31 July 2009

Ben Corliss

As far as I've been able to determine, Ben Corliss is a body builder first, a model second. He doesn't do nude work (although he comes awfully close) because he has a fiance and daughter. That's right, he's straight. Which is kind of sexy in that he looks like a gay porn star. No offense to him of course, that's not a bad thing. But he is a gorgeous man. Hope you enjoy. BEHR HUGS!

Shades of Green


30 July 2009


I found the accompanying picture somewhere on a blog or website. I couldn't resist making it my wallpaper for a few days. Click it to see the masculine details. BEHR HUGS!

Black and White: Leather

I got a bit carried away in selecting this week's black and white feature, today's being men in leather. As I've mentioned before, I've never been into the leather scene but each and every one of these makes me want to dive in head first. I really like the composition of the first picture, especially how the light and shadow emphasize the subject's musculature. The fourth picture feels surreptitious in that the subject is totally unaware that his image was being taken; this is not a posed picture and therefore the natural masculinity is in its raw state. And all of the others ain't bad either!
I hope you enjoy. BEHR HUGS!

29 July 2009

Wooly Wednesday

While most bloggers who post pictures are posting young, muscular, smooth young men, I've tried to bring the other end of the spectrum here at Behr Blather. Mainly because that other end of the spectrum - more mature, furry, sometimes not muscular - men are who grab my attention. And a part of that spectrum is the furry back. Most women and quite a few men think a furry back is "gross," "unsanitary" or just plain old "Quest for Fire-ish." But I dare you to look at these fine examples and not have an overwhelming desire to run your fingers through the backside forests. Fur good, depilatory bad. At least in this Behr's humble opinion! I hope you enjoy today's post - BEHR HUGS!

28 July 2009

Woof and Grrr!

If you like them big, beefy, furry and tattooed, today is for you. Woof and Grrr! And BEHR HUGS!