02 September 2011

Friday Fur

It's finally Friday...and a three-day weekend to boot. Does it get any better?

I'm over a week late with this but - and despite the absence of pictures - I wanted to share a little exciting occurrence I had. My coworker's partner has been in the entertainment business for quite a number of years doing hair and in fact has a couple of Daytime Emmy awards for Outstanding Achievement in Hair for a soap opera.

His latest project is a dream, at least I think it is. He's working on Ringer, the new Sarah Michelle Geller (Prinz) show on the WB. In fact, he's the lead hairstylist. So the other day my coworker says "Want to take a field trip?" It just so happened they were filming not too far from where we work. Despite my cold I said "YES!" and we hoofed it over six blocks in the 90 degree heat to meet his partner and - you got it - SMG herself. She was SO nice. She shook my hand and I of course said I was a big fan. I wanted to ask if I could get my picture taken with her but decided it was not a polite thing. She is, after all, just a person. And she's so beautiful in person! It's like she's still Buffy Summers. (Ok, she will always be.)

We stayed quite a while and watched as they filmed a scene about 3 times. I've been around film shoots before, so I don't really get excited. Usually more annoyed because the film companies tend to get in the way of traffic. But this was a lot of fun and that I actually shook Buffy's hand was a great experience. My coworker's partner is adorable (and short!) and it was very nice of him to invite us down to watch.

I just may have to blow my coworker in thanks.



Howard said...

Wow, the perfect medicinal offering to your cold - meeting Buffy!

Stan said...

Must be nice to be out there where they do shoots like that. I envy you.

Seth Rogaine said...

OMG, I am so jealous!

mistress maddie said...

Wow! How nice is that!!!! I have always loved her. And you do whatever you have to to thank him, wink!!! Have a wonderful weekend. And Im going to my first bear party with a some friends of mine. I hope they don't bite to hard!!!!!

Cubby said...

How cool is that!

Wonder Man said...

I am so Jealous!! I would love to meet her

David Dust said...


I am so jealous you got to meet Buffy!!