23 December 2009

Yellow Sunshine

Today in Southern California the sun is shining but "make-your-nipples-hard" cold. To brighten the day and warm everyone up, here are some men in sunshine yellow. Several of these are personal favorites and I hope you can find one or two (or ten) that you like as well. Two days and counting until the fat man visits. Uh - SANTA people, not me. Although I wish I could visit each and every one of you. Enjoy your Hump Day!



Mark in DE said...

They're ALL fantastic, but I would love to be the filling in a #1 #5 sandwich!! :-)

Howard said...

Why do I look at these pictures and think to myself: "Dive, dive, dive!"?

David Dust said...

Darling -

Great post! Too many hotties to pick just one. I'll definitely be stealing some of these.