24 October 2009

Costume Ideas 2

Here are more costume ideas geared toward the cost-conscious (or plain exhibitionists):

Throw on a pair of funny pants, a tie, and slap some cheap makeup on and go as a clown. (I had to crop out what this crazy clown is doing....use your imagination!)

Wear a pig mask and nothing else. Or go for the erotic ringmaster look by wearing a top hat. White gloves are optional.

How about the vogue model/Madonna backup singer?

I like this idea: Get some velvet or velveteen and wrap it around your waist, then shred the end of the material and drape it all over. When people as what you're supposed to be, say something silly. I call this one "Cupid."

If you've got a little money but not enough for a complete costume, there's always the Roman soldier. Here are a couple of examples.

I have a few more costume ideas that I will share later today. BEHR HUGS!!


Michael Rivers said...

Love love love these!! Very sexy.

Mark in DE said...

These are fun, sexy, and not too expensive.