09 September 2012

Sunday Favorite: 83

A handsome muscle bear for today's favorite seemed right for some reason. I'm mesmerized by his nipples. Well...maybe not just those.

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm involved with the local community theater. I'm on the stage crew, something I enjoy. Opening night on Friday went VERY well. I also have mentioned that I walk across the stage in the opening number as "the priest." Here's my costume:

I look fucking AWESOME! Here's the miracle of theater magic: one of the women made the headpiece; it's an inverted black lamp shade! She took out the metal piece that would be screwed onto the lamp to surround the bulb; then she put foam padding on the inside of the smaller end then covered it with a piece of black cloth. to cover the top and hang down the sides/back. Here's a close up shot:

To complete the look, I have on a backwards choir robe and a necklace with a jeweled cross of sorts. It's not perfect but all it has to do is look good up on stage. And to be honest, I'm onstage literally for 10 seconds tops, just long enough to make a cross from stage left to stage right. It's fun; it's like being part of the cast as well as being a stage hand.

Last night's show went well; we had to hold the curtain because of a line at the box office...our matinee performance is sold out - that's nearly 400 seats! We received a really rave review from the local theater critic based on our opening night. The hard work has paid off.

The only downside is I've strained my lower back. I move set pieces, do all of the curtain pulls (except one so I can move a huge set piece) and I'm sure that's all contributed to the strain. Thankfully I have all week to recover.

So that's about all the news I have. I hope everyone has had a grand weekend.



Nik_TheGreek said...

You look amazing, like a true Orthodox Christian priest. What's the play about?

David Dust said...

You look great in your Priest drag!


Matthew Gregory said...

Your pics are awesome!
I'm glad the show is running well, but sorry to hear about your back strain. HUGS

Stan said...

You look awesome! Hope your back gets better.

Anonymous said...

Your bear rug is yummy!

mistress maddie said...

Love it! * now getting down on kness* Father I must confess.....

Rick said...

You do look awesome but not sure I can ever look at you the same again. ;)