08 December 2011

Random Behr Thoughts

Random thoughts and questions.....

When did corduroy pants come back in style? Or have I missed something? "Cords" as we called them were popular between 1970 and 1985 as far as I remember (both as a wearer and seller in my college days). Today I noticed several men wearing them, both "wide wale" and standard. What gives?

Is it me or are homeless people - as a general rule - nicer than non-homeless people? Almost on a daily basis I pass the same homeless guy near my subway stop....he almost always wishes me a good day or says hello. People who are also commuting to work can bump into me and/or nearly knock me down and I get a dirty look and no apology. I'm the one who says "Sorry!" Is it because the homeless guy doesn't have to be somewhere and the commuter does? Or is it a case of better manners?

Why is it that in advertisements for fitness products the guys always have shaved chests? What's wrong with showing a muscle bear? And while we're on the topic of fitness equipment, why are all the models 20-something muscle studs? Show me a fat guy using your piece of equipment and the results on him!

Is pre-cum underrated? I was watching Titan Media's Funhouse the other night and one of the performers had this long thick string of pre-cum from the tip of his cock to the floor (he was on his knees). It was the hottest thing in the film. I can only remember seeing one other porn scene in which pre-cum was blatantly displayed (Ray Dragon in Titan's Woodsmen). Is it a conscious choice of directors? Or do actors not produce enough memorable pre-cum?

These are some of the things keeping me awake at night....



Stan said...

It must be a West Coast thing because I don't see anyone wearing cords here.

Most people go to jobs they hate and are trapped in. Especially now in this rotten economy.

I hate shaved chests too. Those guys look like plucked chickens.

Ray Dragon? Say no more! Major WOW factor! Most men probably don't produce that much pre-cum.

Now get some sleep. LOL!

Matthew Gregory said...

Maybe LA homeless are nice, but SF homeless people tend to be pretty aggro. I think commuters are rude everywhere.

Wonder Man said...

I like a guy to keep it real, hair and love handles all the way

CJ/Rick said...

It would have to be 10 degrees cooler than the pleasant 55 here in Houston this moring for me to wear cords again. I have a very nice sport coat with the patches on the elbows.
People are generally rude. Even the fuckers I encountered in the Verizon store.
Precum is great lip balm.

Cubby said...

I always loved my cords when I was young, but once I saw a pic of myself in them and saw my thunder thighs, I sword to lay off them. They quickly went out of style after that.

On precum, foreplay builds it up and lets it drip, but in porn there is not much foreplay. The cameraman says "Ready! Set! Fuck!" and in 10 minutes it's all done but the shower. There is not much horniness going on there. I think it is just one guy getting paid to masturbate his cock using another guy's mouth and anus, and the other guy is paid to endure it and try not to look too disinterested.

Oh geez, am I a porn cynic?

Holy shit!! I swear my word verification is "wacket"!! No kidding!!!