28 May 2014

Internet Muscle

While taking a mental break at work yesterday by surfing the Internet, I came across the above picture that accompanied a story about a saw fish...I'm certain you can guess why the picture caught my eye. Evidently these two guys were fishing and it took every one of their incredible muscles to pull in the dead saw fish.

I like it when I accidentally come across Internet muscle while perusing the Internet. It makes it all so very worth it.


23 May 2014

Friday Fivesome

Any of you who have followed Behr Blather for any length of time know that my range of attraction is quite broad. From the bearded to the bellied, from the smooth to the hirsute, from the brunette to the blond to the redhead...I like them all. 

In honor of Friday, here are five men for your visual enjoyment.


09 May 2014

Happy Friday

Just thought I'd share a few pre-weekend hotties for your enjoyment.

Oral hygiene is important!

07 May 2014

Have We Gone Too Far?

There's a story out there about Willow Smith (daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith) and a picture of her in bed with a shirtless Moises Arias who is 7 years her senior.

Here's the pic:

SERIOUSLY? This is the picture that is causing such an uproar? 

I see nothing wrong with this picture. I think it's a case of over diligence.

What's your take?