06 March 2010

Sunday Favorite 24

Today's favorite picture was found on another blog (I really need to pay attention as to where I find things) and I really like the composition of it. The clouds reflected in the truck, the laid back-ness of the guy, the guy's tattoos, the guy's nipples, the guy's fur, the guy's....well you get the idea.

Last night's closing performance of "Almost, Maine" went well. There was some concern about 7:40 - twenty minutes before curtain - that there wasn't going to be much of an audience. It was storming outside and there were just a handful of patrons. However, about 10 minutes before curtain they started pouring in - pun intended. Overall, a great closing night.

This morning we'll strike the set. There's not a lot, really, since it was a moveable set but those pieces were a bit detailed. Still, we need to be done by noon so the next group can move in. (It is a community theater, after all.) After that I'll visit my folks then head to my friend Roxie's for her annual Oscar party. I think I mentioned we vote beforehand and the person who picks the most winners gets a token prize. I never win. However, I do have the distinction of being the only person in our group to correctly pick Anna Paquin for Best Supporting Actress for The Piano.

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and - if you watch - the Oscars.



Wonder Man said...

hot pic... and have fun watching the Oscars

Will said...

I love pictures like this one where you can feel the heat rising off the guy's body, and smell the testosterone. AllMale!

Mark in DE said...

Sexy pic! Glad the show went well.