31 March 2010

Hump Day

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So I got a call from my Mom tonight. Evidently my Dad had his hernia surgery today. I had no idea. She said she e-mailed me but I didn't get it. I feel bad that I didn't take the day off or at least go see him. I know - I shouldn't beat myself up over it since I wasn't aware. Ok with that all aside, she said he's doing well, he's home, and recovering. There was some touch and go - he's diabetic - and now the hospital is saying his heart rate was very low and his oxygen level was shallow. He'll see the doctor on Thursday to discuss. It's a bitch seeing your parents' health fail as they get older.

I didn't have a great day yesterday at work. I accomplished quite a bit but I was not feeling it. Hopefully today will be better. I hope everyone has a wonderful hump day. I am looking forward to coffee with my friend. He always makes me smile. BEHR HUGS!!


Cubby said...

Awww, sorry to read about your father. I know what you mean about watching elderly parents' health fail.

David Dust said...

My Dad has had a couple of operations that I didn't find out about until after the fact. He didn't want to worry me, but I was upset that he didn't tell me.

Hope you have a better day today!!


Bear Me Out said...

Hope your dad will keep doing well. If they don't tell us, how can we know?
Looking after elderly parents is a tough one (my dad is in his late 80's). Oh, yeah, this must be what "adult" feels like.

Stan said...

My Dad had hernia surgery like that a few years ago and he's fine. He'll be 91 in May. Don't feel bad, we should all live to be their age.

Wonder Man said...

I had a hernia when I was a baby