19 September 2014

Aquaman on the Big Screen

So evidently it's not been exactly confirmed that Jason Momoa will play Aquaman in the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie...but Jason has been spotted in the Michigan filming area so chances are...he'll make an appearance.

Speculation is that Momoa will play the King of Atlantis as a surfer dude with tattoos...WTF?! I hope this does not demean or fuck up the character of Aquaman. Yes I know he's a joke to many comic fans and he got "kicked out" of the Justice League (or rather unceremoniously replaced by Cyborg) but Aquaman is awesome. Always has been always will be. I'm loving the New 52 comic books.

Sorry - I digressed. Read more about the speculation here: Aquaman.


Friday Feelings

16 September 2014

That Rush Feeling

Today I went to pick up the suit I bought last week. The cute hipster bear cub called me on Saturday to say he'd finished the alterations. Unfortunately, it was late in the afternoon and I had to be at the theater so I wasn't able to go then or on Sunday because of the OCSPCA Walk for the Animals in the morning and the theater in the afternoon. I was planning on going yesterday but opted not to after having lunch with a former train friend. So I went today. 

The salesman who helped me wasn't there but another not unattractive mixed race man helped me. I saw the cute hipster bear cub but he had earphones on and so I didn't get to speak to him. 

After trying on the suit (I clean up well!) and purchasing a new belt, I started for home. I suddenly realized I was near Metropolis Comics and decided to head over there, hoping they were open at 11. I got there a bit early and waited until they opened. I was hoping to look through their back issues and find an elusive issue I've been searching for. And...I found it! I got that rush feeling when I pulled it out and realized THIS was the last issue I've needing. Okay...wanting.

This now makes my collection up-to-date. The comic book guy (ha-ha-ha) was as excited as I was that I found it. I didn't even look at anything else; I just paid and went.  It really made my day and believe it or not - brightened my mood.


12 September 2014

Hipster Bear Cub Encounter

This past week I've been suit shopping. During my last 18 years at my former employer, I went from wearing suits to business casual back to professional dress. During those wardrobe transitions, my body changed from plump, to hunky (someone else's words) to chubby. I haven't had a suit or jacket that has fit for a while. Last year I bought a sport jacket to wear to a funeral. Unfortunately it doesn't quite fit properly and is too heavy for the heat wave we've been experiencing. So I decided that I should have a proper suit in case I get an interview.

I've tried department stores and men's shops but really hadn't found anything that appealed or was within my price range. Yesterday, after looking at another department store (nice selection except their sizes didn't go up as far as I needed) I decided it was time to go to the "fat man" shop. I went into a new store called DXL that is a rebranded Casual Male. VERY nice store with extremely nice merchandise. The salesman who assisted me was friendly, knowledgeable, but not pushy or overwhelming. I found a suit and it needs altering so the guy who does the alterations came out to check and do the pinning.

I tried my best to not drool. He was so handsome. A hipster bear cub. He looked very much like the guy in the above picture except his beard was the same color as his hair and it wasn't quite so full plus he was younger. He was friendly, making small talk and explaining what they would do to the suit to make it fit better. He had a gentle touch, too. When he said that it fit well across the shoulders he ran his hand across my shoulders then touched the center of my back and said "We'll let out the back seam to give you more room around the middle."  I chalked it up to he being into his job and not that he likes chubby white guys. I'm hoping he'll be there next week when I go to pick up the finished suit. 

I don't see many hipster bears and cubs out in the real world. I see pictures of them on Tumblr mostly. I think they're hot. The beard, the hair style, the glasses, the tats, the piercings, the fur....SWOON. Here are some samples:

Like the term "bear," hipster has many definitions and iterations. So my selection here may not be what you consider a hipster bear. But I bet there are some similarities. For me the one consistent is the beard. Grrrr.


08 September 2014


It's raining here in So Cal! YAY! I know it's not going to be enough to even bring a dent to the water deficit but at least I don't have to worry about not watering the yards now. As you may know, So Cal is in the middle of a drought and we're conserving water as much as possible.

The rain will make it very humid later on but for now I'm going to enjoy the sound of rain and the smell of the wet grass and pavement.