31 December 2009

Countdown to 2010

I don't know about anyone else but I'm freaked out that we're entering the year 2010. It's one thing to look at my credit card and see that it expires in 2012 or to know that my mortgage will be paid off in 2035. But to actually ring in 2010? Unbelievable. Or so it seems to me. We're entering the age of Science Fiction. Did anyone actually believe the earth would still be here?

Okay enough "wonder" aside. In anticipation of tonight's festivities (sangria and my annual watching of "Sunset Blvd."), I present 12 favorite men. For the most part I don't know who they are - although I know the bear networking website screen name of one or two.*wink* But I only know these men in my fantasies. I hold each one in absolute awe.

I want to thank ALL of my followers and those who comment on Behr Blather. I do this for you. Each one makes this old behr's heart fill with gratitude. Have a safe and fun New Year's Eve. Happy 2010! BEHR HUGS!!

30 December 2009

Furry Daddies

I'm back!! And with a small collection of furry daddies to whet your appetites. My personal favorite is the first pic...fantastic body, incredible fur, handsome face...and that pert little nipple just begs to be worked over. Oops - TMI? The PC is fixed...well at least it boots up now. Some reconfiguration was required and I'm still trying to adapt.

Wishing everyone a Furry Daddy Hump Day. BEHR HUGS!!

29 December 2009

Blue Tuesday

I've been spending my morning going through some junk in my spare bedroom and tossing a lot of crap out. Although it's a beautiful day out and I am being productive, I'm feeling a bit blue. I think it's a combination of feeling overwhelmed with stuff I need/want/should do, feeling a tad lonely, frustration over my PC/laptop situation, and coming across photos of my ex. *sigh*

I remembered a little while ago that Glee comes out on DVD today so in a short while I'm showering and heading off to Target. BEHR HUGS!!

28 December 2009

Make It Stop!

Found this cute pic over on I Can Has Cheezburger. It's how I feel. I'm experiencing PC problems again so I'm working off my laptop, which isn't exactly functioning correctly either. Errrrr. I have a friend who I've asked to look at my PC (he's a techy computer guy) and so hopefully he'll be able to get the PC up and running. I'm also hoping I don't lose the thousands of pictures I have saved. I know I know...."back up" just isn't in my vocabulary.

I certainly hope this isn't a premonition for 2010. Behr Hugs!!

25 December 2009

Santa Daddy 5

Are you ready to unwrap your present?

Wishing everyone a happy holiday!


24 December 2009

Black and White Thursday

None of these pics are holiday-related and in fact they're pretty random. Still, there's some great shots in this collection. I hope, as you prepare for Santa, that you enjoy.


Santa Daddy 4

If Santa looked like this, I can guarantee more kids would want to sit on his lap!


23 December 2009


I'm probably the last to know but Glee, the remarkable new comedy on Fox, will be released on DVD on December 29! All 13 episodes are slated for the release. I.cannot.wait.


Yellow Sunshine

Today in Southern California the sun is shining but "make-your-nipples-hard" cold. To brighten the day and warm everyone up, here are some men in sunshine yellow. Several of these are personal favorites and I hope you can find one or two (or ten) that you like as well. Two days and counting until the fat man visits. Uh - SANTA people, not me. Although I wish I could visit each and every one of you. Enjoy your Hump Day!


Santa Daddy 3

I hope you have been naughty!