17 September 2011

Saturday Look

So I'm pretty much over the "friend" situation although every once in a while when I think about it I still feel a twinge of hurt and sadness. In talking it over with one of my best gal pals, I came to the realization why I felt hurt and it's my own insecurity and fear of abandonment that is fueling the hurt.

This is the second weekend of the community theater show for which I'm on the stage crew. Because of one fuck up during last Saturday's performance (really woman, how many fucking times have we done this and you can't remember that that set piece does NOT go where the scenery being lowered from the rafters goes), we had to attend pickup rehearsal. No lights, no orchestra just a piano, and lots of teenage and young adults with too much energy. Oy. Somewhere in all that really is a love of theater. Last night's performance went very well with a receptive audience. The show has received two very good reviews so hopefully that will help draw in the audience. Two more performances this weekend: tonight and a matinee tomorrow.

I continue to be contacted by twenty-something year olds who are desperate to meet me. I'm not complaining. (I'm also not meeting them as most live out-of-state.)

RA is good. He makes me smile and laugh and I enjoy his company. I don't think he knows how much his spontaneous lunch idea this last week really helped me. We'll be going to Universal Studios-Hollywood's Halloween Horror Night in late September. I'm SO looking forward to holding his hand through the dark mazes!

It's currently overcast and yet a comfortable 64-degrees. It'll burn off later, just about the time I'm done inside the house with the chores (where the fuck did so many dishes come from?) and contemplating working outside in my dead yard. Oy.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. And again, thank you for the kind and encouraging comments. Keep them coming!!



Anonymous said...

Happy much?

Cubby said...

I'm glad things keep going well with RA. Do you talk to him every day?

Greg and I are driving to beautiful Louisville, KY tomorrow to go to the zoo. It's supposed to be a gorgeous day. Did you know they have an airport in Louisville? Meet us by the monkey cage for lunch. See you then :-)

mistress maddie said...

You have a good weekend too my friend. And just how many can say they have that many twenty somethings wanting to meet them!!! And it's funny how those dirty dishes come out of no where isn't it?

Stan said...

Why is it not only the 20 somethings but all the "interesting" ones live out of state? I gave up a while ago.

CJ/Rick said...

I hope your weekend was a good one for you. With lots of sleep if that's what you wanted.
Dead yard? Come to TX.
Universal Studios? You are a kid at heart. More power to you. The last haunted house I was in I was crying my eys out and had to be led out.LOL I'm not telling how old I was either.

Wonder Man said...

RA yeah!