22 June 2010

Behr Pick: Beefy Bear

Is it me or is this guy breathtakingly hot? I love his beard, his cute smile, his big guns, chest, abs, fur, tats....oh hell I love everything about him! I so would love to cuddle with him. Yeah and more.

So my coworker who is also my BFF was supposed to be back from vacation today but she decided to take an extra day. I can understand not wanting to go back. But I've missed having our daily breaks and lunch together. We're always laughing, which makes the day painless.

Work has been good, busy. Another coworker was out due to a death in her family and I had to step in and cover for her. This was a co-facilitation thing with my boss...who actually complimented me on my facilitation skills. He told me he was about to jump into the table discussion I was leading but I beat him to it and he realized that I do know what I'm doing. Ya think?

That's about all I have for now. BEHR HUGS!!

PS: If anyone knows the above musclebear's name I'd be grateful!


Stan said...

Damn he's hot! Love that pose and his "attitude" too! No I don't know who he is but sure wish I did know him.
I used to hate it when a co-worker I got close with and friendly on the job would leave for a better job offer or for whatever reason. I would get so depressed when they were gone from the workplace and I would have no one left to talk to.

Howard said...

Not sure of his name, but I am sure he could be my new husband...

Michael Rivers said...

He is a hottie! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

i never ever seen a handsome bear like him... i just wanna lick his delicious armpit, sniff toooooooo