31 October 2009

Saturday Bears

I was perusing my files, you know, just looking and decided to share some extraordinary men with everyone on this gorgeous Saturday.


PS: Check out the last guy and see if you spot the little something extra - lol!

Last Minute Costume Ideas

Here are some last minute costume ideas:

First....real easy...just take some fabric and drape it around your naked body in a toga-like fashion.

This may take work but the result is fantastic. Just wrap leather or pleather or vinyl around your waist, secure it with a wide belt, grab that decorative sword and voila! Sexy gladiator!

An old shirt strategically ripped makes a great last minute costume.

Finally something to do with that old piece of burlap and rope lying around! Grab a stick and you're all set to woo the party with your daring and sexy costume.


Happy Halloween

Grab your masks and be someone else for one night!


30 October 2009

Bear Bones

My friend designs and creates t-shirts, most of which are geared toward the bear community. He recently released his Bear Bones line, of which there are four designs. This is Xavier (I have this one) and I think it is adorable! And a cool Halloween (or any time) t-shirt. Check out the other three Bear Bones and other bear-related designs at The Bear Outpost.


28 October 2009

Thursday Plaid

Is there anything hotter than a man wearing plaid?


27 October 2009

Wednesday Faces

I've mentioned my fascination with fur, tattoos, piercings, muscles, and faces. All in all I guess I'm just fascinated with men in general. Here are some examples of wonderful faces in black and white. I hope you enjoy them. BEHR HUGS!!

Body Art Tuesday

We all try to do what we can to distract others from what see as our flaws, whether it's our weight, our shyness, or our inability to accept that sometimes life is going to disappoint us. So do these guys who tattoo their bodies have an ulterior motive? Is it truly just "art?" Or are they trying to compensate for something that they see as a flaw? Flaws like hot, fantastic bodies, handsome faces, and piercing eyes. Some of the tat designs look well-thought out and others look rather random. Both styles are effective. Personal favorites: Pics 2, 3, 4 and 7.


26 October 2009

Monday Men

Happy Monday! To get the week started, here are Monday's Men. I certainly wouldn't mind waking up next to any one of them; each would decidedly give me second thoughts about going to work.

May you all have a marvelous Monday. BEHR HUGS!!

25 October 2009

Sunday Favorite 8

Okay this is a favorite but for more than just the obvious "he's a gorgeous hunk" reason. I love how the color at the top of the picture fades into grey at the bottom. It is an incredible picture.

I hope everyone had a great weekend - especially those participating in the DDBW.


24 October 2009

Babysitting RG

For those of you who follow Mark in DE, you may know I volunteered to babysit his crush du jour Robert Gonzalez while he and Spouse are in NYC for DDBW2. I just wanted to share another look at Robert to assure Mark that I'm taking good care of his crush. BEHR HUGS!!