16 March 2010

I Feel the Earth...Move...Under My Feet

This morning at 4:04 a.m. a 4.4 earthquake hit the eastern Los Angeles region. Initial reports indicate that the epicenter was in Pico Rivera, which happens to be the next town over from Whittier, where I live. Initially there are no reports of major damage.

So yeah...quite the wake up call this morning. I only had a few items fall off shelves and Winston is currently cowering under the bed. We were both asleep when it happened and that adrenaline has me in need of coffee. And of course it's now time for me to "get up" and get ready for work.

My Mom, bless her heart, called to check on me and she asked me to not go to work. Since I work in downtown Los Angeles her fear is that I'll be at work when "the big one" hits. Quite frankly, we were due. I hope this is it and not a precursor to something bigger.



Cubby said...

Glad you are ok and it wasn't worse. That was just a tickle. When the big one hits, you'll know. Greg and I are certainly willing to take in refugees from The Big One, but you gotta find your own way to Ohio!

I have a fear, possibly irrational, of traveling to the west coast because I don't want to be there when the big one hits. Seattle scares me doubly because of the overdue earthquake and the overdue eruption of Mt. Rainier. What's worse, an earthquake in Seattle may just trigger an eruption! The folks who live there are truly screwed. I trust there are no volcanoes in Whittier.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I'll take my hurricanes over your earthquakes ANY day! At least we have time to outrun our natural disasters!

David Dust said...

Waking up to an earthquake sounds terrifying to me. Stay safe!!


Wonder Man said...

I hate that I missed it. But, I'm glad you're okay

SteveA said...

About 3 weeks ago we had an earthquake at 5.8 and then a few days later 4.5 - crazy times!

Mark in DE said...

Glad to hear that you and Winston are safe, and that not much damage occured.