11 December 2009

O Tannenbaum

My family always decorated Christmas trees very simply and I've continued the tradition. Although I wish I could decorate a tree a la Miss Ginger Grant, I just don't have that talent. Besides...I kind of like seeing the green of the tree. The ornaments are a combination of glass balls I've collected from World Market, porcelain animal ornaments made by Amsbury, and my Mickey Through the Years ornaments. There are some glass bears, some wood birds, and real tacky plastic Target balls that are for cat-batting. The angel on top was crocheted by a friend I worked with years ago.

Oh and yeah...the tree is fake.

That's Winston asleep underneath in the second picture. He doesn't know what a tree is and so it took him a bit to "accept" this "thing" in the house.



mistress maddie said...

I think that is a lovely tree! It is nice to more tree. I used to do a tree like that but over the years I am collecting more balls, birds, and such. So now it has gotten more full.

Kyle said...

Simple is good Mark. It's really about what makes you happy. Winston certainly looks happy. I'm happy you are carrying on a family tradition and of course providing cat toys. :)

Mark in DE said...

I think your tree is pretty, and looks like it belongs to you, just as Miss Ginger Grant's tree looks like it belongs to her. I love the fact that you got a photo of Winston sleeping underneath. My cat Pouncer loves to sit underneath things (chairs, tables, etc.).