30 September 2012

Sunday Favorite: 85

Classic profile...beard...hairy chest...this picture evokes thought, strength, desire, serenity...I think it would make excellent wall art. 

Or at minimum a magnet for the fridge.

I had a great time on my Friday night date. We met at Faultline and enjoyed a couple of beers. Something that struck me about him is he was very tactile, something I didn't expect from a muscle bear. It was really nice to stand there and talk and have him rubbing my chest, back, belly...and oh yes, there was quite a bit of kissing too. After the second beer we went to his place to get to know each other better. Biblically speaking.

Originally we were going to meet Saturday night as well; when I heard from him he had a headache. I wasn't feeling 100% either so I suggested a rain check on the night despite it being his birthday (we'd already "celebrated" earlier in the morning *wink*).  He agreed; I promised to make it up to him. He's a nice guy if not a bit intimidating. But it's really nice to be with someone in his 40s. I'm certain we'll be seeing each other again.

I'm excited - I have one work week left before I take one week's vacation! I mentioned previously that I was hoping to go visit Bear but unfortunately a miscalculation of finances is going to preclude that trip. I'm disappointed; I'm in need of a Bear fix. You may remember my last trip to see him in June. Since I won't be taking a mini-trip, I'll be having a Staycation...there is plenty to do around the house and the Southland so hopefully I'll have something interesting to blog about when the time comes.

So there you have it...that's what's going on with the Behr. Today I'll visit my parents, catch up on a few minor chores, and of course the season premiere of Amazing Race.

Enjoy your day!


28 September 2012

Friday Behr News

FINALLY! It's Friday...this has been the longest week...it had at least three Thursdays in it, or so it felt. 

So here's the Behr news....I have a date tonight. Yes! You read that correctly...originally the plan was to meet on Saturday night but through our text messaging he said he can't wait until Saturday and asked if I am free tonight. SO...we're going to meet when he gets off work. Not sure where yet but I'm looking forward to it. And yes, Saturday is still on, too.

Without giving too much away, he's a nice guy, intelligent, employed, handsome, and get this: his birthday is Saturday and he'll be 43! Someone born in the same decade as me!

We had a very nice 58 minute phone conversation last night. We talked a little about our respective pasts, general topics such as interests, food likes, and anecdotes about life. I suspect our dates will go well.

So that's the "big" Behr news to end this week. What do you think?


26 September 2012

25 September 2012

21 September 2012

17 September 2012

Just Because

I'm certain you can see why....


16 September 2012

Sunday Favorite: 84

Love me some Latin bear! Woof! This guy - whose name I don't know unfortunately - was a contestant in the recent BearsLA "LA Bear and LA Cub" contest...believe it or not he didn't win either title. I wish I'd been there; I would have consoled him into the wee hours of the morning.

I am usually not one to "toot my own horn" but I just have to say - the Behr is FUCKING AWESOME!

Let me explain...as I've blogged, the local community theater is doing Fiddler on the Roof and I'm on the stage crew (with the quick stage cross as the priest). My responsibilities include raising and lowering the grand (main red curtain), opening and closing the midblack travelers (a black curtain), setting props in place for the actors, moving set pieces, and generally assisting the stage manager in ensuring the show runs smoothly. 

If you're familiar with the show, you know at one point Tevye tells his wife a "dream" in which Fruma Sara, the long departed wife of Lazar Wolf, the butch who wants to marry Tzeitel, Tevye's daughter, threatens Tzeitel with death should she marry Lazar. In our production, the woman who plays Fruma Sara stands on a raised platform and is pushed around the stage by one of the actors. Tonight when I arrived at the theater I found out that the actor "strained his back" and is on bed rest. It fell to me to push the woman around.

She's no light thing, either. She's rather on the heavy side, which makes pushing the unit difficult. We ran through the scene twice before the curtain went up. I did it, with one small error (moving her before she finished her song, which she TOTALLY fucks up every performance) but overall it went well. Many of the cast told me how great I did. I really "saved" the show, so-to-speak. The Director told me I am the best "Fruma unit mover EVER!" So make note: I. Am. Fucking. Awesome. It was really nice to have the actors express their thanks and appreciation tonight for all I do. I don't seek glory or applause or compliments but it's nice to get them.

I kind of hope the actor is out for the rest of the show! It's not easy pushing this woman (due to her weight and the floor of the stage is not a smooth surface) but I feel confident that I could do it for the remaining three performances.

Today we have a matinee...it's going to be hell since because of the heatwave. But I'm confident we'll give one of the best performance of the run.

So I'm exhausted. Thank goodness for an after-show beer!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.


15 September 2012

Early Weekend Update: HOT!

I titled today's pic "Hot Overalls." Speaking of hot, it was 108 in my city today. I'm so ready for the heat to dissipate and for a nice arctic cold front to sweep in. Rain would be a refreshing change. It doesn't look as if there's any relief in sight, unfortunately.

Last night was the third of seven performances of Fiddler on the Roof that I blogged about earlier last week. Despite a pickup rehearsal, tonight's performance wasn't as polished as opening weekend, at least not in my opinion. Still we had an audience of over 200 so I can't complain much about that.

After the show, I met up with three ladies from the theater for drinks and munchies at a local restaurant chain. I had beer and sliders, which really hit the spot in my hungry tummy. There were four plus fries and string onions. Although I eat dinner before going to the theater, this show makes me hungry. It's probably psychological; I'm doing physical work and my body thinks it needs fuel. 

When I got home - after midnight - technically this morning - I decided to do a load of laundry. We're all urged to use major appliances after 6pm so the power grid doesn't go kaput. I thought this was a good idea - I get a much needed task accomplished AND I do it at a time when most people are asleep and not using power. It also gives me a jump on my chores for the weekend. We have a Saturday performance and a Sunday matinee so my time is limited. Naps are definitely required during the run of a show.

I'm looking forward to October; I plan to take some time off work. I haven't completely decided what I'll be doing but I'm considering flying up to SF to visit the Bear. BTW....they had a nice 64-degree day today. Or yesterday, rather. Sounds like a really nice change.

I won't see my folks this weekend; today they're on a senior citizen trip and tomorrow my mom planned something with my sister. She knows I have the matinee and she figures I'll need the time to relax and finish chores. She figured right. 

That's about all I have for now. As soon as the washer is done and I get the laundry in the dryer I'll be hitting the sheets. 

I hope everyone is well, staying cool, and able to find some relaxation this weekend.


09 September 2012

Sunday Favorite: 83

A handsome muscle bear for today's favorite seemed right for some reason. I'm mesmerized by his nipples. Well...maybe not just those.

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm involved with the local community theater. I'm on the stage crew, something I enjoy. Opening night on Friday went VERY well. I also have mentioned that I walk across the stage in the opening number as "the priest." Here's my costume:

I look fucking AWESOME! Here's the miracle of theater magic: one of the women made the headpiece; it's an inverted black lamp shade! She took out the metal piece that would be screwed onto the lamp to surround the bulb; then she put foam padding on the inside of the smaller end then covered it with a piece of black cloth. to cover the top and hang down the sides/back. Here's a close up shot:

To complete the look, I have on a backwards choir robe and a necklace with a jeweled cross of sorts. It's not perfect but all it has to do is look good up on stage. And to be honest, I'm onstage literally for 10 seconds tops, just long enough to make a cross from stage left to stage right. It's fun; it's like being part of the cast as well as being a stage hand.

Last night's show went well; we had to hold the curtain because of a line at the box office...our matinee performance is sold out - that's nearly 400 seats! We received a really rave review from the local theater critic based on our opening night. The hard work has paid off.

The only downside is I've strained my lower back. I move set pieces, do all of the curtain pulls (except one so I can move a huge set piece) and I'm sure that's all contributed to the strain. Thankfully I have all week to recover.

So that's about all the news I have. I hope everyone has had a grand weekend.


07 September 2012

Quick Check In

Yes...I am still alive...barely. It's been a LONG week, what with work and rehearsals for the theater. Tonight is Opening Night - finally! I'm exhausted. I've been at the theater every day or night since last Saturday. I've been averaging 4 1/2 hours of sleep every night since Monday night... I could use a good massage and cuddle right now.

Thankfully I can sleep on the weekend (except the Saturday performance)!


03 September 2012

Just Because


Labor Day Catch Up

Happy Labor Day!

For my non-American followers, this is a Federal holiday to celebrate the economic and social contribution of workers. It's usually deemed the unofficial end of summer and is celebrated with BBQs with family and friends.

Ironically, this is always the beginning of Hell Week at Whittier Community Theatre (WCT). Our season opener is "Fiddler on the Roof." I'm on the stage crew although I do have a non-speaking walk-across role...don't laugh but I'm the priest! Hahahaha! I'm hoping someone takes my picture in my costume - it's awesome in that 'community theater' sort of way.

On Saturday, we spiked the stage of where the set pieces go (big movable pieces, benches, tables, etc). We also figured out when the Grand (the main curtain) and other curtains are used, opened, closed, etc. Since the stage manager wasn't there, it fell to me to make notes (I'm working backstage). I didn't do too bad although in copying my notes there are some definite holes. Not being familiar with the script I had to keep asking "what happens next?"

Yesterday was Hell Sunday (some people call it Tech Sunday); we finished gathering props, got the lighting programmed, ran through some of the set changes, and the orchestra rehearsed. I was at the theater for about 8 hours. LONG day. But worth it because we had a lot of laughs during the day. I was completely pooped by the time I got home...my feet hurt and my back hurt. All I want to do is sleep, like the bear in today's accompanying picture.

Tonight is the first run through start-to-finish with the orchestra, lighting, and set changes. We'll run through the show every night this week with Opening Night being on Friday. I know I'm going to be exhausted by then. But hopefully it'll all come together and be a great show.

I've been really busy on the work front as well. Thankfully things are going to lighten up somewhat. Next week I'll be attending a five-day training for an upgrade to one of our systems...the class runs 8am to 6pm! YIKES! During the month I'll also be doing some dog-and-pony shows for the web-base system that we're migrating to from the DOS version. Luckily these presentations don't last more than a couple of hours and I get to go home afterwards.

For eight days in August I traveled on one of our light rail lines to another location to do training. I had a funny experience one day on the way home; I noticed this tall big bearish guy get on at one of the stops. I didn't really turn and check him out until he was disembarking. About 10 minutes later he messaged me on Growlr! He said he noticed me. Unfortunately nothing came of it but I thought it was a humorous. 

Posts are going to be a bit light due to work and the theater; I'll try to post when I can but it may not be until next weekend.