12 October 2009

Jockstrap Bears

Ahh...the athletic supporter. Not only is it a functional and useful item for sports but also one of the sexiest undergarments conceived by man for men. Or in today's case, bearish daddies. There are several styles: the wide waistband, the thin waistband, white, black, fashionable colors, some with logos, and some cut a little sexier - all designed to show off a man's assets to his best advantage. Not to mention his junk up front. Woof. "If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter!" (Principal McGee, Grease)



Wonder Man said...

so nice to see in the morning

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Nothing hotter than a hot jock in a jock!

Mark in DE said...

I love it when you can see the outline of the head through the jock fabric. Whew!!!