18 June 2010

Behr Rant

For those who follow basketball, the LA Lakers have once again taken the title, whatever that means, which has led to the usual suspects trashing parts of LA “in celebration.” You’ve heard me rant about this in the past and as long as I’m doing this here blog thingy and the Lakers win and the “fans” act like complete and total fucktards, I’ll continue to rant.

Here’s a link to an
LA Times story about the violence. I work in LA not too far from Staples Center and although unaffected by the melee I am irate at the destruction. To give Mayor Villaraigosa credit, he stated a few days ago that anyone caught acting like a fucktard (my word) would be arrested and our boys in blue would be out in force. Lot of good it did.

Here's a picture of a celebrant:

Doesn't that seem like a great way to celebrate? Let's load up a shopping basket with stuff and light it on fire and wheel it around! Whoopee! Our team won! Let's set cars and trash cans on fire!

Human beings need reasons to celebrate events; it lifts the spirit, makes people feel part of a community, and can cause happiness and feelings of worth. However, destructive behavior is just that: destructive. No good comes out of it. People get hurt and property damage can raise insurance rates, taxes, etc. And the same people who cause the damage and destruction are usually not the ones affected by the repercussions. Why are people such idiots? It's a fucking game for crying out loud!

I'm just waiting for the news that there will be a celebratory parade, which will cost the city millions in police enforcement, port-a-potties, post-parade cleanup, and the like. Is it worth it? No. Donate that money for a parade to the shelters who feed, clothe, and house the homeless. Donate that money to shelters for victims of domestic violence. Donate that money to the State to help drag its sorry ass out of debt!

[steps down from soap box]

Have a great Friday. BEHR HUGS!!


Cubby said...

I lived in the Tampa Bay area in 2002 when we won the Superbowl. Guess what happened? No riots, no arson, so rape gangs... just a lovefest that lasted for days and days.

Wonder Man said...

!t is so ridic, we saw the mess last night. We live 2 miles from the Staples Center, so we heard and saw it in motion

Marc said...

Mob psychology in action I guess. There are other ways I'd love to celebrate that don't involve trashing my city.

Stan said...

I feel sorry for the poor cab driver whoae taxi went up in flames with everything he had inside it. WTF is wrong with these people?