16 October 2009

Ben Cohen

Do you think this man has any idea of how hot he is?




Stan said...

I don't know if HE knows buy I go nuts for hot men in wifebeaters! WOOF!

Howard said...

I am such a fan of Ben Cohen. He is gloriously handsome and sexy, and fairly supportive of his gay fans. And oh, did I mention he was handsome?

David Dust said...

He actually is NOT aware of how sexy he is. I recently read an article where Ben said he doesn't think he looks that great (he said he needed to lose weight) - but he appreciated everyone who thought he looked good.

And Cohen has talked often about how much he loves his gay fans.


Will said...

Many of the sexiest guys don't have to actually DO anything--they just radiate desirability surrounded by the intoxicating scent of testosterone.