27 April 2011

A Good Day

Yesterday was my birthday. I am not telling my age (and if you know it, you can just keep that information to yourself!). What I will say is that I had a good day.

I spent most of it at Disneyland, just as I've done for the past 15 years or so. My friend Patrick (in the side picture) tagged along and so it was a special day. We were able to ride several attractions and had a lot of laughs. He's a great guy and a good friend.

In addition, I had over 50 of my friends wish me a happy birthday on FB. I admit to being a bit surprised. I knew I'd get some comments but never did I dream it would be that many. It truly does warm the cockles of your heart when people reach out to you.

I've been good. Not fantastic, not terrific, not great but good, which is a lot better than okay and fine. I appreciate those of you who have checked in with me. I appreciate you and your actions.

I hope everyone has a swell hump day! BEHR HUGS

24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Bunny Behr Hugs to all.

14 April 2011

Happy Birthday Winston!

Today my boy, Winston, turns 5 years old. Although his exact birthdate is unknown, somewhere his veterinarian indicated April 14 as Winston's natal day.

For those of you who are pet caretakers - not owners because we don't "own" them - you know the absolute joy that a pet brings to your life.

Who else can I rely on to be there for me? To listen to my rantings, albeit from under the bed? And who greets me at the end of a long day, meatloafs on my chest and sings to me? Who snuggles on cold nights and makes sure I get up when I oversleep? Whose unconditional love chases away my loneliness?

Winston will be getting special meals today as well as new toys. I suspect, however, he will spend the day as he always does: sleeping in the middle of the bed.

Happy Birthday little buddy. I love you!

10 April 2011

Sunday Favorite: 56

Anyone want to try to guess as to why this qualifies as a Sunday Favorite?