20 June 2010

Sunday Favorite: Father's Day

Say hello to Daddy Jeff...magnificent, isn't he?

I know that fatherhood can - and is - thrust upon men. My own father is still alive and despite his many weaknesses there is one thing that is not weak: his love for me. I've not always gotten along with my father. Growing up I basically felt ignored by him and I don't recall a lot of interaction. However, now as an adult, I realize he worked hard to provide for his family and take care of all those "dad" things like home repairs, yard work, car maintenance, etc.

I have to work hard to be patient with him. He has never been quick to answer or act and that drives me crazy. But there are so many things I admire about him: he can look at a nut and tell you if it's 1/16, 1/4, or whatever. He can look at a problem - piping, woodwork, something mechanical - and he can figure it out. We kids joke about his "mickey mousing" things to make them work even temporarily...the man owns more twist ties that can be good for him. And he never throws anything away...he saves screws, nuts, nails, etc. because he never knows when it might come in handy. He jerry-rigged his shop vac so it would automatically suck up the sawdust from his various saws, lathes, and woodworking tools.

So Dad even if we don't always see eye-to-eye on some things, I love you. Thanks for being my Father.

BEHR HUGS to all!


SteveA said...

That's sweet. Appreciate family everyday....

Paul Benjamin said...

Now, THAT pic is a daddy! :)

Very touching blog. I feel very similar in some ways.