11 June 2010

Behr Pick: Friday Furry Frolic

Happy Friday!!

To celebrate, here's a wonderful pic of two furry bears frolicking....well...maybe making out is a better way to put it!

Tonight is the third performance of "The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940"; there will be another two performances this weekend, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. This won't leave me much time to do much in the way of chores so I'm only going to do the "must do's." Last night I did a load of laundry (SO much fun). That really leaves the ironing, a quick once-over with the vacuum, and doing dishes.

However you spend your weekend, I hope it's fun, furry, and full of frolic!



Stan said...

Ah! fuggetaboutit! (waves hand) let some of those chores slide. Have a good weekend.

Bear Me Out said...

Good luck with your techie stuff! Enjoy.