22 July 2009

The Jock Squad

The jockstrap is one of the sexiest pieces of menswear, especially if it is worn correctly (check out the first picture if you haven't already). It doesn't hurt if the wearer is a healthy looking guy. Speaking of healthy looking, I caught Big Brother last night...Jessie and Russell just need to strip to their jocks and make out. Who wouldn't want to see that on network television? I'm kind of torn though as to which one I think is hotter. I'm leaning toward Russell because of the facial hair and the whole buffed out thug look. Ahh but I digress. Back to Jockstraps. Remember what Principal McGee says: "If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter." BEHR HUGS!


Michael Rivers said...

I agree. The first picture is a great look!

Stephen said...

I'm wearing one as I read this.

Mark in DE said...

Very sexy!! Woof.