31 March 2010

Wednesday Wackiness

Here's something to make you laugh, courtesy of I Can Has Cheezburger. As someone owned by a cat who watches when I worship the porcelain goddess, I can so relate.

Hope it tickles the funny bone. BEHR HUGS!!

Hump Day

Photo courtesy of Beautifulmag. Check it. Amazingly beautiful men from classic beauties to offbeat photo sets.

So I got a call from my Mom tonight. Evidently my Dad had his hernia surgery today. I had no idea. She said she e-mailed me but I didn't get it. I feel bad that I didn't take the day off or at least go see him. I know - I shouldn't beat myself up over it since I wasn't aware. Ok with that all aside, she said he's doing well, he's home, and recovering. There was some touch and go - he's diabetic - and now the hospital is saying his heart rate was very low and his oxygen level was shallow. He'll see the doctor on Thursday to discuss. It's a bitch seeing your parents' health fail as they get older.

I didn't have a great day yesterday at work. I accomplished quite a bit but I was not feeling it. Hopefully today will be better. I hope everyone has a wonderful hump day. I am looking forward to coffee with my friend. He always makes me smile. BEHR HUGS!!

29 March 2010

Monday Silliness

Another edition of "The Grizzwells" by Bill Schorr to lighten your Monday.


28 March 2010

Sunday Favorite: Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday. I only mention this because my mother mentioned it while I was visiting my parents today. There was a time when today meant something and church services revolved around the retelling of the story of Christ's entry into Jerusalem. I've gotten out of the habit but I used to watch Jesus Christ Superstar sometime during this weekend sort of to get me into the mindset for the upcoming week. Now if I watch it, I view it for entertainment value.

I know many gay men follow a path of agnosticism or atheism. I can understand that. However, as I've grown older and grown farther away from the religiosity mindset in which I was raised, I admit to there being a tad uncomfortableness. It's not that I don't believe, I do. I used to study the scriptures and try to decipher what they meant and if they had any applicable meaning to my life. I believe that the Bible is the Word of God as interpreted by man. That last part is important. With the stories of the Old Testament being handed down for hundreds of generations before they were committed to writing you know that things were left out and things were put in and exaggeration was incorporated. Add to that the many "translations" and you get contradictions, additions, deletions, and just bad interpretations.

I understand the fundamentalists wanting to ban gay marriage. I understand it from a religious standpoint. But I also understand it from a social standpoint, from an economic standpoint. While I don't believe I'll ever be in the position to get married, I believe that my friends should be able to get married. So what if they have two dicks? The argument of Leviticus and Romans do not make sense these days. During the time of the Torah, there was a need for procreation to strengthen the number of Israelites needed to retake the land promised to them. In the time of Romans, well...Paul was a Roman named Saul before his conversion and I suspect his admonitions were more self-reflective than damning of others. The book of Leviticus was written for the Israelites. The book of Romans was written to the Romans. Were these books exclusionary to the groups to whom and for whom they were written? I tend to lean toward the "yes" answer. That's not to say that the rest of us shouldn't pay heed to some of the things written but I don't think they were written as a blanket for all of mankind. Maybe I just try to justify it so I can have sex with men.

But what about love? Neither book discusses the emotion of love. Perhaps the books are more anti-promiscuity than anti-love between same sex couples. And most GLBT members argue that Christ himself never said a word for or against same sex love. At least not in the written records we have.

All I know is that faith - the belief in things unseen - is a strong foundation for how many people conduct themselves. Some take it too far by trying to impose their faith and beliefs on others. This is our struggle today especially in the U.S. I do not know what the answer is. I do believe, personally, that one day all will be revealed and that the truth will be known throughout the world. What that truth is, no man knows for certain. My belief is that if two people love each other - regardless of whether they are an opposite sex or a same sex couple - that is not a bad thing.

Sorry for the sermon. But these are my thoughts today and something I've wanted to share for a while. There will be those who do not agree; there will be those whose comments will be bitter or contradictory or even inflammatory. And that's okay because we all have our own beliefs, opinions, and understanding of the bigger picture. No one is right. And no one is wrong. Simply because we do not know.

Oops, there I go again, with the sermon. My apologies. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend; I did. Let's all have a good week as well. BEHR HUGS!!

26 March 2010

Behr Bits

Well we made it to Friday - huzzah! The weekend is ahead of us and the week behind us. Feels good, doesn't it?

Yesterday a friend called me and asked if I wanted to meet for coffee since he was "in my neighborhood." He's recently changed jobs - something miraculous in this recession - and is now working a few blocks from where I work. So we got lattes and sat and caught up. We're going to try to meet for lunch every so often just to keep in touch. It was really nice to see him.

Tonight I'm going to female co-worker's concert. She belongs to a group called Meistersingers. I've been to one of her other concerts and they're really a fantastic group. Tonight's program is Mozart's Requiem and Handel's Dixit Dominae, of which I am not familiar. All the same I'm looking forward to being in a huge marble-lined church listening to two of my favorite composers.

Tomorrow night I'm seeing a friend in "Little Shop of Horrors." He plays Mr. Mushnik and I hear it's really a fantastic production. I've only seen the movie (well both of them) so it'll be interesting to see the live stage version. Other friends have seen the show already and can't say enough about the Trio and how they could easily steal the show. Plus I want to see Audrey II and the puppetry of it.

I'll be heading to SF for work in April; today I finalized the training schedule and booked my flight and hotel. I'm SO looking forward to this trip - not because of the work but because of the opportunity to meet up with old and new friends. It will be a long week: I fly up there on Sunday and fly home Friday afternoon. At that point I officially start my vacation. I was thinking of heading over to Phoenix for a few days, perhaps for Phurfest and to see friends but I'm not so sure I want to do that after being away for a week. I'll have to think about it since the early registration for Phurfest is the middle of next week. Plus - I've never been to a bear event. They scare me, to be honest. I've seen pictures and the men all look so hot. And that intimidates me immensely. (And no, not fishing for compliments here.)

Well that's about all that's going on. What are YOU doing for the weekend?


24 March 2010

The Things We Do

This morning I've been thinking about the things we do that aren't required of us but that we do anyway.

For example, I'm taking today off as a vacation day to attend the funeral of my friend's daughter. She passed away unexpectedly. I know her mother - my friend - from the theater group. She's a sweet lady who would give you the shirt off her back. I first met her quite a few years ago but it was maybe 5 or 6 years ago that I got to know her well. I didn't know her daughter; perhaps I met her at one time but I couldn't point to her and say "That's M's daughter." I'm going today to support M and her husband in their time of grief. It's not how I'd like to spend a vacation day but I feel compelled to go. I hope that doesn't sound egotistical because that's not how I mean it to sound. I guess I'm just taking about those little sacrifices we make for friends.

Last night I went to a singer's showcase that another friend leads every other week at a wine bar. I have nice memories of the wine bar and spending time with him so it was a little different last night because he was busy singing and setting up songs for others to sing. A lot of his family showed up and, of course, he couldn't be as affectionate as he usually is when we're alone. I understand about not being all in one's family's face about being gay - especially when they don't approve - but his cool avoidance of me was disconcerting for me. I only stayed for a couple of glasses of wine, perhaps a little over an hour. When I went to leave, my friend shook my hand. WTF? As I started to walk away I leaned into him and he said, rather sharply, "Don't!" Well I was going to just say something not kiss him or anything. It pissed me off a little that he thought I wouldn't act appropriately in front of his family. So I made a kissing sound near his ear and he laughed. I guess I was feeling disassociated. I keep wondering why he couldn't introduce me to his family. Just a "this is my friend" introduction. Oh well. I suppose we all deal with situations that best suit our comfort level.

Work has been busy lately and I know my boss wasn't exactly happy I was taking today off. He seemed ok once I told him it was for a funeral. He's been giving me new projects and he gets a little "hurry up" with them although the deadline isn't for a couple months. I'll be taking another trip to SF next month for work. It hasn't been finalized and I'm starting to panic about booking my flight and hotel and arranging the logistics. It usually all comes together. Plus I get to connect with friends while I'm there.

That's about all I have on the brain right now. Happy Hump Day and as always - BEHR HUGS!!

21 March 2010

Sunday Favorite 26

Obviously photoshopped or otherwise manipulated but I still like this picture because of the strong imagery: the pyramids, the moon/planets, and the gorgeous muscle bear.

It was a good weekend. I finally saw Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland." Loved it. Once again Tim did not disappoint me. The imagery was fantastic and the little nuances spectacular. Alan Rickman as the caterpillar? Brilliant. Stephen Fry as Cheshire Cat? Genius.

I met a couple of friends at my nearest leather/levi/bear bar on Saturday night. They're a great couple of guys from Arizona. They're currently on sabbatical from the Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and I think they really enjoyed being at a leather event (Mr. Long Beach Leather, held at Pistons) without being "in face." I don't go to the bars very often so this was a nice change of pace from my usual Saturday nights.

Another week is almost upon us. I hope everyone has a good week and may it be painless and filled with love and wonder.


19 March 2010

Behr Bits

It's finally Friday! It's been another long, rough week. I'm happy to see the weekend looming.

So last weekend on my weekly parental visit, I found out my Mom was in a car accident. She was making a left turn, didn't see the other car, and nailed him. Tore up my Dad's car pretty good: the bumper was torn off, the headlight smashed, the tire gouged, and the whole left front panel torn off. She wasn't hurt and neither was the other driver who turned out to be the son of the city's former City Controller and an off-duty police officer. Way to go Mom! If you're going to hit someone do it good. (This is called teasing.)

Have you received your 2010 Census form yet? I did...and as I was taught in elementary school, I read it first before taking my pen to it. I stewed around about it for a couple of days before completing it. No offense to anyone, but please explain why there are five or six "Hispanic" categories and yet my race is relegated to the single word "White," which is not a race, btw. Caucasian is the appropriate and correct term. I'd even accept Anglo. And if there's going to be a breakdown between the various intricacies of a particular race (Mexican, Latino, Spanish, Colombian, Argentinian, etc) why is there not a breakdown of the "white" category (Anglo, Slavic, Eastern European, Western European, etc)? Please take no offense, I'm not racist but I think it's gotten a little out-of-hand trying to specifically categorize everyone but us "white" folk!

We're having a divisional potluck today. I wasn't going to participate because, first off, I don't like potlucks. Had enough of them growing up. Second, I'm not sure I trust the people in my division to prepare something that won't give me botulism or salmonella. There's nothing worse than puking on a Friday unless it's alcohol-related. Third, I don't like preparing something then having to schlep it on the train. Never mind there's no real place to keep things cold or to heat things up. The microwaves five floors down? Uh, don't think so. But I got talked into it because, after all, forced frivolity is one of the political games we must play. I decided to bring a dessert. I baked cookies last night: German Chocolate Pecan and Vanilla Chocolate Chip. I had one of each last night and if I must say so myself, they turned out pretty yummy. So I filled up my biggest tin with both kinds and even had enough left over to give some to my train pal Patty this morning and some for my Mom on Sunday. I also have enough for me to munch on over the weekend.

I'm hoping to go see Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" this weekend. I didn't have time on opening weekend and last weekend we had such gorgeous weather I had to get out and do yard work. So hopefully I'll make the trip down the rabbit hole tonight or tomorrow.

Other than that, not much else is going on. I hope everyone's Friday passes quickly and painlessly and your weekend is slow, fun, and filled with wonderful things.


18 March 2010

Thursday Grrrrr

Where I work, we are always having printer problems, usually with our color printer/copiers. Rather than call our internal IS department, a technician is called. There's one in particular for whom I have the hots. He's older, Hispanic, with short salt-and-pepper hair and a thick salt-and-pepper moustache. When he rolls his sleeves up, he's got tattoos up and down his arms. I suspect he's an ex-gang member.

He's the hottest Latin tech daddy I've ever seen. I so want to kiss him. I'd love to see him shirtless because I suspect he's got a nice thatch of chest fur. I secretly fantasize that his nipples and dick are pierced. Who knows - maybe they are. To add cream to the topping (heh heh - I said cream), he's the most polite guy. He calls me "sir." Very little else can give this behr an instant woody than being called "sir" by a hot masculine Latin papi.

I just saw him working on our copier. I had to come back to my office to hide my interest.

Is there anyone at your place of work - co-worker, technician, delivery guy - for whom you have the hots? Leave a comment and tell us about him. In the meantime, I think I need to stroll back by the busted copier. *SWOON*


16 March 2010

To Warm the Cockles of Your Heart

If this doesn't move you in some way, best check for a pulse. Love the song and the nearly 4 minute clip. Just watch.

Baby Moose (Mooses? Meeses?)


I Feel the Earth...Move...Under My Feet

This morning at 4:04 a.m. a 4.4 earthquake hit the eastern Los Angeles region. Initial reports indicate that the epicenter was in Pico Rivera, which happens to be the next town over from Whittier, where I live. Initially there are no reports of major damage.

So yeah...quite the wake up call this morning. I only had a few items fall off shelves and Winston is currently cowering under the bed. We were both asleep when it happened and that adrenaline has me in need of coffee. And of course it's now time for me to "get up" and get ready for work.

My Mom, bless her heart, called to check on me and she asked me to not go to work. Since I work in downtown Los Angeles her fear is that I'll be at work when "the big one" hits. Quite frankly, we were due. I hope this is it and not a precursor to something bigger.


14 March 2010

Sunday Favorite 25

Here we are, another Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining, the temps are in the 70's, and to make it all the more enjoyable there are gorgeous hunks like this in the world.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. BEHR HUGS!!

12 March 2010

Finally Friday

It's been a crazy, rough, busy week for me. I'm glad it's Friday and almost the weekend. If I'm up to it, perhaps I'll blog it out over the weekend.

Unless I'm busy with this furry hunk. (Oh how I wish!)


06 March 2010

Sunday Favorite 24

Today's favorite picture was found on another blog (I really need to pay attention as to where I find things) and I really like the composition of it. The clouds reflected in the truck, the laid back-ness of the guy, the guy's tattoos, the guy's nipples, the guy's fur, the guy's....well you get the idea.

Last night's closing performance of "Almost, Maine" went well. There was some concern about 7:40 - twenty minutes before curtain - that there wasn't going to be much of an audience. It was storming outside and there were just a handful of patrons. However, about 10 minutes before curtain they started pouring in - pun intended. Overall, a great closing night.

This morning we'll strike the set. There's not a lot, really, since it was a moveable set but those pieces were a bit detailed. Still, we need to be done by noon so the next group can move in. (It is a community theater, after all.) After that I'll visit my folks then head to my friend Roxie's for her annual Oscar party. I think I mentioned we vote beforehand and the person who picks the most winners gets a token prize. I never win. However, I do have the distinction of being the only person in our group to correctly pick Anna Paquin for Best Supporting Actress for The Piano.

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and - if you watch - the Oscars.


05 March 2010

Behr Bits

This is the last weekend of "Almost, Maine." I've really enjoyed working this production. Not only did I learn something new but it is a very enjoyable show. I am concerned, however, about tomorrow night's performance. My parents are season ticket holders and I'm certain the aforementioned gay vignette is not going to go over well with them. Despite my coming out to them nearly 20 years ago, it's something they have yet to embrace. My saving grace is I'm not performing, just doing some techie stuff. It'll be interesting to hear their thoughts and reactions to the show over all.

We're gearing up for more rain this weekend. I'm not anticipating it to be as forceful as last weekend (we had thunder and lightening). I'm hoping it'll be a non-event for the most part. I'm supposed to meet some friends Saturday night at Eagle LA. They're both Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in Phoenix visiting for some Sister Zombie Leather shindig thing. But if it's raining I'm not hoofing it over there.

It's been a fairly quiet week. Next week will be busy for me but that will make it go by all the faster. I know one shouldn't wish his life away but this work drudgery is getting to me.

I did my taxes last night. Or rather, I finished doing my taxes. I'm getting money back, both Federal and State, so I will need to decide what to do with money. I'm thinking of replacing some original wood sash windows in my house. I also think I need a new washer and dryer; I bought the set I have from S when he moved (this was post-dating pre-ignoring him) and they're starting to not perform as well as they should. He'd had them for about 10 years I think and I've had them for nearly five. So it's about time.

As you know, the Oscars are Sunday and everywhere you turn someone is sharing his or her predictions. I'm not that vested in the awards this year. I'll be attending my friend's annual Oscar party but it's mostly for the food and socialization. Oh and to see who shows up wearing a hideous gown.

That's about all for now. I need to get back to work. I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.


04 March 2010

Thursday Tease

Dru Bruin....need I say more?


02 March 2010

FTW: Soundtrack to my Day

The news just broke over on David Dust about our fellow blogger, Howard (see accompanying picture) and his Bloggie-winning blog, Soundtrack to my Day. If you're not a fan, go visit him and you'll instantly fall in love with this smart, handsome, insightful man and his music wisdom.

This is exciting and BIG, people! Considering the size of the cyber world and the number of bloggers (real and imagined) out there, that our own Howard was nominated was a feat but now that he's an actual WINNER makes it all that more special. Congratulations Howard! You Rock! And Roll! And Pop! And Soul! And R&B! And - - I took it too far, didn't I?



I found this the other day and it made me smile. The Grizzwells, by Bill Schorr, is one of the funnier comics not in the LA Times. Bill Schorr used to write political cartoons and I always laughed. The Grizzwells is no different. Hope it tickles your funnybone! BEHR HUGS!!

01 March 2010

Behr Bits

I had a borderline great weekend. I say borderline because although it was very good, I missed it being great by thaaaaaat much [holds fingers an inch apart]. I’ll blame the rain.

We had three performances of “Almost, Maine” this weekend and all three rocked! I swear, the cast gets better with each performance. The audiences seem to like it a lot although the gay vignette tends to cause nervous laughter. There’s not been a lot of backlash, surprisingly. And I was told that those who disapprove (as evidenced by comments on a written survey) are NOT our season ticket holders. So perhaps our audiences are warming up to same-sex themes. Not that we’ll be doing “Boys in the Band” any time soon but I think it’s a positive step in the right direction.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had loaned my friend money. He did stop by on Sunday night to pay me half of what he owes. Evidently something else went wrong with his van and so the remainder will be forthcoming. Supposedly in two weeks. We’ll see. So I’m richer by half.

I had a phone call from my partnered friend with whom I used to occasionally play. We just talked, caught up on life, etc. Later on, we chatted online where the conversation turned more flirty. I still don’t think we’ll get be getting together despite his telling me how much he wants to be with me. I think the latest changes (which are complicated) in his living arrangement will preclude any actual follow-through.

Here’s a little known fact: I’m a stalker. That’s right, I’m a cyber stalker of a certain someone from my past. Some people will say it’s unhealthy and isn’t doing me any good, that clinging on isn’t allowing me to move on. Perhaps they’re right. But since he’s always there in the back of my head anyway, what’s wrong with doing occasional Google searches? I hit the jackpot over the weekend. I found a picture he posted of himself in late December…he has shaved off his beard. I was shocked. I was intrigued. I laughed my ass off. I also was a little bit scared! Suffice it to say…he’s not too unfortunate looking sans facial hair. But he looks like a completely different person (if only that were true).

While surfing around online I discovered Taio Cruz for Piano, a three-song album available on iTunes. It consists of three piano instrumental tracks: “Break Your Heart,” “With or Without You,” and “Apologize.” I’m really digging it. I keep playing it over and over. It’s unfortunate in a way that I just discovered this because these songs would have fit in beautifully with the music I’m playing in “Almost, Maine.” I’ll have to hold onto these tracks for future use.

Here we are: March 1. Can you believe how quickly this year is starting out?