30 September 2012

Sunday Favorite: 85

Classic profile...beard...hairy chest...this picture evokes thought, strength, desire, serenity...I think it would make excellent wall art. 

Or at minimum a magnet for the fridge.

I had a great time on my Friday night date. We met at Faultline and enjoyed a couple of beers. Something that struck me about him is he was very tactile, something I didn't expect from a muscle bear. It was really nice to stand there and talk and have him rubbing my chest, back, belly...and oh yes, there was quite a bit of kissing too. After the second beer we went to his place to get to know each other better. Biblically speaking.

Originally we were going to meet Saturday night as well; when I heard from him he had a headache. I wasn't feeling 100% either so I suggested a rain check on the night despite it being his birthday (we'd already "celebrated" earlier in the morning *wink*).  He agreed; I promised to make it up to him. He's a nice guy if not a bit intimidating. But it's really nice to be with someone in his 40s. I'm certain we'll be seeing each other again.

I'm excited - I have one work week left before I take one week's vacation! I mentioned previously that I was hoping to go visit Bear but unfortunately a miscalculation of finances is going to preclude that trip. I'm disappointed; I'm in need of a Bear fix. You may remember my last trip to see him in June. Since I won't be taking a mini-trip, I'll be having a Staycation...there is plenty to do around the house and the Southland so hopefully I'll have something interesting to blog about when the time comes.

So there you have it...that's what's going on with the Behr. Today I'll visit my parents, catch up on a few minor chores, and of course the season premiere of Amazing Race.

Enjoy your day!



Cubby said...

I love it when you give hints about your sex life. It makes me hard...

I'm happy you had a good date. Are you walking a few inches off the ground right now?

Nik_TheGreek said...

I'm very very glad you had a nice time. :-)

Wonder Man said...

glad you had a hot date

Rick said...

Those vacations have a terrible habit of flying by so make plans and have some fun.
Can't make the trip huh? You need a sugar bear-can't get enough of that sugar crisp, sugar crisp. ;)
Glad the date went well.