31 December 2011

Men of GROWLr: 2011 Last Look

A last look - for 2011 - at the variety of hotness found on GROWLr....


30 December 2011

Behr Adventure: 6th Street Bridge

There's an online blog, blogdowntown, that provides information about what's going on in downtown Los Angeles. Unlike New York or San Francisco, Los Angeles has struggled as an urban center for many years. That is changing, however, with the Broadway Street project, new construction, and the conversion of many of buildings into lofts.

Not too long ago, my coworker found a story about the 6th Street bridge, which spans the Los Angeles river. Erected in 1932, this bridge provides a major artery into downtown from East LA. You may remember the "I Love LA" song by Randy Newman; part of the lyrics talk about 6th Street and Whittier Boulevard; unknown to non-Angelenos is this is the same road! But I digress.

It seems that the 6th Street bridge is slowly eroding from the inside out. This, you can imagine, is not a good thing. So in time the bridge will be torn down and a new bridge built. The project isn't slated to begin until 2014. My coworker, P, and I talked about walking the bridge long before we found out that the bridge is slated for demolition. Yesterday she and I did just that.

We started out having breakfast then driving to the bridge and walking over it. I took the following pictures with my iPhone. Click on each picture for a larger view.

One of two "gates" on the east end of the bridge

Looking west toward downtown from the east end of the bridge.

The sign announcing that you're traveling over the LA River

Steel support in the middle of the bridge.

The LA river; it's more of a cement eyesore  used in many films.

Downtown LA in the distance; still looking west.

The bridge also crosses over the major railroad tracks that lead to Union Station.

The dedication plaque of the bridge; it's located on the west end, opposite the gates in the first picture.

Looking across the bridge; this was on the walk back on the other side.

Looking east; that's my friend taking pictures.

Graffiti on a steel girder. There's surprisingly little on the bridge itself.

Looking at one of the many businesses that exist along the LA river; note the elaborate graffiti.

Looking toward the 7th Street bridge, which is a "double" bridge. The original bridge was built then a newer bridge was built on top; you can see the lower portion still.

Proof that there's beauty everywhere, even on a bridge.

Looking to the end of the bridge where we started; you can see the gates.

Looking across the bridge toward the Pasadena hills; a very iconic Southern California picture.

After our bridge walk we drove to Angeleno Heights to see the Victorian homes; on the way back home we stopped for a couple of beers at a dive bar...it was still decorated for Christmas.
And there you have it, the Behr's adventure!


28 December 2011

Behr Movie: War Horse

This morning my Dad and I saw the movie War Horse, which had opened locally on Christmas Day.

For those unfamiliar, this all began as a book, which was then rewritten into the Tony Award-winning play of the same name. In the play, life size horse puppets were used, making the story come alive without use of real horses.

Steven Spielberg made this movie, based on the play, substituting live horses for the puppets.

WARNING: Possible spoiler alert!

 The film is about a young lad who trains a horse that is eventually commandeered by the military at the dawn of WWI. Through a set of circumstances, the horse is reunited with the lad and they both return safely from the war. 

The cinematography is absolutely gorgeous. The lushness of the English countryside in the beginning of the film and the beautiful orange sky of the ending both complement the grayness of the war. I have no doubt that this is not an accident. Spielberg sends a message about the harshness and sacrifice of war not only in words but in images.

Like most Spielberg movies, I found myself crying toward the end. I knew I would and was prepared with a handkerchief. I thought I might be able to get through to the end but when horse and lad are reunited...waterworks. I'm not ashamed to say that yes: the Behr is a sentimental old fool who cries at the movies. If I'm not moved, Spielberg didn't do his job.

I anticipate it being on the short list of Academy Award Best Picture nominees; it's inevitable, in my opinion, as it has already garnered a Golden Globe Best Picture nomination. And while it is a wonderful picture, I look forward to the day I can see the stage production with the puppets.

After the movie we went to lunch, which was delicious. It was a wonderful morning/early afternoon with my Dad.


27 December 2011

Men of GROWLr: 10

One of the joys of being gay is the variety of men. Thanks to a friend, I've come to appreciate the sexiness of men who wear glasses. There's something hot about a bespectacled man who also has facial hair. Submitted for your approval is the following baker's dozen of cute Growlr guys who wear glasses.