13 June 2010

Sunday Favorite: 36

Romance is a beautiful thing. And the world is sorely lacking in it, at least it seems so from where I sit. I like this pic...besides the two woofy bears, it just reeks of passion and love.

So yesterday afternoon I logged onto FaceBook and saw a post from a friend who was at the Los Angeles NoH8 photo shoot...you know the ones where the subject wears white, has silver duct tape over the mouth, and the NoH8 logo on the cheek...I was rather upset because I would SO like to have my picture taken by Adam Bouska. So I joined the site and ordered some NoH8 items and hopefully will be informed of the next LA shoot.

The show went okay on Friday; last night it went much better. Today we have an afternoon matinee...it's usually a really large audience (numbers-wise, not size-wise!) and is our "blue hair" crowd. Hopefully they will enjoy the hilarity and understand the jokes and historical references.


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Stan said...

I sure wouldn't mind a "matinee" with those two bears!