29 July 2012

Sunday Favorite: 79

I'm  a pushover for a handsome man out in nature. Especially a furry man...seems natural and "right." The background of this picture reminds me the Devil's Postpile campground near Mammoth Mountain, where I spent many summer vacations with the family. It was often the starting and/or ending point of long term hikes with my Scout troop. At certain spots there is a gorgeous view of the Minaret Mountain range, which includes Mount Ritter (over 13,000') and Banner Peak (just under 13,000'):

During my backpacking years I climbed Ritter twice and Banner once. Great experiences and such beautiful country. Of course, we only had day packs and not our full gear! We didn't necessarily rock climb but more boulder hopped and rock scrambled. I remember my first time climbing Ritter...I was probably 14...and we had to pass along the glacier that lies just below...we even walked under the glacier shelf - it was massive and scary! The view from atop both peaks is exhilarating, if not a bit frightening for those of us with a fear of heights and falling.

Once when backpacking with my parents and brother (long before he became estranged from the family), we came across a bear in the woods. The animal kind, not the human kind. It was bounding away from us. I'll never forget watching that big bear's butt as it went up over a rise in the landscape.

Hopefully if I came across the human bear kind he wouldn't run away but up to me and - well you know. *grin*

Happy Sunday!


28 July 2012


Congratulations to Ryan Lochte who took USA GOLD in the 400 meter individual medley.

In your face, Phelps!


Back Home

I'm back home from my work trip to Nevada. It's SO nice to use my own shower again!

My drive over took 4 hours; I shaved off 10 minutes on the return drive - not bad for a Friday afternoon.

The work part of the trip went very well, better than I had hoped or anticipated. The "off" time was okay...I don't gamble so I spent a lot of my time roaming around watching others or in my room watching NCIS reruns. I know - I'm pathetic! I did play $5 and at one point almost doubled my money but like anyone who is playing penny slots, I kept going and lost it all. *facepalm*

The weekend will be spend doing laundry, getting groceries, and re-bonding with Winston. He was obviously upset with me but soon he was sitting next to me, rubbing his face all over my hand and purring up a storm. He did get a little miffed again later on because I stayed up to watch the Olympic Opening ceremony. He conked out finally in the hallway, looking cute.

I didn't see the beginning of the Opening Ceremonies but came in just before the Mary Poppinses flew in. It may have not been as stellar as other countries but the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron was absolutely gorgeous, elegant, classy and spectacular...what an awesome message, that one generation inspires the next.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. BEHR HUGS

23 July 2012

Need Help?

If you need a SuperHero, I may have what you need.


22 July 2012

Sunday Favorite: 78

I'm off to Nevada today for the work week. Wish me luck as I travel through the desert to America's Playground a/k/a Sin City. As I mentioned I'm not much of a gambler and not much of a drinker these days. The hotel/casino I'm staying at has movie theaters, a bowling alley, several restaurants, a pool and other amenities. So once the work day is over I shouldn't be bored. I'm also taking a book. LOL! 

Did I mention that the forecast is for 105-degrees every day?

Today's favorite lives in Sitges.  I've chatted with him on Growlr and aside from being drop dead gorgeous, he's a really nice guy. Oh and he wears glasses, too:

Woof! And Grrr!


20 July 2012

Sweet Friday

TGIF...it has been quite a week for the Behr. As I may (or may not) have mentioned, a co-worker is out on medical leave and I've picked up her 3-day class; this week was one of them. It actually went very well and wasn't as stressful as anticipated. 

I'm not having much of a weekend. On Sunday I will drive to Nevada for work. Specifically, Las Vegas. I will be training colleagues in our Southern Nevada region all week. While most people would jump at the chance to "work" in America's playground, I dread it. It will undoubtedly be over 100 degrees every day (and night!). I'm also not much of a gambler because I work too hard for my money to give it away to a casino. Since I'll be working during the day, going to a show or getting my drunk on isn't much of an option in the evenings. At least not for me.

So my weekend is consumed with laundry, packing, and getting the house in order for my parents who will be taking care of Winston while I'm gone. I'm hoping to ditch out early today to get a jump on what I need to do.

Like much of the country, we've been warm here in So Cal. It's mostly the humidity. I worry about Winston and do my best to keep fans and the A/C on for him. And he gets lots of water.

A moment of silence, please, for those affected by the senseless tragedy in Aurora, CO.


12 July 2012


Last night I did something I haven't done since my YTP days...I had a hook-up date. 

And yes, "date" is the correct word since he bought me dinner beforehand. (That makes me a whore not a slut.)

It's a good thing we were both physically attracted to each other; the conversation kept lagging during dinner. Nice guy but it was fairly obvious that there was only one thing he wanted.

And I let him have it. 

Afterward he suggested a shower. In a surprise move, he lathered me up and scrubbed all my parts, basically bathing me. No one has ever done that before. Usually I do the lathering and scrubbing. 

Needless-to-say, I slept rather well last night.


08 July 2012

Sunday Favorite: 77

Today's accompanying picture is a favorite for obvious reasons. Although I usually prefer the furry, sometimes a young smooth buck just scratches the itch.

I don't understand the younger generation. Some seem so unmotivated and unconcerned with being an integral part of society or making something of themselves. Others seem far more accomplished and opinionated than their elders. Both have a sense of entitlement that can be frustrating and insulting. 

Today I will be having lunch with a young buck that falls into the latter category. He has a good job, a car, and an overwhelming sense of importance. In my head I call him "snappy black queen" because he seems to think he's superior to most people. He also has moments of "fluffiness" that I find off-putting. And yet...he's told me he has a major crush on me and the attention is flattering. And it is nice to have someone pick up the tab once in a while. Let me set the record straight: I believe I'm being wooed.

Work will be ramping up for me these next two months. My coworker is out on medical leave (some female surgery, I suspect) so I will be picking up her class and - because the Fates are evil - additional training classes that have been requested. Most people would be thrilled to go to Las Vegas for work but I am dreading it. The desert in July?? Just shoot me now.

I recently purchased a new television. Although my old one still works, I decided I needed to get rid of it. I've had it for nearly 20 years I believe and it is one of those large cathode ray televisions with a whopping 19" screen. So I purchased a flat screen Sceptre, 32", with a built-in digital tuner. Since I don't have cable or dish or satellite, this is how I get my television. And quite happy with it thank you! The new TV fits nicely in my entertainment armoire and I've been enjoying the new aspect ratios of favorite movies and network programming. Perhaps in a few years I'll go bigger and put this new one in the bedroom.

We've been enjoying very fine weather here in SoCal; it is forecasted to heat up this coming week, something I'm not looking forward to. As I get older the less I can tolerate the heat. I think this is one of my attractions to the SF Bay area; it seems cooler whenever I'm up there and doesn't get too warm.

That's about all I have to say for now. It's been a somewhat quiet and enjoyable weekend. I hope you are all enjoying it the same.


07 July 2012

Behr Pick: Miguel Mendoza

I realize I haven't posted in a while...so what better way than with a Behr Pick? Today's pick is one Miguel Mendoza. He was the featured "Modern Bear" on Facebook a few weeks ago and he is more than worthy of the honor, imo.


Downright hot



Hope you enjoyed this pick! BEHR HUGS

04 July 2012

Happy Birthday, America Re-post

The following is a post that I wrote back in 2009 when Behr Blather was a fledgling blog. I hope you find it satisfactory.

America has problems, serious problems. But that does not negate the fact that the U.S. is still one of the greatest nations on the face of the Earth. This land has become a refuge for the world's downtrodden. It was - and still can be - the land of opportunity. There are days that some of us are less than thrilled with how the "voice of the American people" speaks and the lack of action on the part of our government to rectify theinequalities and right the wrongs. However, there is no denying that this nation was intended to be built on the precept that all are afforded certain rights:

We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

We must admit that we do have certain rights that many throughout the world do not. For example, I can write these words without fear of being tracked down and labeled a treasonous dissident or worse a traitor. We have the luxury of being free in so many areas of our lives that we often forget and take them for granted.

I am not suggesting that we roll over and let sleeping dogs lie. We must all do our part to ensure that these freedoms and rights remain and apply to ALL.

So as you celebrate, as you set off your bottle rockets, swirl your sparklers, enjoy yourBBQs, dive into that pool, and chug that beer remember what this day represents: the sacrifice of the men and women who helped build this nation on the basis of Freedom.