02 October 2009

Red Shirt Day

Tomorrow is Gay Days at the Happiest Place on Earth - Disneyland! On the first weekend in October, the GLBT community gathers to enjoy a day of freedom at the parks in Anaheim CA. All those who identify - and support - wears a red shirt, many with witty images and/or text. It's really amazing to see thousands of our brothers and sisters traipsing through the park.

I usually hang out with the bears - big surprise! There are some organized events at the neighboring hotels but I always take the simple route: I go (I'm an annual passholder) and ride rides and hang out with new and old friends. Sometimes our group swells to 40+ bears. It's a lot of fun!

Of course, we stop to take group photos every so often. On Sunday, those who haven't gotten enough visit Disney's California Adventure. I usually pass on this as I'm too wore out from the sun and fun of the day before. Here are some group photos from past years.

The pictures aren't really in order but that's okay. Unfortunately I do not have a camera (I really need to get with it) but may try to snap some with my cell. So even if you can't join us (you're welcome for the late notice!) wear a red shirt in solidarity anyway.



Michael Rivers said...

That would be so much fun. I have friends who go to the FL Disney Gay Days each May. Each year they tell me I should go. One year I will!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I didn't know they did one in CA! Fun!