14 June 2010

Behr Bit: Nickname

In a previous post last year, I wrote about my nicknames. Today at lunch I accessed my bear social networking site via my cellphone and had a guestbook comment from a bearded gentleman who lives in Alaska. During our brief message exchange he's dubbed me with a nickname (is that considered moving too fast??). He called me....Halibut.

Evidently he catches 200-lb halibuts and he wanted to know what I weigh. After I told him the weight range and that a more appropriate name would be Whale - he said I'd be a lunker. WTF is a lunker? I looked it up on the Merriam-Webster site: something large of its kind —used especially of a game fish. He needed to get back to work (so did I) and we both expressed an interest in future chatting...and his last message was something like "Chat with you later Halibut."

Normally this kind of thing would rub me the wrong way. I was reminded of "Finding Nemo" where the other tank fish dub him Sharkbait (ooh-ha ha!). But I find it endearing in an odd way. Does that make me crazy?



David Dust said...

Think of it this way, he could have called you any of the following: Anchovy, Bighead Carp, Blobfish, Cowfish, Smelt, or Longjaw Mudsucker.

But he didn't. So, yeah, it was kinda cute.


Kyle said...

As long as you aren't offended or bothered by the comment, run with it!

CJ/Rick said...

As a loon. ;)I always thought of you as a "bottom dweller" such as a catfish. :) A guy can hope can't he?