relief off my mind. I'm just not comfortable taking off while a guy is working under my house. I'm not worried about him stealing anything; what I worry about is if he hurts himself and no one is around. I already think my house is haunted without adding to it.

I've had a good day though. I worked on my resume some more and read my new comic books. I'll probably turn on the TV in a little while. Or I may take a nap. I like naps, naps are good. I just wish I had someone to cuddle and nap with. Any volunteers?

Our weather here has cooled down a bit. We're in the 80s now with an occasional breeze. Quite nice. Definitely cuddling/napping weather. *sigh*

PS: This is my 1,055th post!

06 August 2014

Wednesday Wonders

It's Hump Day and you know what that means: Wednesday Wonders! A selection of men that I found on the Internet. I hope you enjoy. 


05 August 2014

Another Curve Ball

So this thing called "Life" never ceases to disappoint. As you may recall, I was laid off back in mid-June. I'm collecting unemployment and a severance so financially I'm doing okay. The mortgage is getting paid, there's food in the fridge and cupboard, and I'm able to basically live my life normally except I don't have to go to work.

I have been working on my resume and completing some online assessments in order to better "sell" myself, so I haven't been a total slack.

Unfortunately I've just inherited a huge debt. I did the unthinkable yesterday - I answered the phone and agreed to a "free no-obligation" inspection of my house's foundation. It wasn't good news. In fact, had the guy not shown me pictures I probably wouldn't have panicked. Here's the pic of one of the wood supports that rests on a cement pier (that holds up the floor):

Yes it's about 2 inches off where it is supposed to be. There are gaps in the beams and in some places, rather than there being a bolt there are two nails holding beams together. Needless to say, this is something that I must take care of before the next seismic event. If I don't, and the house moves again it's possible that the floor will crash to the earth and possibly the rest of the house with it. So I signed on the dotted line and work begins this Thursday. It's costing me $11000.

Yet here's some good news: the guy who did the inspection and signed me up is a project manager not a salesman. He gave me a senior citizen discount (20%) even though I am 12 years too young. AND he got me a better financing deal than if I put it on a credit card or depleted my savings. I got the paperwork today from the funding company and I'm not happy about the rate or the amount of interest that I will end up paying but beggars cannot be choosy. 

This project manager was VERY nice...straight, married, a new father...but an incredible man. Beautiful smile, a really good spirit. I feel I'm a good judge of character and I believe him to be a good man. How many straight businessmen do you know who are so thankful that their customer got approved for financing that they want to hug you? Yep....he asked if he could hug me. That is not the sign of a deceitful person.

So although it is an expense I do not need it is - in the long run - something that I cannot live without. If I were to sell the house this would be a major setback. So better now than later. And may I suggest for anyone who has a raised foundation and many cracks in the ceiling/walls...have your foundation checked out. It's better to do it proactively than when it's too late.

And here's hoping the work crew will be gorgeous even if they will be working under the house!

So that's my latest news. When it rains!!


03 August 2014

Sunday Favorite: 96

I love this picture...there's nothing like jumping into the arms of the man you love and giving him a big smooch. You can tell this isn't just sex or making out...this is PASSION. 

We finally had rain in the LA area! It started sometime last night - possibly about 9pm where I am. I noticed about 9:15pm. It rained fairly good off and on throughout the night. The driveway is still damp as is the patio. But it as raised the humidity. I seriously feel as if I'm in the deep South. Poor Winston is having to put up not only with the humidity but with his Daddy fanning himself, saying "I declare!" When it gets like this my inner Scarlet O'Hara comes out. 

I accomplished something yesterday that I've been needing/wanting to do but kept putting it off. I finally changed my kitchen faucet! Shortly after I moved into my house - within the first couple of years, I'm sure - I had changed the original faucet to a Delta. Because I have "hard water" that causes calcification and rust rather easily, the Delta faucet eventually started rusting and leaking. So I bought a new faucet for much less than I paid for the Delta...and yesterday switched it out. Now this new one is far more simple than the Delta. But it will do. And I'm proud of myself for changing it out without help. I usually run into some kind of problem. I really need to learn to do more things for myself. The feeling of accomplishment is nice.

Tonight I start taking care of my sister's menagerie for a few days while she attends a conference. Two cats, a dog, two tortoises, and nine turtles. I don't mind taking care of the cats and dog but the reptiles are a little involved with their feeding routine. Thankfully she wrote everything down. Oh and I got a little lecture on the difference between tortoises and turtles. OY! It was rather interesting though when we walked out to the turtle enclosure - they all came running out of the grass, heads held high! Okay maybe "running" isn't the right term but they do move faster than expected. 

Last night I watched Disney's latest princess offering, "Frozen." It was okay. I liked Sven the reindeer. I was a bit confused because I know Disney has been pushing the Elsa character but the story really is about the sister. They should have gone ahead with the original evil Snow Queen approach rather than trying to make her a sympathetic character. And I could have done without the stupid snowman Olaf. But what can I say...it's formulaic Disney. "Brave" was far better.

That's about all I have for this Sunday. 


01 August 2014

Behr Pick: Beards and More

I don't follow very many Tumblr sites...only about six...that's more than I can handle right now since the masculine imagery usually gets my blood flowing. If you know what I mean. *wink*

One site I follow is Beards and More....If you have a spare hour or four, scroll through this site...the men are SO fucking hot. Just when you think the bearded, furry-chested, muscly men won't get any hotter, they do. 

There is some really awesome photography included in the posts, too. Many times there is a juxtaposition of masculine and what may be perceived as feminine...flowers in beards for example, or one of my favorites, crown-wearing men. 

I fucking LOVE these pictures! And I hope you do, too. So do yourself a favor, especially if you're into bearded, masculine, furry, muscled men...your libido will thank you!



I want to apologize to all of the Blather followers who leave comments...I've turned on the Word Verification. You may remember my complaining about "Anonymous" comments on my blog...these comments never have anything to do with whatever blather I posted and sometimes is very inappropriate. For instance, on one post regarding a friend who passed away, the comments talk about how informative and good the information is. WTF? I've even received some in a foreign language. 

Since this is becoming a daily issue, I turned on Word Verification. I already moderate all comments because I'm picky and don't want others using my insignificant blog as a means of "selling" their scam spam sites.

So forgive me.