30 April 2014

The Other Side of the Coin

You may remember in my last post, Just Sayin', I commented on a perceived homophobic comment by some brute in a mens' store about a grey shirt/tie being too "gay."

Today I overheard a conversation that lifted my spirits. First, a little background.

I work in one of two matching 52-story high-rises. There's a plaza area, a jewel box building in between the towers, and a shopping concourse with underground parking below street level. The management company runs a shuttle service to/from the main train station in the morning and evening. It's quite convenient.

So this afternoon on the shuttle, two guys from the other tower got on. I've always wondered about the two of them but decided they were straight with a thin metrosexual veneer. We exchanged a few words and they settled into their own conversation. The first guy spoke Spanish off and on while the second guy spoke only English. The second guy  said something about a cousin who was crying with all the girls and the first guy asked why. The second guy proceeded to say "His lover. I guess something is wrong." The first guys asks what and of course the second guy doesn't know but comments that this cousin and his boyfriend have been together for 15 years. The first guy makes a "that's too bad" comment and their conversation changed.

I was blown away. There was no recrimination, homophobia, trash talking or any kind of disparate language while the two talked about this cousin. I wanted to kiss them both!

It just goes to show that - in today's world - for every one homophobic brute we can find two straight allies.


26 April 2014

Happy Birthday....to Me

Today's my birthday. Yay me. So to celebrate I thought I would share one of the most beautiful men I've come across on the Internet...Chad Wick.

A big "THANK YOU" to Michael Alago of Rough Gods for his spectacular photography and to John Edward Fink of Real Men Real Life for his sexy photos.


25 April 2014

Just Sayin'

Since my birthday is this weekend, I took yesterday and today off from work to make a "long" weekend and to kill off a couple of vacation days. Last year for the "big" birthday I went to Phoenix and caught a couple of ballgames (go D'backs!) but this year I decided not to spend the money. I decided to stay close to home and do local stuff...yeah yeah I'll hit Disneyland on my birthday because I love wearing the "Happy Birthday" button and having cast members say happy birthday when you know damn well they don't want to. I'm kind of evil that way.

So anyway, yesterday I took my parents to the nearest retail outlet mall - Citadel - primarily to do shoe shopping. I also picked up some underwear. (I know you were all dying to know that.) I had received a couple of "birthday discount" emails from stores at the outlet and thought I'd poke through. One such store was Van Heusen, maker of men's dress clothes (shirts, slacks, suits, ties). I was looking through the ties and some big guy started talking to his wife. Based on his accent it was apparent he was not American (perhaps South African? Australian? New Zealander?). He was telling her that he was thinking of "getting the grey one but I decided it was too gay."

I let a couple of beats pass before I said "I hope that's gay as in happy."

I was a bit surprised at myself. I didn't say it TO the man but more "talking out loud." I doubt he heard me as I said it in a very matter-of-fact, normal tone of voice.

It got me to thinking that perhaps I should approach the guy since there were two young boys in tow with this couple...I wanted to tell this brute that he was spreading his ignorance and his bias to his kids and - since they probably were 7 and younger - there is always a strong probability that one of the two young lads could be gay themselves.

I didn't want to cause a scene, just tell the guy that he needs to STFU when it comes t such comments. But...I didn't take it any further. Does that make me a coward? 


20 April 2014

Happy Easter


17 April 2014

A Sloth of Bears

Presented for your enjoyment, a sloth of bears. Yes...a group of bears is called a sloth. Or a sleuth. I like bevy. Bevy of bears. Mmmmmm......bears.


14 April 2014

Happy 8th Birthday Winston!

Today is Winston's 8th birthday! When I got him he was about six weeks old, his blue-eyes hadn't changed yet, and he was so small he fit in the palm of my hand. That's him eight years ago in the first picture. He's grown into a big boy. That's him last night pissed off when I woke him up to take his picture. 

He has been my companion, my confidant, my best friend. To some he may be a cat but to me he is my furry four-legged child. 

Happy Birthday Winston! Daddy loves you!


12 April 2014

Pretty Pictures

Here are some pretty pictures for this Saturday. Enjoy!