30 January 2012

Update - Monday Morning

Dad has been moved to a convalescent home. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. Hopefully they won't keep him doped up on morphine like the hospital; it interferes with his ability to stay away and then the sleep apnea kicks in. Every few minutes it's "Breathe, Dad, breathe." 

Thanks for all the good thoughts. I appreciate it.


28 January 2012

Behr Update

So for those who haven't seen my post on FB - here's what's going on....

Yesterday when I got home from work - and after a stop at the grocery store - I found two phone messages from my mom...she and my dad were at the hospital. He fell again and preliminary x-ray reports show a fracture of his pelvis.

My dad did this back in 2003 only that time he was standing on top of a ladder. This time he was standing on the ground. My dad weighs probably 130 pounds soaking wet. Anyway, he's still at hospital and hopefully today we will find out the complete diagnosis/prognosis. I'll be helping my mom a lot this weekend; thankfully they still have some of the equipment needed to help him at home, like a shower bench and walker. We'll need to get a wheel chair most likely.

While I'm confident he will recover, his previous accident, age, and other health issues make me wonder how long he will be with us.  I know some of you have recently lost parents...and my heart goes out to you. I'm lucky that both of my parents are still living; but I also know the time will come one day when I will lose one of them. Although my relationship with them can be tenuous at times, it is a fairly good one. I don't know how well I'll fare when it happens.

That's about what's been going on. I just wanted to let everyone know that now the randomness of my posts has a reason. 


27 January 2012

Behr Exchange

Behr: Whatcha doin?

Him: Just sittin here at work, fukken sleepy.

Behr: You're having sex with a dwarf at work?!


Furry-Faced Friday

Courtesy of GROWLr....each bear is SO handsome!


26 January 2012

Behr Pick: Heroes

Click to enlarge...


22 January 2012

Men of GROWLr: Couples

The only thing hotter than the men from GROWLr are the couples from GROWLr.


Sunday Favorite: 71

Unsurprisingly, I am mesmerized by this beautiful picture. 

I do not think I will ever tire of pictures with bearded, furry, masculine men. 


16 January 2012