27 June 2011

Behr Bits

First, congratulations to the state of New York for being smart enough to pass a same-sex marriage law. WAKE THE FUCK UP, CALIFORNIA!

Second, don't you just love a big bear? Since the Los Angeles basin had a bit of a warm up this weekend I thought a Speedo bear was appropriate. I wouldn't mind making him wet. Woof!

So I have to ask once again: is it me or is it other guys? As some of you know, I am a member or user of several online social networks marketed toward bears and bigger guys. Over the course of the past few months, it seems that I'll get a message from someone relatively close - either to work or home - who expresses an interest in meeting (I'll leave the purpose of those meetings up to your own vivid and naughty imaginations). After I agree that we should meet and provide a contact number...I don't hear from the guy again. Now if this happened once I wouldn't think anything about it. But this has happened to me with about 5 different guys.

Now on a different note, this past weekend I had a wonderful exchange with this really swell bear who lives in Northern California (why do they all live there?). As we've exchanged comments it's become apparent that we have similar interests and situations. We both shared a little bit about our exes...and it turns out that he recently went through something similar to what I did with S a few years ago. He has a great sense of humor and I've enjoyed our chats so far. I'm not fool enough to think anything could develop but I do hope that at minimum a good friendship grows.

Speaking of friendship, I have a friend who has gotten into the Entertainment business. No no nothing like that. He works as an extra on movies, video shoots, etc. He even has an IMDb profile! He was a bit down on his luck and things weren't going well between he and his partner. Now, however, he has a completely different attitude and demeanor. I'm excited for him and happy he's found a new career.

Work is ramping up for me again, mostly sitting at my desk creating a participant's guide. BORING. And there's a strict deadline so that has me working under pressure which I tend to do best.

I am totally loving my iPhone! I am going to get into trouble some day because I just cannot stop playing with it! Being able to quickly access my mail accounts, my bear social networking sites, games, and information with just a few taps of the screen is so awesome.

And perhaps the best bit of news is I got on the scale at my parents' yesterday. I lost nearly 3.5 pounds! Sure, not a huge amount and I didn't do much to really try but it's in the right direction and is motivating.

That's about all the Behr has for now. I know it's been a little while since I've updated this here blog thing. Hope everyone is doing well.



CJ/Rick said...

Funny how that motivation works. If I lost 3.5 pounds I'd be headed out for some TexMex. Good for you. Keep it up.
We've had to discipline more than a few at work regarding iphones. They must be like crack.

LovelessOso said...

I've noticed that I used to only like muscle bears but as i got older I like em beefy. Like the guys on "worlds strongest man"

Stan said...

Good for you Mark! Keep it up or is it down? The thing that's even worse than the no call backs are when guys say they'll meet and then don't show. I gave up on those hook up sites a few years ago. I don't have an iPhone.

Wonder Man said...

Congrats on the weight loss