30 June 2010

Behr Pick: Hump Day

Happy Hump Day!

Besides the weekend - including Friday - Wednesday is a great day of the week because it signifies the end of the beginning of the week and the approach of the end of the week.

And of course there's the whole "hump" connotation.

However you spend the day - either humping or not - enjoy!


29 June 2010

Behr Pick: Matteo

Meet Matteo...he's bearded, furry, beefy, and woofy. VERY woofy.

The problem with sharing news with people - like an anticipated date - is they always ask about it. I stopped counting how many times I had to tell my weekend story today. And with each telling I felt more and more stupid. The high point is that the consensus is the guy is an idiot.

Today felt long. Probably because I'm working on a boring project at work. I'm looking forward to the long holiday weekend. Which is another reason the week already feels like it should be Wednesday at least.

Not much else to say. Hope everyone is well. BEHR HUGS!!

28 June 2010

Behr Pick Redux: Manny Rios

I needed cheering up this morning so what better way to lift my spirits than drooling over Manny Rios? I swear I get weak kneed looking at him - and I'm sitting down! Yes he's furry, in great shape, and has a thick luscious beard...but that smile just drives me wild. I bet he's just a really nice guy. He's also probably really good in bed.

The comments about my date fiasco are still coming in; thank you all. Again I am overwhelmed by your kindness and thoughtful suggestions. I loves ya all!

Enjoy your Monday. Be kind to each other. BEHR HUGS!

27 June 2010

Sunday Favorite: 37

I want to thank those of you who commented on my post yesterday afternoon regarding my cancelled date. As many of you know, blogging can be a form of therapy, to vocalize if you will, that which is on our minds or in our hearts. I never expected the response I got. Thank you, you all offered wonderful words of support and advice and if I could I'd give each and every one of you the biggest behr hug I could.

This morning I had a message from the guy who cancelled on me. If you remember, I asked why he cancelled. He gave me a long "excuse" about being horny earlier in the week, hooking up with some guy, being disappointed that the guy couldn't maintain an erection and didn't orgasm, feeling the guy was disappointed in him, and not wanting to somehow disappoint me.

What. Ever.

I have yet to formulate a response, if I respond. I may just let it go. I think the worst part of this experience is that I thought we had a connection in terms of what we like (evidently he was talking sex-wise, silly me), and both were looking forward to getting to know each other. I sometimes am naive by believing that guys who have "looking for love" or "looking for friends" interpret those phrases the same way I do. On the upside, it was probably better that we didn't meet now that I understand that his original intentions.

So here we are at Sunday. I have another busy work week but that's good since it helps the days go by more quickly. Today will be the weekly parental unit visit and hopefully a relaxing afternoon. Oh! A word about today's favorite: WOOF.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone. And again...thanks for being so kind to me.


26 June 2010

Behr Blue: Date Update

My "date" cancelled on me.

I'm not terribly surprised and not terribly upset, to be honest. There were some red flags over the past week and by this morning I was fairly certain it was going to be a bust. Thankfully I have a backup plan (it's called Netflix).

He left me a message on the bear social networking site saying he was sorry but has to cancel our plans. I replied that I am sorry too and then I asked why. I don't expect an answer and I certainly doubt I'll hear from him. No harm no foul, eh?

OK maybe I am a little upset. I could start questioning what's wrong with me but this time I'm not doing that. I don't think I was dishonest or flaky or even remotely ax-murderer-in-waiting-ish. Maybe it was my sense of humor he didn't get. Or maybe someone better came along - and by that I mean better for him, certainly not better than me. And if that sounds arrogant, I apologize, but I may not be perfect but I'm a good catch. I'm kind, thoughtful, employed, have a working vehicle, own my home, have a sense of humor, and a variety of interests. I guess in today's world that's not something guys want. This experience is exactly why I don't date often; guys either cancel on me or turn out to be the freak du jour.

I'd appreciate some advice on finding decent, honorable, trustworthy men. Especially from all of you partnered men out there: how the hell did you find one worth keeping? It is perhaps a good thing that I learned long ago that being alone does not have to mean being lonely.

So that's the 4-1-1 on my date situation. The Behr bombs again! (I say that with a smile.) I hope your weekend fared better than mine. BEHR HUGS!!

Behr Pick: Chris

For this Saturday, I present Chris...who looks like a total and complete daddy. WOOF! I suspect he likes having his nipples worked over and I'd be happy to oblige.


PS: Oh...about the date tonight...there's been a little change in plans...not quite sure exactly but rather than having dinner we're going to just meet for coffee. The level of excitement has definitely dropped.

25 June 2010

Behr Pick: Revisiting Beefy Bear

Remember my post of the other day, Behr Pick: Beefy Bear? Well I discovered that I had MORE pictures of this incredible cute, furry, and definitely hot man. AND....I have a name. Stephen White. Whether that's his real name or not, I'm not sure but wherever I found the pics that was the moniker given to him. It works for me. Although I would probably be screaming "Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!" if we were being intimate. Hey! Let a behr fantasize, ok?

It's finally Friday and the weekend will start soon. I'm still excited about my Saturday evening date. What are YOU up to this weekend? Whatever it is, be safe and enjoy yourselves! BEHR HUGS!!

24 June 2010


Happy Birthday to the magnificent Juan Jose Bracho, who turns 36 today.


Behr Pick: Richard

I found this picture on a social networking site...his name is Richard. I like that it's not quite sepia and not quite yellow. I like how we can see the intensity of his eyes, his facial fur, and his body fur...I find the shot very erotic and very "artsy" at the same time. I want to kiss this man.

So it's Thursday. That doesn't leave much else for conversation, does it? I'm looking forward to the weekend (see my previous post). Other than that...really don't have much to say.


23 June 2010

Behr Pick: Rob Conner

I am pleased to present Rob Conner. Words fail me - or at least will sound shallow if I try to describe him. You can see his magnificence. Click on the picture to embiggen so you can drink him all in.

Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod! I have a dinner date on Saturday night! I started chatting with a nice guy on the bear social networking just a few days ago. We started sharing our likes and dislikes and found we have some common interests. I think food was at the top of the list. Anyway, we came to the agreement to meet and do one of the things on one of our "like" list. So I said I thought we should start out with dinner at a restaurant with a patio. And that's what we're doing!

I'm excited about this...it's been a while since I've gone on a real date. He's amiable, cute, and - get this - excited about meeting me. Perhaps one of the biggest pluses is he's really not that far from me - roughly 25 miles. We're meeting halfway at a little bistro restaurant that I suggested called Renaissance Bistro. I've been there before and they have good food (Italian) and a decent wine list (if I recall correctly). We're meeting early so we can spend time getting to know each other.

The rest of the week is going to be busy for me and so I probably won't have time until Saturday to get nervous. I do that, get nervous about meeting someone for the first time. One wouldn't know I'm an extrovert. LOL

So that's the latest 4-1-1 from the behr! Enjoy your hump day - BEHR HUGS!!

22 June 2010

Behr Blather Concentration

Think about it...work it out....there you go!


Behr Pick: Beefy Bear

Is it me or is this guy breathtakingly hot? I love his beard, his cute smile, his big guns, chest, abs, fur, tats....oh hell I love everything about him! I so would love to cuddle with him. Yeah and more.

So my coworker who is also my BFF was supposed to be back from vacation today but she decided to take an extra day. I can understand not wanting to go back. But I've missed having our daily breaks and lunch together. We're always laughing, which makes the day painless.

Work has been good, busy. Another coworker was out due to a death in her family and I had to step in and cover for her. This was a co-facilitation thing with my boss...who actually complimented me on my facilitation skills. He told me he was about to jump into the table discussion I was leading but I beat him to it and he realized that I do know what I'm doing. Ya think?

That's about all I have for now. BEHR HUGS!!

PS: If anyone knows the above musclebear's name I'd be grateful!

20 June 2010

Sunday Favorite: Father's Day

Say hello to Daddy Jeff...magnificent, isn't he?

I know that fatherhood can - and is - thrust upon men. My own father is still alive and despite his many weaknesses there is one thing that is not weak: his love for me. I've not always gotten along with my father. Growing up I basically felt ignored by him and I don't recall a lot of interaction. However, now as an adult, I realize he worked hard to provide for his family and take care of all those "dad" things like home repairs, yard work, car maintenance, etc.

I have to work hard to be patient with him. He has never been quick to answer or act and that drives me crazy. But there are so many things I admire about him: he can look at a nut and tell you if it's 1/16, 1/4, or whatever. He can look at a problem - piping, woodwork, something mechanical - and he can figure it out. We kids joke about his "mickey mousing" things to make them work even temporarily...the man owns more twist ties that can be good for him. And he never throws anything away...he saves screws, nuts, nails, etc. because he never knows when it might come in handy. He jerry-rigged his shop vac so it would automatically suck up the sawdust from his various saws, lathes, and woodworking tools.

So Dad even if we don't always see eye-to-eye on some things, I love you. Thanks for being my Father.

BEHR HUGS to all!

18 June 2010

Behr Silliness

A friend just sent this picture to me via text message...it made me LOL. I sooo want this t-shirt!

It also explains a lot as to why he is my friend - he told me his chubby friends come in handy! :)


Behr Rant

For those who follow basketball, the LA Lakers have once again taken the title, whatever that means, which has led to the usual suspects trashing parts of LA “in celebration.” You’ve heard me rant about this in the past and as long as I’m doing this here blog thingy and the Lakers win and the “fans” act like complete and total fucktards, I’ll continue to rant.

Here’s a link to an
LA Times story about the violence. I work in LA not too far from Staples Center and although unaffected by the melee I am irate at the destruction. To give Mayor Villaraigosa credit, he stated a few days ago that anyone caught acting like a fucktard (my word) would be arrested and our boys in blue would be out in force. Lot of good it did.

Here's a picture of a celebrant:

Doesn't that seem like a great way to celebrate? Let's load up a shopping basket with stuff and light it on fire and wheel it around! Whoopee! Our team won! Let's set cars and trash cans on fire!

Human beings need reasons to celebrate events; it lifts the spirit, makes people feel part of a community, and can cause happiness and feelings of worth. However, destructive behavior is just that: destructive. No good comes out of it. People get hurt and property damage can raise insurance rates, taxes, etc. And the same people who cause the damage and destruction are usually not the ones affected by the repercussions. Why are people such idiots? It's a fucking game for crying out loud!

I'm just waiting for the news that there will be a celebratory parade, which will cost the city millions in police enforcement, port-a-potties, post-parade cleanup, and the like. Is it worth it? No. Donate that money for a parade to the shelters who feed, clothe, and house the homeless. Donate that money to shelters for victims of domestic violence. Donate that money to the State to help drag its sorry ass out of debt!

[steps down from soap box]

Have a great Friday. BEHR HUGS!!

15 June 2010

Behr Pick: Cherif Ndiaye

I found this hunk over at Dark Flex (check it out, possibly NSFW). Cherif is a successful male model and I think this picture shows why. The smoothness of his skin, his abs, his kissable lips...oh and he wears a size 12 shoe, too. *wink* I like the suspenders without a shirt look, especially when the wearer is muscular and defined like Cherif.

There was a small earthquake last night; it hit about 9:26 pm PST and is now considered an aftershock of the Easter Day quake that was centered in Baja California. I was sitting on the couch about to go to bed when I felt the couch move. It was over before it began, thankfully. I knew it was going to happen. I had stepped out onto the back patio and the ants were scurrying up the wall of the house from the ground. I looked around the edge of the patio and the ants were scurrying all along it too...literally there were millions of them. Whenever the ants are out en mass like that we have some ground movement.

Here's hoping everyone's feet stay solidly on the ground. BEHR HUGS!!

14 June 2010

Behr Bit: Nickname

In a previous post last year, I wrote about my nicknames. Today at lunch I accessed my bear social networking site via my cellphone and had a guestbook comment from a bearded gentleman who lives in Alaska. During our brief message exchange he's dubbed me with a nickname (is that considered moving too fast??). He called me....Halibut.

Evidently he catches 200-lb halibuts and he wanted to know what I weigh. After I told him the weight range and that a more appropriate name would be Whale - he said I'd be a lunker. WTF is a lunker? I looked it up on the Merriam-Webster site: something large of its kind —used especially of a game fish. He needed to get back to work (so did I) and we both expressed an interest in future chatting...and his last message was something like "Chat with you later Halibut."

Normally this kind of thing would rub me the wrong way. I was reminded of "Finding Nemo" where the other tank fish dub him Sharkbait (ooh-ha ha!). But I find it endearing in an odd way. Does that make me crazy?


Behr Pick: Brad Romaker

His name is Brad Romaker but I think I'll call him Daddy. From the goatee and shaved head, to the muscular body covered in tats, to his pierced nipple...he is a phenomenally handsome man. In his late 40's, Brad lives in New York and is - if you can believe this - single. Yes that's right, single. Let me know if you would like to see more of him in a future post.

The weekend flew by for me since there were three performances of "The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940." All three performances ran well although Friday night's performance was not without its technical difficulties and some dropped/misspoken lines. The audiences all seemed to really enjoy it though and that is what counts.

And now here we are at the start of a new week. Make it a good one! BEHR HUGS!

13 June 2010

Sunday Favorite: 36

Romance is a beautiful thing. And the world is sorely lacking in it, at least it seems so from where I sit. I like this pic...besides the two woofy bears, it just reeks of passion and love.

So yesterday afternoon I logged onto FaceBook and saw a post from a friend who was at the Los Angeles NoH8 photo shoot...you know the ones where the subject wears white, has silver duct tape over the mouth, and the NoH8 logo on the cheek...I was rather upset because I would SO like to have my picture taken by Adam Bouska. So I joined the site and ordered some NoH8 items and hopefully will be informed of the next LA shoot.

The show went okay on Friday; last night it went much better. Today we have an afternoon matinee...it's usually a really large audience (numbers-wise, not size-wise!) and is our "blue hair" crowd. Hopefully they will enjoy the hilarity and understand the jokes and historical references.


12 June 2010

Behr Pick: The Eyes Have It

I love it when a guy's eyes catch me off guard because of their intensity. I'm a big pushover for beautiful eyes - especially when set in a handsome face. The fact that this guy is tattooed, muscular, and handsome doesn't hurt either! I admit to being somewhat mesmerized by his chest...

I hope everyone has a wonder weekend. BEHR HUGS!!

11 June 2010

Behr Pick: Friday Furry Frolic

Happy Friday!!

To celebrate, here's a wonderful pic of two furry bears frolicking....well...maybe making out is a better way to put it!

Tonight is the third performance of "The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940"; there will be another two performances this weekend, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. This won't leave me much time to do much in the way of chores so I'm only going to do the "must do's." Last night I did a load of laundry (SO much fun). That really leaves the ironing, a quick once-over with the vacuum, and doing dishes.

However you spend your weekend, I hope it's fun, furry, and full of frolic!


10 June 2010

Behr Pick: Adam Killian

I found this incredible man over on Beautiful...check it out.

Lately I've been only presenting one picture of my behr picks but Adam deserves an entire look. Don't you agree? I admit that, to my eye, he's very reminiscent of Robert Gonzalez...I would love to see a photo spread with these two exquisite men.

And kudos to Dylan Rosser for his brilliant photography.


09 June 2010

Behr Pick: Beefy Bear

Happy Hump Day everyone!


08 June 2010

Behr Update: Let's Move Together

If you look back a few posts, I talked about walking in the Arthritis Foundation's "Let's Move Together" walk to raise money and awareness of the most debilitating disease in America: Arthritis. Once again I participated in the LA Chapter's event, which was held this past Saturday.

I've walked for the past 5 or 6 years, mostly for my mom who suffers from arthritis. This year I was able to raise $525 in donations - yay me!

The following are some pictures - a combo of pics I took and pics taken by a professional hired by one of the sponsoring doctors. The first picture is of the big balloon arch (it's like a jump house balloon) with the walk logo.

This next picture is of my company's Blue Crew banner; we had a spot reserved in the tailgate section. Basically it was just tarps and chairs. But it offered us a place to relax, have lunch, and socialize.

And here's the Blue Crew! The woman on the right with white hair is my mom. I'm the fat ass in brown shorts and with the big belly.

Part of the walk consisted of 86 stairs. From a higher advantage point, I took this picture looking back at the starting point (the arch) and you can see how many people were behind me. I would guess there to easily have been 500 people walking. It was great!!

The professional photographer took this picture of my Mom, a colleague of mine, and me. I wonder why he included the fruit in the picture...was he trying to say something?!

I took other pictures - some of crowds, some of colleagues - but don't want to invade privacy too much by including their pictures (despite the group pic).

The event was held at the Santa Monica pier - or in the nearby parking lot actually. There was a 5k walk (involving the stairs) and a 1 mile walk (no stairs). My mom did the 1 mile walk. Believe me...this was quite an accomplishment for her and I'm proud of her. She is the reason I walk.. After the walk and lunch (WalMart provided grilled hot dogs, chips, and drinks of the non-alcoholic type) my mom and walked the pier. I didn't take too many pictures.

It was a very nice morning and spending alone time with my mom was wonderful.


06 June 2010

Sunday Favorite: 35

This pic makes me think of Raymond Chandler, detectives, film noir, and porn. I think the guy is rather sexy, especially his chest. I'm sure someone out there can identify him. The words "Private Dick" certainly come to mind.


04 June 2010

Behr Bits: June 4

Just popping in to share a few tidbits in the Behr World.

I've been busy with rehearsals for "The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940" at the local community theater. I'm part of the tech crew and it's been a typical Hell Week. Last night was the final dress rehearsal and it went very well. Hopefully our audiences will have a rollicking good time. It's a very funny show with lots of 1930's/1940's references. There's a creepy old house, hidden tunnels, disguises, impersonations, murders, and the denouement that brings justice to the killer and the two lovers together. Typical fare but fun.

Tomorrow morning I'm participating in the Let's Move Together 5K event for the Arthritis Foundation. A big "Thank You" shoutout to Cubby for his support! My mom (who has arthritis) has decided to attend with me, whether or not she'll walk is to be decided. It's always a good event with vendors, food, music and lots of camaraderie. I'm going to take my camera since the walk is being held in Santa Monica by the pier. Should be lots of fun!

Work has been busy as well. Although it has been a four-day work week it's felt like a six-day work week. I know I'm not alone in this!

To add to everything else, I've been getting little sleep at night, roughly 4 or 5 hours. I'm exhausted. I'm looking forward to Sunday so I can catch up on sleep. My eating habits have been disrupted as well; unfortunately I don't think I've lost any weight. I'm looking forward to a big juicy burger in the near future.

A friend turned me on to Rachel Maddow podcasts. She so makes me want to be a lesbian. She's smart, funny, and just such a great presenter. This past week she's spent most of her air time talking about the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. My heart goes out to those affected, especially the wildlife. We humans have fucked up again and we're going to pay big time. We need to find alternatives to oil; we are literally draining the life out of this planet. Oops! Sorry for the soapbox talk.

What's happening in YOUR world?