30 March 2013

Pet Peeves on Easter Eve

My blogging has fallen by the wayside and for that I do apologize. On this Easter Eve, I thought I would rectify that situation by briefly writing about a few random pet peeves. First, however, this:

Now that I have your satisfied your lustful urges with this outstandingly attractive ginger, let me go ahead and dive into my list of pet peeves.

ENGLISH. It is the official language of America. I am sick and tired of seeing billboards, advertisements, and commercials in other languages. I particularly am pissed off that my Saturday morning was interrupted by two Jehovah Witnesses seeking "Spanish speakers" only. I almost went off on them. Had they not been women who appeared to be both in their 70s I would have. You see, my mama raised me right in respecting my elders. I totally get that we're a nation of immigrants. My German ancestors set aside German and learned English. This country spends too much time trying to make everyone feel comfortable and as if they fit in.

REMAKES. The movie and theater industries have made millions off of remakes and revivals. Sure, I get that. And once in a great while, someone has a "new" vision of a production or story that they think will reach a new audience or amaze fans of the original. This is why we have far too many Superman movies to count and a rebooted Spiderman. Some movies, however, should NOT be remade. "Mildred Pierce" for example. I adore Kate Winslet but the original movie starring Joan Crawford is a classic. We don't touch classics. I recently rented via Netflix a filmed version of the 2000 revival of Jesus Christ Superstar. It sucked. Truly. The original 1973 shows the ragtag group of actors as exploring the myth of Jesus and along the way they gain an understanding of what the man was about. The relationship between Jesus and the apostles is shown as loving and caring as only hippies can be. In the 2000 revival the apostles - and Jesus - come across as gay. Seriously! They way they touch each other came across as sexual. Okay, that aside....no one and I mean NO ONE has ever come near the depth of emotion and performance as Ted Neeley, Carl Anderson, and Yvonne Elliman as Jesus, Judas, and Mary Magdalene, respectively. And let's face it - the Sanhedrin, the Apostles, the Roman soldiers are all hunky 1970's porn-worthy hunks. And let's not forget Paul Toubus (aka Paul Thomas) who played Peter as a hunky, bearded apostle. Paul went on to do porn. I admit: this is one of my favorite movies of all time.

TURN SIGNALS. I hate it when people don't use their turn signals when driving. It sounds like a little thing but really, I have almost gotten into so many accidents because these assholes cannot use their turn signals. It's standard equipment on every vehicle.

RED FACEBOOK: I know I'll get a lot of flack for this...but really...did everyone have to suddenly jump on the band wagon and change their profile pic to a red Human Rights logo? Don't get me wrong - I know that marriage equality is something near and dear to most LBGT community members. But changing your profile pic - what did it do? What purpose did it serve? Did the members of SCOTUS peruse the membership files of Facebook and see the overwhelming red logos and icons and based on that they'll strike down Prop 8 and DOMA? And why did everyone wait until the day the cases went to SCOTUS to change their profile pic? Why hasn't their profile pics been this symbol since Prop 8 passed??

I thought we needed a break with a hot daddy!

ANTI-GOD GAYS & LESBIANS. Everyone has their own right to their beliefs and opinions. I am one of the first to stand up and discredit organized religion. But that doesn't mean I'm bashing God or belief in God or faith in God. I used to be extremely religious; mainly because I didn't want to be gay and I thought I would change through prayer. But I didn't, I'm gay, I've accepted it, and I believe this is how God created me. I hold several beliefs including that the Scriptures are the Word of God as interpreted by man. That means they're fallible. But I rarely express my belief in God because of the ridicule so many in the LGBT community heap on "Christians." If people are atheists, that's their business and I accept it, just as if I'm a Christian or a spiritual person that's my business. I don't try to shove my beliefs down anyone's throats; but does that mean I'm a bad person because I believe? I know God exists. I know the power of his love. And yes, I know how misguided people who believe they are "doing God's work" can be hateful, hurtful, and ignorant. But that's where we come into play...we can show the world that we can be Gay and Christian. Or Gay and Jewish. Or Gay and Muslin. Or Gay and Buddhist. Or Gay and Hindu. But not Gay and Scientologist. LOL. I honestly believe that if we all had more spirituality in our lives we would be better off as individuals and as a community. It amazes me that we have the MCC churches and mainstream churches that embrace us and yet so many in our community verbally abuse Christians as if all are the same. We talk about being respectful and not bullying based on "how people are" but it seems when the shoe is on the other foot that doesn't apply. 

NON-PROFILE READERS. I don't care if you're on GROWLr, Scruff, Bear411, Adam4Adam, Manhunt, DaddyHunt, or whatever "gay social networking" site you visit...READ THE DAMN PROFILES FIRST before contacting someone. I cannot believe how many guys send me the "I'd Like to See Your Private Pictures" canned message on GROWLr when I have NO additional pictures; which is quite evident if one looked at my profile. I also don't understand questions like "Top?" "Bottom?" when I clearly state I'm looking for CONVERSATION. That is not the type of convo I want to have with a complete stranger. Is it so difficult to ask that people fully check out the profile before sending a message? Often I'll find someone attractive - let's say on one of those Bear social networking sites - and he states unequivocally that he has a distinct hatred toward fat guys....I won't even send a "You're handsome" message because he no longer is.

LAST PET PEEVE: Porn where the hot furry guy bottoms for the smooth guy. What's up with that? (Oh I know there are flicks out there where the furry guy tops but as a general rule...)

I'm really not as grumpy-cat as I sound. I've had some good things happening lately, mainly work-wise. I'm looking forward to the remainder of the year despite that it will be a lot of hard work; I'm hoping it'll pay off. 

For whatever your beliefs and traditions at this time of year - whether you believe that He Is Risen or in the Easter Bunny - may the rest of your weekend be absolutely wonderful.