30 April 2010

Behr Pick: Camo Daddy

Another anonymous man that I've dubbed Camo Daddy . I'm sure one of you out there can identify him. But knowing someone's name hasn't always been a priority if you catch my meaning.

BEHR HUGS for a wonderful weekend!

29 April 2010

Behr Pick: Union Suit

Union suits are so damned sexy on gorgeous muscle bears, don't you think? I wish that just one more button was undone, which would have made this slightly hotter. But I'm not complaining. I don't have a name for this bear....except maybe Future Husband.


28 April 2010

Behr Pick: Manny Rios

I promised names when available...so I'm ecstatic to bring you Manny Rios. This gorgeous man was found on Facebook as a fan of the page Hairy Guys. His beard, body fur, and cute little tat drive me absolutely wild. I think he is one of the sexiest bears I've ever seen. Before you think me shallow, I suspect he's smarter than the average bear, which only adds to his sexiness.


27 April 2010

Introducing: Behr Pick

I realized that I've dropped the ball with Behr Blather...so many liked my selection of men and I think that's why I have as many followers as there are. So I hereby introduce Behr Pick, a daily photo of the kind of men you've come to expect here. When I can, I'll share names. If not, the subject will remain anonymous unless someone can identify him. Sound fair?

Today's pick is anonymous but still scores high points for the handsome face, the moustache, and of course the fur...WOOF! I can think of at least a dozen things I want to do with this one. Hope you enjoy!!


26 April 2010

Thank You!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I truly appreciate each and every one. It was a good day, nothing spectacular or outrageous. I think the highlight was not going to work. I don't feel any older. And in my head I'm still 20-something. That's not a bad thing, right?

BEHR HUGS and SMOOCHES to you all!!

April 26

A sampling of famous people who share the Behr's birthday:

Marcus Aurelius (Roman Emperor)

William Shakespeare (Poet/Playwright) [technically his date of baptism]

John James Audubon (Naturalist/Illustrator)

Ma Rainey (Singer)

Anita Loos (Writer)

I.M. Pei (Architect)

Carol Burnett (Actress/Comedienne)

Joan Chen (Actress)

Giancarlo Esposito (Actor)

Kevin James (Actor and woofy bear)

Tom Welling (Actor and hottie)

Channing Tatum (Actor and hunk)

Nice to know I'm in good company! Happy Birthday to all and to me! BEHR HUGS!!

Behr's Black and White Birthday Beauties

Just a cross-sampling of what this Behr would like for his birthday. Hint. Hint.


25 April 2010

Sunday Favorite 29

I have much to share so let's get started!

As you may remember, I was in San Francisco for work. I shouldn't complain, right? It's a great city and I really enjoy my time there. The work part was okay; it was a little different routine than usual so that made it not so bad. As usual, I stayed in the City (the Financial District) and commuted to my workplace in nearby Alameda. However, on Monday I visited one of our offices to train an individual and on Friday I visited another office to train two individuals. It was at the second office on Friday that capped the week perfectly. Both gentlemen were bright, quick to learn, and willing to do what it took to get a handle on the two systems I was training. Here's the fun part: Friday was R's birthday! Ironically, tomorrow is P's birthday, which is also my own. So three Taurus men together equals lots of laughs.

I was able to spend time with a couple of friends in the evenings. On Monday evening, my friend J took me on the Tenderloin tour...which basically means that we hit several bars and had dinner in the Tenderloin District which, if you don't know, is not the best area. Still, it was fun. We got tipsy and got a little high and had lots of laughs.

On Tuesday I met up with M for dinner. What can I say about him? I could so easily fall for him. I try to keep my emotions in check because, aside from the distance, he already is partnered. Anyway, M and I went to the Mission District for dinner and sangria. Then we went to his apartment. This was totally unexpected for me because he's pretty much kept that part of his life at arm's distance from me. I understand; he loves his bf like no other (his words) and I know he's very happy. I am just a friend, not a romantic partner or even a sexual partner. I felt honored that he took me to his "inner sanctum." So while at his apartment we each peed, I met his cat Gigi, and we watched a compilation of bad movie flicks that he puts together for a midnight movie madness show he does. He pulled out his pipe and we took some hits before bar hopping.

Now, let me make this quite clear: I don't normally do the pot thing. In my YTP days I did a little but really haven't partaken much in the past 20 years. So for me to do it once on this trip was out of the ordinary...to do it a second time was very uncharacteristic of me. Still...when one's host/bearguide offers it's rude to refuse, right?

Well I didn't get high. I got completely stoned. I couldn't talk, the conversation was totally in my head, and I even experienced a moment of paranoia. Have you ever heard of a 'marijuana minute?' It's when you think a lot of time has passed but really it's only a minute of time. That happened to me. M was talking to a friend of his at the Lone Star and I went away in my head. In looking back, it was quite funny. I kept apologizing to M who kept saying it was his fault. We walked to the BART and I thought I was going to venture alone but he decided to walk me back to my hotel. The cool air and soda I had been drinking helped clear my high and by the time we got to my hotel I was almost back to normal. We just talked and he eventually left. I thought it was sweet of him to walk me all the way from SoMa to my hotel.

On Thursday I went to see "A Single Man" at the Opera Plaza Cinema, which is where M works. He was a little upset that I paid to get in; he was going to comp me in. So he gave me free popcorn and soda (in his own extra large plastic tumbler). Although I only got to talk to him for about 10 minutes after the movie it was very nice to see him. Have I mentioned it would be easy for me to fall for him? M introduced me to his coworkers who said if they knew I was the bear M was expecting that they would have let him know. The one coworker is an older gay man who checked out my profile on a bear social networking site. We've started chatting I guess.

If you haven't seen "A Single Man" I highly recommend it. A wonderful film, beautifully acted and the cinematography is wonderful. Tom Ford should be very proud of his efforts; Colin Firth's Oscar nomination was well-deserved.

So those are the highlights of this past week. I hope everyone enjoys their week - I know I am. I'm on vacation!


22 April 2010


Courtesy of failblog.org.

I'm not so sure it's a fail.


18 April 2010

In Memorial

Little did I know when I booked my flight to San Francisco that it was the anniversary of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire. At the corner of Market, Kearny, and Geary streets is the Lotta Crabtree fountain. Last year when I was here a friend and I walked by this fountain and he told me the story of how the fountain became a gathering place for the survivors and how opera star Luisa Tetrazzini gave a performance at this intersection for the City. Now on every April 18 the 1906 survivors (and others I'm sure) gather to remember. I snapped this picture of the wreath with my cell phone (I'd left my camera in my hotel room). Click here to read more about this bit of history.


Sunday Favorite 28

For the full effect of today's Sunday Favorite, click it to embiggen. I don't think I need to expand on why it's a favorite.

This afternoon I fly out to San Francisco for work. I'll be there all week, flying home on Friday afternoon. Usually on these trips I only commute from my hotel to the training center in Alameda. This trip, however, I'm also going to be visiting two of our offices. Luckily both are within walking distance of my hotel.

I enjoy these work trips because it gives me the opportunity to meet up with friends. I'm lucky because they introduce me to new restaurants and areas of the city, which gets me out of the hotel.

If I don't post next week, you know why. I do plan to try to post though, even if it's something mundane!


16 April 2010

Friday Fur: Black and White Edition

We are each created differently. We all have different skin tones, different body types, and different levels of hirsuteness. It is those differences that makes each of us unique. Variety is the spice of life. Don't believe me? Take a gander at this bevy of beautiful men. Go on...tell me I'm wrong.


13 April 2010


This guy can do more than wash my truck. Grrrrrr.

Photos courtesy of NvSr Penny Trayshun's Novice Project, Car-B-Cue, in Phoenix AZ. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence do mighty good works. And they work good too!


11 April 2010

Sunday Favorite 27

I like this pic. At first I thought this daddy was Ray Dragon but quickly realized it isn't. I don't know who he is. I love the intense look in his eyes though. I imagine he's saying "Come on, Boy..."

This weekend is going by far too quickly. I wish it would slow down a little. Perhaps spending time with a muscular, tattooed, furry daddy would help.


10 April 2010

Saturday Fur Assortment

The sun is shining, it's warm, and the noise level from next door's birthday party for a 1-year old is loud. So to counteract the noise, here's an assortment of men in which to bask.


09 April 2010

Friday Fur

A picture is worth a thousand words so I figure I'm sharing about 6,000 words.