30 June 2011

BehrHunt: Homo Depot

Pictures removed at the request of one rude person.

The other night, my friend Patrick and I went shopping at Homo Depot before going to the movies. Patrick recently became a pup to a sir and he was in need of a collar. For those not in the know, the collar is a chain worn around the neck and secured with a padlock. The sir holds the padlock. It symbolizes ownership and often the pup must obtain permission to do various activities, including dating, having sex, etc.

So we went and found a suitable chain, which needed to be cut. I sent Patrick off to find someone to help....and this guy is who he returned with. Believe me, the pictures don't do him justice. WOOF!

While waiting in line to check out, we saw the last guy. He kept dropping things and bending over! Of course, I was unprepared to snap a pic and most of the others I did take came out blurry.
BTW, we saw "Super 8," which we both enjoyed. But the highlight of the night was our trip to the hardware store!


BehrHunt: Train Meat Continued

Pictures removed at the request of one rude person.

Last night I was having difficulty with Blogger and downloading the remaining pictures that were supposed to be included in today's previous post. While one or two of these may not exactly be "bear-ish" they caught my eye for some reason, especially the very cute papi in Picture 1.


BehrHunt: Train Meat

Pictures removed at the request of one rude person.

27 June 2011

Behr Bits

First, congratulations to the state of New York for being smart enough to pass a same-sex marriage law. WAKE THE FUCK UP, CALIFORNIA!

Second, don't you just love a big bear? Since the Los Angeles basin had a bit of a warm up this weekend I thought a Speedo bear was appropriate. I wouldn't mind making him wet. Woof!

So I have to ask once again: is it me or is it other guys? As some of you know, I am a member or user of several online social networks marketed toward bears and bigger guys. Over the course of the past few months, it seems that I'll get a message from someone relatively close - either to work or home - who expresses an interest in meeting (I'll leave the purpose of those meetings up to your own vivid and naughty imaginations). After I agree that we should meet and provide a contact number...I don't hear from the guy again. Now if this happened once I wouldn't think anything about it. But this has happened to me with about 5 different guys.

Now on a different note, this past weekend I had a wonderful exchange with this really swell bear who lives in Northern California (why do they all live there?). As we've exchanged comments it's become apparent that we have similar interests and situations. We both shared a little bit about our exes...and it turns out that he recently went through something similar to what I did with S a few years ago. He has a great sense of humor and I've enjoyed our chats so far. I'm not fool enough to think anything could develop but I do hope that at minimum a good friendship grows.

Speaking of friendship, I have a friend who has gotten into the Entertainment business. No no nothing like that. He works as an extra on movies, video shoots, etc. He even has an IMDb profile! He was a bit down on his luck and things weren't going well between he and his partner. Now, however, he has a completely different attitude and demeanor. I'm excited for him and happy he's found a new career.

Work is ramping up for me again, mostly sitting at my desk creating a participant's guide. BORING. And there's a strict deadline so that has me working under pressure which I tend to do best.

I am totally loving my iPhone! I am going to get into trouble some day because I just cannot stop playing with it! Being able to quickly access my mail accounts, my bear social networking sites, games, and information with just a few taps of the screen is so awesome.

And perhaps the best bit of news is I got on the scale at my parents' yesterday. I lost nearly 3.5 pounds! Sure, not a huge amount and I didn't do much to really try but it's in the right direction and is motivating.

That's about all the Behr has for now. I know it's been a little while since I've updated this here blog thing. Hope everyone is doing well.


24 June 2011

21 June 2011

BehrHunt: More Train Meat

Two more pieces of train meat captured in Los Angeles......the second one is a daily favorite.


19 June 2011

Sunday Favorite: 59

It's a good day to spend with your daddy.


17 June 2011

BehrHunt: Trains

As I may have mentioned previously, I take a train and a subway as part of my daily commute to work. So it's not surprising that there is TONS of hot meat on both the train and the subway. Here are a few examples. The first handsome bearish papi was on my afternoon train last week.
The second yellowish picture is of a guy I've ridden the train with for years. I don't know him well, just enough to know where he works and to nod to...but dang if I wouldn't love to see him naked.

The third guy was waiting for the subway the other day. His t-shirt had Poppin' Fresh on it and said "Go ahead....Poke me." I would very much have liked to tap that. He was beefy, tattooed, and kind of cute in that average way.

Can't wait to see what other prime examples of bearishness I can find! BEHR HUGS

15 June 2011

Wednesday Woof

For obvious reasons....


14 June 2011

Behr Needs Help

The Behr needs help....iPhone help! I've looked and looked for a Blogger app but cannot find one. I can "make" one by adding it to my homepage but I was looking for the orange B logo as an icon (and don't have a choice).

Anyone know if there is a Blogger app?

I know to post via mobile device there's a whole bunch of steps one has to do. I just want to be able to follow my blogs on my iPhone.



12 June 2011

Sunday Favorite: 58

According to my horoscope, my creativity is low today. So this is going to be just a quick update.

I'm the new owner of an iPhone. After doing a lot of online research and talking to friends about iPhone vs Android, I decided to go for an iPhone. I'm loving it. I had a little frustration initially when I wanted to transfer my contacts but all is good now. For me it is intuitive, perhaps because of my conversion to Mac. I realize that it's not usually a good thing to go with the first generation of a device (I'm on the Verizon network) but figured it wouldn't be that bad. And it isn't.

I had a long week last week....and so I decided to take a half day on Friday. I misjudged my time and had to rush to the train, which left at 12:45. I did make it and was thrilled! But imagine my disappointment when the train completely lost power before even making it out of the station. I ended up taking a later train which left at 2. I ended up home about an hour and a half later than I originally planned.

Today's picture was obtained from the Internet. It being a "favorite" should be obvious. Fur is good.


10 June 2011

Friday Fur

I'm taking a half-day of vacation today....TGIF!


08 June 2011

Hump Day

My day is going to be strangely hectic with near back-to-back meetings starting at 8:30 this morning and ending probably about 5 pm. The upside is I should be receiving my new cellphone today. More on that later.

Happy Hump Day


05 June 2011

Saturday's Walk

Yesterday my mom and I participated in the Los Angeles Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation's "Let's Move Together" 5K walk to raise money and awareness. We walked with my company's team which unfortunately amounted to about 10 people. The walk was held for the third year in a row at Santa Monica Beach near the pier.

My mom (pictured) walked with me. Well, actually she did the 1 mile option and I did the 3 mile option (which did not feel like 3) that included 182 stairs. My mom suffers from Osteoarthritis and so walking is good for her although painful. She is the reason I do this walk every year.

After the walk and hot dogs provided by Wal*Mart, Mom and I went out to the sand and sat for about an hour, just talking and enjoying the view and each other's company. Although we don't see eye-to-eye on some things (like my sexual orientation) we get along well and I really enjoy spending time with her.

After I dropped Mom off and came home I did some laundry and the ironing and took several naps. Although I didn't get other stuff done it was a good day.


03 June 2011

Friday Fur

T. G. I. F.