25 December 2012

December 25

Best wishes for a Happy Christmas!

With love from Winston and Behrmark!


11 December 2012


Congratulations to my friend Glenn and his husband Wendell!

Glenn and Wendell officially - and legally - tied the knot this past weekend as part of the first wave of same-sex Washington State residents to legally wed.

This picture was taken by Satya Curcio Photography outside of City Hall and posted on FB. (Click the link to see a few other pictures on their blog; there are some really handsome men in Washington!)

I've been sitting here at my desk at work silently crying...mostly out of joy and happiness. Glenn is one of the most terrific men I know; I've missed him terribly since he moved back to Washington. I never thought of Glenn as the marrying kind but I'm so thrilled that he has found his life partner. Mazel Tov!


10 December 2012

Behr Bits

Hello Behr fans! I know it's been a while since I've had a long, informative, thoughtful post...it seems that when I've attempted to write something my mind either goes blank or I get so wrapped up in details the point is lost. I'm going to try to do this in bite-size bits.

For starters, today's model is - in my opinion - hot. There's just something about him that makes me swoon. I have no idea who he is. I obtained this pic from a private group on Facebook. I say this only because lately I've gotten negative comments - always from "Anonymous" - about posting pics of guys I've taken and explicit pics to which the guy gave me access. My question is, how does "Anonymous" know I didn't get permission from these guys? Just because I didn't say I did doesn't mean I didn't. So quite frankly if "Anonymous" doesn't like it then he/she can just not tune into Behr Blather. In fact, I'd appreciate it if he/she would just go away and spread their negativity elsewhere. 

My usual daily commute to work involves a passenger train, a subway light rail, and a 2-block walk. It was on the walk portion of my commute the other day that I passed a guy walking his little poofy dog...I think it was a Pomeranian...the guy was not my type...short, bald, a light scruff, thin build...I actually barely looked at him...but it hit me about 10 steps past him who I think he was:

If you remember, Ongina was a dragtestant in Season 1 of RuPaul's Drag Race, coming in 5th.  I could be wrong but I do believe it was Boy Ongina that I passed. I've read somewhere he's lives in Los Angeles but I assumed it was West Hollywood, not downtown LA. Whether or not it was him, I'm counting it as a celebrity sighting!

Have you seen those incredibly smarmy Christian Mingle adverts on television? I know somewhere in Scripture it says God moves in mysterious ways but online dating?? These people are delusional. Their tag line of "Find God's match for you" makes my skin crawl. And the male actors they hired to portray happy heterosexuals silently scream gay.

Speaking of gay, congratulations to Josh & Brent, the goat farmers, who won Amazing Race 21, becoming the second openly gay couple to win the around the world race. What was very cool was CBS actually showed Josh and Brent kissing as they celebrated their win. One other contestant said that Josh & Brent opened his eyes to not judging anyone for their lifestyle. Sounds like a win-win to me.

On a personal note, I only have this work week left before taking some time off. I'm hoping this week goes by quickly and painlessly. I really need this vacation. I've been taking the last two weeks of December off for quite a few years now; it's nice to have the time off around the holidays. I plan to finish my holiday shopping, visit friends, go to the movies, and do some stuff around the house/yard. Believe me...I'm on a countdown.

Well that's about all I have for now. Be good to yourselves!


08 December 2012

Introducing....Bear Talks

I came across a new blog that I've started following: Bear Talks. The blogger is new to blogging (he only has a few entries) but I'm already caught up in his short entries. I like his casual style. His blog is what I had hoped Behr Blather to be. I now have new inspiration.

So go check him out, tell him hello, and welcome to the blog-o-sphere.


07 December 2012

Behr Crush

Last night's episode of Big Bang Theory had me sitting on the edge of the sofa leaning toward the television...all because of Casey Sander who plays "Mike," the father of the Bernadette character.

In last night's episode he was sporting a short, clipped beard, all snowy white. His raw masculinity just pours off his barrel chest. He's the daddy I've dreamt about since forever.

I now have a new subject to stalk. Yay!