28 September 2011

Happy Hump Day

Ahhh....Wednesday...where we find pictures of hot men in wifebeaters over at Metro Dystopia...and incredible buttocks over at Visually Speaking...is there any doubt why we love this "middle-of-the-week" day?


27 September 2011

Behr's Weekend Recap

The weekend went well. Our Friday night show went well and there was a lot of excitement about the show winding down. Because I still felt punky with a cold, I didn't go out afterwards.

On Saturday I met an online acquaintance for lunch. He was visiting the local mortuary park and wanted to meet up. We ate at this little cafe spot, Mimo's, and sat on the patio. It was nice and pleasant and no awkwardness. Or at least very little. We walked back to our cars and he gave me three bottles of wine! I thought that was very sweet of him.

The show on Saturday went very well and ended on an exceptionally high note. The boyfriend of one of the female leads, Heather, stepped out onto the stage right at the end of the curtain call, dropped to his knee and handed her a ring. You could have heard a pin drop! Poor Heather didn't know what to say. Another girl said "You're getting married!" to which Heather finally said "YES!" The entire cast and crew were caught up in the moment and there were a lot of tears and laughter. Couldn't have happened to a nicer girl.

Sunday was the charity walk for the National Kidney Foundation. My mom went with and did the 1 mile option while I attempted the 3 mile option. I'll be honest: I didn't quite finish. I was in desperate need of a restroom and decided not to try to "hold it." I ended up cutting through a parking lot. Still...I walked 95% of it! And the important thing was raising the money.

I'm taking Friday off so it's a short week for me. I just hope it goes by painlessly!


23 September 2011

Weekend and Awkward Moment

It's another busy weekend for the Behr.

It's closing weekend for "Good News" at the theater. It's always bittersweet because it's over (yay) but also because it's over (boo). Usually the crew doesn't really bond much with the actors but this show we have, probably because this is a younger cast who are so into Facebook and several have friended me (oh their poor innocent eyes!). It can be frustrating at times but there are some good people involved and I have many friends in the theater; love 'em all dearly. So two more performances and it's all done.

Tomorrow I'm meeting an online friend for lunch. He will be going to Rose Hills Mortuary and since I'm sort of close by he asked if I'd want to break bread with him. We're meeting at a CBTL and will decide where to eat then (too many options). He's a nice guy, older, and really into food.

On Sunday I'm participating in the 2nd Annual Los Angeles National Kidney Foundation 5K walk, which will be held at the infamous Rose Bowl stadium, home of the Rose Bowl football game every New Year's Day. I exceeded my fundraising goal (yay me) and my mom may be walking with me (depending on her health). Just like I support her and the Arthritis Walk, she's supporting me and the Kidney Walk. The unfortunate part of this event is the walk begins at 12:30 p.m.! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and not be blazing hot. I also hope to be able to gather some information from the information/vendor booths.

I did laundry last night but still need to do the other weekend chores. Hopefully I'll also be able to slip a nap or two in there too.

So this morning, after visiting my favorite papi barista (who looked exceptionally cute this morning...damn I just want to eat him up), I got to work to find that my coworker had left a donut on my desk. Fuck! I had bought a plain bagel with my coffee. So I returned the donut (it was in a white bag) and thanked her and told her I couldn't eat it because of my health issues. She acted a little hurt but that's what she gets for springing something like that on me. She usually asks via text. So in a way it serves her right. Although I didn't tell her details, she knows that I got not great news at the doctor this past Monday. I felt kind of bad but also kind of vindicated because she's one of those controlling personalities. There's always the possibility she was being nice but knowing her there's an ulterior motive. I hate to think like that but I've known her too long. So that was my awkward moment this morning.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday - BEHR HUGS

20 September 2011

Coffee Behr

I'm in love with my barista.

I used to be a die-hard Starbucks fan. I even have one of their "gold" reloadable cards that earn me stars and eventually a "free" beverage. But after realizing I was spending a small fortune on coffee and being slightly abused by the staff - and not in an S&M dungeon fantasy way - I slowly backed off and left the Starbucks family. I drop by occasionally for a late afternoon pick me up but otherwise, they lost my business.

About a month or so ago, I decided to stop in a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, which, here in the Los Angeles area, is the "rival" coffee stop to Starbucks. CBTL is slowly growing but not at the fanatic "let's take over the coffee world" pace that Starbucks has grown. They have their own line of coffees, teas, mugs, machines, pastries, etc. and their prices pretty much equal that of Starbucks.

So like I said, I stopped in one humid hot morning for an iced Americano, which is four shots of espresso to the two at Starbucks. Anyway, I started popping in to CBTL every other morning or so and one of the baristas, Nick, quickly learned my name. He's a cute papi with a tattoo on the inside of his right forearm (I think it's a name). He's also got this cute little dusting of hair on his upper back just below his neck, a small little patch of chin hair and a slight moustache. He has one of the nicest smiles too.

But more than the fact that he's cute, it's his warm smile and his conversational "How are you Mark?" that makes me feel appreciated as a customer. I know the game of baristas and cashiers and checkstand folks: kill 'em with kindness and they'll come back. In the case of Nick, it's working. As long as this cute papi is taking my beverage order, flashing that smile, and giving me that look like he'd like to drink me...I'll keep going back.

Besides....the coffee is far superior to that other place.


17 September 2011

Saturday Look

So I'm pretty much over the "friend" situation although every once in a while when I think about it I still feel a twinge of hurt and sadness. In talking it over with one of my best gal pals, I came to the realization why I felt hurt and it's my own insecurity and fear of abandonment that is fueling the hurt.

This is the second weekend of the community theater show for which I'm on the stage crew. Because of one fuck up during last Saturday's performance (really woman, how many fucking times have we done this and you can't remember that that set piece does NOT go where the scenery being lowered from the rafters goes), we had to attend pickup rehearsal. No lights, no orchestra just a piano, and lots of teenage and young adults with too much energy. Oy. Somewhere in all that really is a love of theater. Last night's performance went very well with a receptive audience. The show has received two very good reviews so hopefully that will help draw in the audience. Two more performances this weekend: tonight and a matinee tomorrow.

I continue to be contacted by twenty-something year olds who are desperate to meet me. I'm not complaining. (I'm also not meeting them as most live out-of-state.)

RA is good. He makes me smile and laugh and I enjoy his company. I don't think he knows how much his spontaneous lunch idea this last week really helped me. We'll be going to Universal Studios-Hollywood's Halloween Horror Night in late September. I'm SO looking forward to holding his hand through the dark mazes!

It's currently overcast and yet a comfortable 64-degrees. It'll burn off later, just about the time I'm done inside the house with the chores (where the fuck did so many dishes come from?) and contemplating working outside in my dead yard. Oy.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. And again, thank you for the kind and encouraging comments. Keep them coming!!


16 September 2011

Furry Friday: Daddy Edition

With thanks to Jason's Woofs (Facebook) for the image and Metro Dystopia for the inspiration.


14 September 2011

Behr Update: Post-Cranky Behr

Thank you to those who commented on my Cranky Behr post. And to those who texted/called, I'm okay. I'm still feeling hurt and pissed off but perhaps not as much as yesterday; RA made me smile today, which helped lighten my mood.

I fully understand that my friends had every right to do what they did; but it hurt me deeply. It just seems that eventually everything gets taken away from me. Is it wrong to want one thing to myself?

I'll be absent for a while longer; aside from licking my (imaginary?) wounds, I feel like I'm coming down with something again. And there's the pickup rehearsal and three performances of the show this weekend. Plus work. And the usual weekend crap.

In the meantime, be good to one another.

12 September 2011

Cranky Behr

Maybe it's because it's Monday.
Or maybe it's because I'm still not completely caught up on my sleep.
Perhaps the full moon has something to do with it.

People are annoying the shit out of me.
I'm finding myself feeling hurt by the actions and words of others, especially those who I consider friends.

I want to scream "FUCK YOU" to the world.

I'm one cranky Behr.

08 September 2011

Behr Bits

I had planned to start blogging a little more regularly but life somehow has gotten in the way. Here's a quick look at what's been going on:

* I'm involved once again with the local community theater, this time as part of the stage crew pushing set pieces around. So far it's been okay but the lack of sleep is starting to make me one cranky behr. I've been getting home from rehearsals at about 11pm every night. The show is "Good News," which was originally staged in 1927. Yeah, no contemporary, provocative material here! It's actually good wholesome fun. The cast is made up mostly of young teenaged and college-aged kids. And yes, there are some not unattractive male members of the cast. I'm not quite certain what it is, but a couple of these seemingly straight boys have gravitated over to the Behr. Maybe I really am putting out the vibes!

* Work is work and basically going well. I finished the project I was working on and although I don't think the training module I developed is that good, I'm getting a lot of positive feedback. I need to remember to thank my boss for giving me the project because it's put me in front of some of the more important movers and shakers and it's helping me to get known in the higher echelon. Which can't be a bad thing, right?

* On the dating front, because of the theater I'm a bit pressed for time. However, where there's a will there's a way. RA came by work the other day, picked me up, and we went off for some smoochies. I continue to be contacted by guys from all over the world who are a bit effusive with the compliments. I'm not going to complain. There's one or two who are nearby who "would love to meet" me. Gotta love Growlr.

* I'll be walking in the 2nd Annual Los Angeles Kidney Walk at the end of September. I just hope the weather is on our side. We're currently suffering through an incredible heatwave with high humidity. I'm trying to stay hydrated as well as cool. It's not working.

That's about all. I desperately want/need sleep. Any sleep donations you have will be cheerfully accepted!


05 September 2011

Catching Up with the Behr

As you may remember, this past Friday night I had a date with the guy who I had met for lunch earlier last week. Let's call him RA. So because he got off work at 9 it was going to be a late dinner. He called me when he was almost home and I left to pick him up. It was after 10 I believe when I did. He looked adorable and when he got into my truck he leaned over and gave me a hello kiss. It still makes me smile.

So we took off for the restaurant, Toi on Sunset. This is a totally cool place...rock-n-roll posters and crap adorn the walls as decorations and the hallway and restroom are covered in graffiti; I'm assuming most of it from patrons! It's very cool. It's "Americanized" Thai food. So RA ordered Thai toast and fried rice and I ordered Yellow Curry with Chicken. The Thai toast was really good, especially with peanut sauce on it. The fried rice was uninspired and a bit bland, for my liking. But the Yellow Curry was outstanding! I could have eaten the entire portion by myself. It was almost as good as an orgasm in your mouth. Truly. To top it off, soda for RA, regular ice tea for me. It was a really nice dinner. AND...he paid.

Afterward we popped into a store next door that was full of Japanese-style kitschy items and clothing and cool fun stuff. Because of RA's living arrangement, we couldn't go back to his place and it was way too late to go to my place then try to get him back to get ready for work at 9 am on Saturday, we went "parking." LOL - yes we drove to a little side street next to a park to talk and kiss and enjoy each other's company. Let me say this for RA: he sure knows how to tweak a nipple. *grin* Eventually I dropped him off and went home, falling into bed at about 2:30.

Saturday night I was supposed to meet a guy, Josh, at The Hookup, a gay bar that is about 30 miles from where I live. I had committed to this before meeting RA and I would have much rather spent time with RA. I drove to the place, and walked in and realized there was a Bingo game going on! There were no Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, just lots and lots of lesbians. The Bingo ended and I sat there for about an hour. No one approached me other than the barmaid. I ended up having two 32 ounce mugs of Blue Moon. I wasn't really surprised I got stood up. I left and headed home. As I was approaching my exit from the freeway, I decided I was sober again and headed to Pistons.

I ran into a couple that I know, Steve and Jay and spent the evening with them. They were hanging out with their friends Paul and Jim, two really nice guys. I had a couple more beers (Bud Lite for the hell of it) and we laughed throughout the night. I finally left and was safely in bed by 2:15. Yes, a.m.

Yesterday morning I went to my parents' and, along with my sister, we went to breakfast. This was in lieu of a holiday BBQ or dinner, mainly because of my involvement with the theater. We went back to my parents' for a little while and I then went to change into my grubbies and headed to the theater.

Yesterday was Hell Sunday. Most people in the theater now call it Tech Sunday but I stick to the old school vernacular. We moved the remaining set pieces onto the stage, hung the pieces that will fly in, and put finishing touches on the set pieces. The stage crew, which consists of myself, Gabe, Julie, Candace, Lindsey, Karen, and Monica our stage manager we ran through the show twice. This involved coordinating when set pieces get moved into place, at what times the curtain comes down or backdrops are flown in. One scene in particular has really big, really heavy pieces to move. Over all, we thought we did a great job. Tonight will be the challenge: we'll have actors on stage!

I gave Gabe a ride home and I was home shortly after 5 pm. I texted RA to see what he was up to and - because I had originally told him I was busy because that's what I had been told - he had plans to go out with friends. I thought about maybe showing up at the place they were going to but was too tired (and sore) and called it an early night. I was so tired I slept through my neighbor's party!

And now it's Monday, Labor Day! I plan to laze about until tonight's rehearsal at 5. There are a few things I want to do around the house but I'm not going to expend too much energy.

So that's the latest in Behr World. What's happening in your neck of the woods?


02 September 2011

Friday Fur

It's finally Friday...and a three-day weekend to boot. Does it get any better?

I'm over a week late with this but - and despite the absence of pictures - I wanted to share a little exciting occurrence I had. My coworker's partner has been in the entertainment business for quite a number of years doing hair and in fact has a couple of Daytime Emmy awards for Outstanding Achievement in Hair for a soap opera.

His latest project is a dream, at least I think it is. He's working on Ringer, the new Sarah Michelle Geller (Prinz) show on the WB. In fact, he's the lead hairstylist. So the other day my coworker says "Want to take a field trip?" It just so happened they were filming not too far from where we work. Despite my cold I said "YES!" and we hoofed it over six blocks in the 90 degree heat to meet his partner and - you got it - SMG herself. She was SO nice. She shook my hand and I of course said I was a big fan. I wanted to ask if I could get my picture taken with her but decided it was not a polite thing. She is, after all, just a person. And she's so beautiful in person! It's like she's still Buffy Summers. (Ok, she will always be.)

We stayed quite a while and watched as they filmed a scene about 3 times. I've been around film shoots before, so I don't really get excited. Usually more annoyed because the film companies tend to get in the way of traffic. But this was a lot of fun and that I actually shook Buffy's hand was a great experience. My coworker's partner is adorable (and short!) and it was very nice of him to invite us down to watch.

I just may have to blow my coworker in thanks.


01 September 2011

Bear Necessities

With a nod to Disney's The Jungle Book...this made me smile.

Well...among other things making me smile.